Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 1, 2008


Can you feel it already?

The cold breeze in the afternoons and evenings. The playlist in some of the radio stations. In a few days, the lights that will be adorning most of the metro.

Christmas is coming!!!

Not that I'm a grinch, but I'm not really that fond of the season. And with 15 godchildren, who would?! I think I'll be spending that day in Marikina... far away from almost everyone that I know.

The brightside to this season though are our 13th month pay and of course our Christmas Bonus. The only brightside to this whole darn season.

And oh yeah, there are cool Christmas Parties all over the metro, none of which I've attended. I think (and that's still subject for discussion with myself) I might just attend one this year. Since I noticed lately I've been having what people call a social life. Yeah, I might go to one this year. Unless it's a costume party of some sorts. I heard here in the office, they're debating whether to do a mob or a Disney theme. Good luck with that!!!

And then there's also the year-ender reports. I don't think this country's had a good year. I didn't start 2008 great either, good thing that my life picked up some good stuff a lil bit later on.
I'd like to give the details, but that's for another post.

I just hope that the last couple of months for the year of the rat prove to be productive for me.

Happy All Saints Day and Advanced Merry Christmas everyone!!!


RonTuron said...

parekoy, teka, 15 inaanak mo? langya! daig mo pa nasunugan nyan pagdating ng pasko! hahahahaha! Goodluck pre.
buti na lang ako, 4 pa lang! hehe

13 month pay nga yung masaya, alam mo bang may 14th month kami? mas masaya di ba? hahaha

"And then there's also the year-ender reports. I don't think this country's had a good year....
I'd like to give the details, but that's for another post."

cge pre, hintayin ko yang post na yan kasi ako mukang pareho lang tayo....


langya! natawa ako sa ATM trip mo a! nakakaasar nga yun! para dun sa mga nasa likod mo! hahahaha

Mugen said...

Final month assessment na ba ito. Ahahaha.

Anonymous said...

grabeh! 15 nga? hehe. dami! kahit hidni ka na mag-anak niyan. hehe.

napadaan lang from paperdoll's page. :)

im also lookin forward to christmas. :)

Leoj said...

kung ibabase ko sa klima natin ngayon kung magpapasko na ba o hindi, ang sagot ko ay hindi.hehehe

Uber init pa rin eh(ewan ko baka dito lang sa'min.hehehe)

Happy halloween pala.

dabo said...

christmas are for children..

UtakMunggo said...

christmas, for me, is the time when i'm most reminded of my age.

pano i can't help but reminisce about my childhood christmasses. food prepared NOT BY ME, presents under the tree ALL FOR ME, little knick knacks inside MY stocking,...

ngayon kasi wala nang FOR ME... maliban na lang sa dirty dishes at cleaning up matapos magbukas ng regalo ang mga bata.. that's MY LOT pag pasko. hehehe


gillboard said...

ron: nadepress naman ako dun sa balita mo... 14th month pay...

joshmarie: 15. actually 14 na lang, kasi namatay yung isa three years ago.

mugen: di pa naman... lapit na

gillboard said...

leoj: di na masyado mainit... kapag umuulan lang.. pero kasi malamig na dito samin paghapon.

dabo: i agree

munggo: i agree din. ayaw ko talaga pasko simula nung grumaduate ako ng college.