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Mar 9, 2010


Let me rant for a little.

I'm not picking a fight with anyone. I'm just airing my say on the matter.

There was just an opinion that was given on my previous post that was a little off for me. It's not offensive, and I think it was not meant to take seriously. But the thing is, I kind of disagree with what was said. Specially because it was kind of a comment to a post that I wrote. I'm not angry or anything, it was one guy's opinion, and I respect that.

G4M, for all intents and purposes was a site that was meant for guys to meet other guys. While initially it's a dating site, it's become a site for people to get hook-ups. I may be generalizing things, and it is possible to meet real friends from that site, but with my very limited experience of joining that site a few years ago, all the people who messaged me were just looking for either a one night stand, fuck buddy or a quickie. I've never met a friend from that site. Or it could just be me. I don't know. Never stayed there long enough to find out.

Now, the comment was a little off for me, not because it was offensive. Because it was not. It was off for me because it was comparing the blogworld to a site that was notorious for it's reputation.

Bloggers (regardless of sexual preference) create their sites to air out their opinions. To express how happy they are, how depressed, how angry, how in love they are. They show their feelings with what they write. If they meet people who they have alot in common with, then that's just an icing on the cake.

Now, I'm being a hypocrite if I say that I did not create this so I could meet people. Because I've been saying this alot even when I started writing. I wanted to meet more people like me. Not because I want a hook-up. Or a quickie. Or a one night stand. I wanted to meet other PLU's because for most of my life I've been living a life inside the closet. And there came a time when I wanted to tell someone about myself, and I found no one who understood what I was going through. My entire life, I only had one gay friend. And that was not enough. Hence, this blog was born.

So forgive me if I had a bone to pick on that particular comment. I'm kind of a loner, so I get excited if I meet new people. People who are welcoming. People who are okay with becoming friends with me. There's nothing malicious behind what I do. If someone sends me a naked picture of himself, well that's great. A perk of being friendly. But believe me, I did not ask for it.

I guess I'm just disappointed that there are people who doubts the sincerity of other people. Regardless if it's in making friends or anything else. It's like there are no sincere people in the world.

That's just my two cents.


Herbs D. said...

me thinks as long as there is a medium for people to communicate-there will always be the possibility of it of becoming something like G4M. If you think about it, the internet is all about communication-its how you use it that counts.

Now, if you made your blog for the sole-reason of hooking-up. Thats your business and nobody should ever give a fuck about that :)

itsMePeriod said...

hush..hush...engel..i do understand your feelings right now..ganiyan din ang ginawa sa akin before, lalo na sa luma kong blog.

relax, hayaan mo na sila. we know better naman na hindi ka ganun. hayaan mo na lang sila.

engel said...

@anteros: don't get me wrong, i don't think anyone's questioning my intentions. yung off lang sakin was that blogging is becoming the next G4M. i have nothing to get disappointed about, kasi i know what my intentions are. ;)

@herbs: and i have nothing against people who created their blogs to get laid. was just disagreeing with the comment, that's all. giving my opinion. :)

itsMePeriod said...

I mean, may nagcomment na rin ng ganun sa luma kong blog, na tila parang g4m na ang blogspot.

at first, medyo naasar ako kasi panget ng comparison.

pero in the long run, deadma ko na lang. the last thing i heard of the blogger who commented, wala na yung blog niya

red the mod said...

It is a democracy. People have the right, and often sheer audacity, to verbalize their perspective on things. Notwithstanding if the person was merely kidding, which I hope he was, but we can say that opinions are welcomed primarily because they are valuated individually.

I do not question your sincerity in meeting friends of similar inclinations, I myself have been a staunch loner for most of my life. Socially awkward would be an understatement. But then again, being alone is non sequitur for being lonely.

I hope it did not disturb you too much. Opinions are opinions, we can always agree to disagree. I confess, it is a tad off-putting to be compared to G4M precisely because of its degraded history, but it did start with good intentions, and I agree with a lot of the points you've made.

Your not mad, simply voicing your disagreement. And how it was handled, with much grace and restraint, is well appreciated and lauded.

paci said...

i'm impressed with the way you expressed yourself. straight to the point yet sensitive.

rudeboy said...



imsonotconio said...


nah just dont mind them

engel said...

@notconio: no hate here. like you i spread the love. =)

@ruddie: hala ka!!!

@paci: thank you.

@red: appreciate your words red, regardless you agree or disagree. you tend to say something sensible in you comments. =)

@anteros: i'm over it already. just wanted to get that out of my system. =D

Darc Diarist said...

i echo rudeboy. hala...


wanderingcommuter said...

sorry... but i kinda agree with the comment.

actually its an ongoing observation some blogger friends and i have..

rereading your last entry, i know its not in your intention to have the same motives of someone who will hit G4M. but reading the comments on it, is a entirely different thing. you see, "sometimes" its not what we write that matters, its how your readers interpret it.

but don't get me wrong. when people say that blogsphere is beginning to be G4M, they are not throwing it against you. they're saying it in general.

and so far, basing from your previous posts your not one of them. :)

*so chill lang. hehehe. sometimes over defensiveness spurs out false guilt. what matters is you know yourself more than anyone else.

just my 2cents too...

SAM said...

Taking off from red the mod's comment from your previous post: "there are a lot of intelligent and sincere bloggers out there, they may not always be the type to comment as often or post as spontaneously. But they read you, and they get it."

But, in case they don't, ... Kebs! :-D

Hope you feel better after posting this. We all need to rant once in a while. :-)

the geek said...

we cannot please everybody...

they may throw anything at you, all the bad or the worst words, but in the end, what you think of yourself will still prevail, for you know yourself and your intentions better.

Mugen said...

We have to first define what is G4M for these people. Is G4M just a plain hook-up and dating site, or its something more than that? Kasi ako, I saw G4M as a hook-up site and a place where I realized how sick, sad and dirty a PLU life could be. Dun ko narealize how people can be very shallow, and ever cruel to those who fail their standards. At the same time, G4M stands as a hope that not everyone else follows the trend. There are good people out there and I say it because these people are still with me.

I made friends in the hook-up site, not because I hooked up with them. Instead I showed them how real connections could reap greater rewards. So explore and meet bloggers. There's no harm in doing so.

Remember dude, we become what we are. If we see others merely as instruments of our own fleshly delights, then perhaps it is how we see ourselves.

iurico said...

Magcocomment sana ako about this issue pero wag na lang. or wait, sige na nga.

Dude, eto lang. You are entitled to your opinion as much as they are. If you do not appreciate their comment, then delete it. No biggie. If you do not agree with their views, you've two choices - one, do not mind it, or two - YOU STILL DO NOT MIND IT. But whichever of the two choices you pick - do not let it get to you. The world can only take so much bickering. hehe

I guess this is what makes blogsphere an interesting world to be in. You never know what to expect because there were no rules laid out when we first started our blogs.

In any case - lemme give you a hug. hehe

engel said...

iurico: i understand and appreciate the comment. and as much as people are entitled to disagree with my opinions, i think i am entitled as well to disagree with others. i'm not affected or anything. i just... disagree.

joms: like i said, i may have generalized how i view g4m. but that was how i saw the site when i was a member. but let's admit it, the site does have a reputation.

geek: that is true.

ewwik: you know me, mr. defensive. =D

sam: thanks. i am okay. the idea was just running in my head, so i just needed to get that out.

darc: =D

Angelo said...

Heya, I hope all is well with you. :) I haven't been able to visit your blog because work's kinda xrazy. Haha!

Anyway, it's almost Friday. :) Cheer up na.

Anonymous said...

wag mo na yun ganung intindihin. may mga taong talagang narrow-minded para makita ang logic sa mga bagay. ngiti ka lang, wag mu na siyang ganu bigyan ng exposure, hehe :)


citybuoy said...

just don't mind them. basta pure yung tingin mo sa craft mo then nothing else should matter. :D

Icy Flame said...

I still believe that there are sincere and noble people out there, regardless of sexual preference. In this post, you made it clear what your intentions are and I'm certain you will draw out those exceptional people to be your friends. Cheers. =)

Sensei Jery said...

haha, although naririnig ko 'yang mga comments about blogspot becoming the next-best-lgbt-online-networking-site, 'di ko naman madama because i haven't hooked up in here at all... (kahit gusto ko? hahahaha)

anyways anyhows, i think it's your true intentions that matter in the end. =) isip. isip. mahirap maka-come-up ng isang blog post. and the fact that you regularly pour your brains out, is an effort not to be prejudiced whatever your intentions might be. (naks)

Mark Joe said...


makikisali lang ako. siguro hindi lang ako aktibong miyembro ng blogosperyo kaya hindi ko nararamdamdaman yung generalization na bagong G4M ang blogspot. bakit?paano?

basta, sulat lang ng sulat!

domjullian said...

hanapin nga kita sa PEX