Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 3, 2010


The past couple of days have been a bit unpleasant for me. I just learned that a former colleague of mine died from pneumonia. He's younger than I am, so his loss came as a bit of a surprise.

The second reason for the unpleasantness, although I'm not really sure if it should be unpleasant. But it's confusing, and not knowing what to do about it is what really sucks. Someone who cut me off from his life is coming back. Now I'm not too sure if it's just a temporary thing or for good or if he was just bored. But it's driving me insane. I mean I miss him. For a time, he was like the best part of my day, but then he just left.

So anyway, I don't want to rant. I don't want to become the type of blogger that I don't want to read.

Just for distraction, I thought maybe I should write down again my ideal person. The traits I'm looking for in a partner.

Let me start with this. I'm not really a quiet person. At first I am, and that's because I'm inherently shy, introverted. I just remembered, 80% of the people I fell for I did because I enjoyed talking to them. They're not necessarily smart, but our wave of thoughts are similar. I like it when the person I'm with is more talkative than me. I enjoy listening alot, that's how I learn. That's how my opinion on things are formed. But I appreciate more, if that person makes me talk. If he listens. Because then I'm sure, he's really interested to get to know me more.

I really don't mind if the person I'm with does not know who Matt Murdock, or Jessica Drew is. I don't mind if he sucks at video games like Tekken or Street Fighter (because I suck at them too). I don't even care if he doesn't watch Chuck or How I Met Your Mother. But I do appreciate it if he'd take some time to learn about the things that I like. My xbox has two controllers, and they're rarely both used. I'm patient enough to teach the one what the left and right trigger buttons are for when we play Left 4 Dead. Or it's fine with me to explain to him what happened if he gets lost reading Captain America. That would be nice.

I could be weird. I could be a goddamned prick. And I'm pretty sure I'm an ass sometimes. I was born on the month of February, so I'm pretty much kulang-kulang. But if someone could tolerate my quirks, then he's a keeper. Obviously that doesn't mean that I wouldn't change. There's such a thing called compromise, right? I guess what I'm saying is it would be nice to meet a person who likes me for me. Not the smart me or the nice me, or the writer me, but the crazy, moody, PMS-y, semi-autistic me.

I admit it, like all the time and I'm not going to pretend to be one. I'm not good-looking nor am I buff. So I don't expect to end up with someone like say Daniel Matsunagi or Marc Nelson or whichever model's hot these days. The only way I'd end up with a person like that is if I pay them alot. And I'm not going to do that. I'm twenty eight. I'm not desperate. I have been lucky that in the past I've hooked up with people others would consider hot. But then I screwed that up. So the looks department isn't as important for me now unlike my younger years. But at least that person should look presentable.

I'm pretty easy to impress. Just do something nice and I'd give you my heart. I remember being won over by a friend because he brought me lunch in the office one time. Well he was hot, and I had a huge crush on him even before that, but I think you know what I mean.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

i know who matt murdock and jessica drew is.



Manech said...

"But I appreciate more, if that person makes me talk. If he listens. Because then I'm sure, he's really interested to get to know me more."

Oh if you could only see me nodding, you'd think I have some neck muscle disorder. :)

lee said...

"I'm patient enough to teach the one what the left and right trigger buttons are for when we play Left 4 Dead." - this is sweet :)

parang "the ghost" lang, but with controllers instead of clay. cue: unchained melody. =D

rudeboy said...

Purely for shiz & giggles, let's see how we measure up, engel, although our birthdays are too close for us to ever be compatible as anything but friends.


All I need are my hands around your parrot's neck and you will sing like a canary, my dear.


I know Matt Murdock, draw a blank on Jessica Drew, and have murdered Lara Croft too many times to mention.


We share the same birth month and all its defects, so two half-wits can make a whole.


At my physical best, I have been described as "somewhere between Brad Pitt and chopped liver." I take that to mean people do not turn to stone at the sight of me.

As for MY ideal, I shall once again quote from The Addams Family:

"Someone who won't press charges."

dabo said...

you will. the "universe will conspire." =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Kulang pa yang list mo. Ingat, baka yan LANG nga makuha mo.

the geek said...

funny how we set out standards but we tend to ignore them the moment someone we thought is right comes along...

domjullian said...

Matt Murdock
Jessica Drew
Left 4 Dead
How I met your mother

No idea of the above. Kilala ko lang sina Jing-jing, David Briones, Rubi, Ringo and the likes. :P

Rei Mikazuki said...

I'm sure you'll find someone supplementary. Just don't look for someone complementary. Miss you Junjun! :D

Anonymous said...

minsan pag nagseset tayo ng ideals in life, most often than not, for some, ay hindi nakukuha. sometimes, mayrong dadating na you would seem na would not be the "fit one" for you, pero kung pakikiramdaman mo, siya na pala..


engel said...

rom: but that's when narerealize mo na meron siya nung hinahanap mo. di mo lang napapansin kasi you were looking elsewhere.

rei: who's junjun?! =D

dom: yaan mo dom, if you do decide to jump to the other side, ipapakilala ko sila lahat sa'yo. =P

geek: i want to disagree. i mean you wouldn't really decide to like a person if he/she doesn't have even a little bit of your ideals, right?

niel: pag dinagdagan ko pa yan, baka wala akong makilala. =D

dabo: ahhh. the secret. i believe. =)

rudeboy: remind me not to EVER let you near my parrot. =D oh and btw, i love your ideal!!!

lee: pwede. i like your imagination. =D

manech: i find it true. glad you agree. =)

ternie: you're not a nerd. you're just... learned. =P

red the mod said...

Ideals are tricky. Romantics often have an exquisitely defined ideal that they strive for, glorifying this imagined reality as someone who would undeniably make them happy.

However, and this is not being cynical, life is full of compromises. When we find the one meant for us, the realization that ideals are meant for fairy tales, comes to mind. Because being with someone involves working on it incessantly, allowing both to grow and evolve as a couple and as individuals. And that when genuine love is in question, he will become your ideal. Not despite of, but rather in lieu of his deviance from your utopia.

citybuoy said...

wouldn't it be nice if we all came with instruction manuals?

lin said...