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Nov 11, 2008


A couple of days from now, my blog is going to celebrate it's 3rd birthday. I think I already have a post in mind for that occassion, but we'll have to hold out on that until the 13th.

For now though, let me see if I have the cajones to be a food reviewer (I doubt it!!!). I wouldn't have a weight problem now if I weren't such a pig before. If anyone mentions food, I'm always game to join. Regardless I have the money or not (what's the use of other people's credi cards, right?). My friends aren't pigs, unfortunately. Most of them are the type who could eat a lot and still stay thin. Me on the other hand... not that lucky.
Anyway, this is not about my weight problems (which I'm solving nowadays, 10 pounds lost baby!!!). I'm posting my favorite hangout restos. These are the places with the best food that is worth my money. Not necessarily cheap, but you get the worth of what you pay for.

AVENETTO (Glorietta 3, Libis, Visayas Ave)
I love Italian food. This post is dominated by pasta places and pizzerias. And I'd like to start with Avenetto. If you ask me the best pizza for me, I'd still go for Pizza Hut. But in terms of the food, I really recommend this place. Whenever I go out with my friends say, to Libis or Makati, this is one of the first place I'd invite them to eat lunch in. I loved their Pesto with Chicken. Yum. I like it because they really have big servings and it's not that expensive.

AMICI (beside Don Bosco)
This one, I just recently discovered. It's a quaint little Italian restaurant that serves mostly Italian Food. It's not as good as Avenetto, but it's still okay. The ice cream is a lil expensive, but it really is good. The serving is not as big as Avenetto, but it tastes just as good. Contrary to alot of people, I like eating the pizza crust. And their pizzas have some of the better tasting ones. It's a bit difficult to get to if you don't have your own car, and a little bit pricey, but if you love real Italian tasting dishes this is worth the travel. I'm not a seafood lover, but people say they have the better tasting seafood pasta out there. Amici in Italian by the way means Friends, if you're wondering.

STEAK MD (Timog, Blue Wave Pasay)
If you're craving for steaks and find Outback too expensive, I suggest you try Steak MD. I know of only two branches of this, one in Timog, and another in Blue Wave Pasay. They have some of the best tasting steak that is neither expensive nor fancy. The ambiance is fine, best to serve you and your friends. And the waitresses are really friendly. They have fancy sauces that really brings out the flavor of what you ordered. From the sweet to the hot, buttery and to the spicy sauces, you only need to choose which you prefer. As for me, I'm more of the unadventurous type, so I just chose their Rub Ko To (this is their house specialty sauce).

HOT ROCKS (Libis, Ortigas)
I've only been to the one in front of Club 650 in Libis, but I heard that there's one in Ortigas as well, I just don't know where. And the thing that I loved the most about this steakhouse is their sauce. They have one of the best steak sauce I have ever tasted. It blends well with the meat, and makes you want to eat more rice. It's good that it's not that expensive. I assure you, specially because they're just beside an ice cream place, when you leave Hot Rocks, your stomach won't have anymore space for anything else. I remember paying less than 500 bucks for all those delicious meat. Yum. I don't remember what steak I ordered (or if I ordered steak at all), but I know I got full.

COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF (just about everywhere in the Metro)
No, this is not a restaurant, this is a coffee house, but I like to hangout here as compared to Starbucks. I only have frappucinno here, but I have to add this because I love this place. Sure they don't offer the fancy planners every year, but the people here are much better. Gone are the pacoño call center people pretending to be rich and coño. It's not overly crowded, and they really have nice tasting fraps. I prefer to chill here more than anywhere else in the Metro because I have good memories of my gimmick buddies in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I can't recommend anything here because like I said I always only have frapuccino. But if you want to avoid pretentious people and just want to relax for an hour before a movie or meeting someone. Hang around this place.

People say I'm really missing out when eating in Dampa (whether it's in Parañaque, Pasay, Libis or Marikina) because I don't eat seafood. That might be true, but these places offer alternatives that are as good, if not better than say Chowking or Jerry's. I personally like Dampa in Marikina. For one, it's not expensive. Two, they have BIG servings. And three whenever I ate there, I'm always with great company. New Zealand aside, this was where I gained the most weight. It was walking distance from where our apartment was, and at night, you'd get to see some (and this is quite rare) eye candy. But it does exist in Marikina... eye candy. I love their Liempo, and sisig and itlog na pula. Plus, their garlic rice is very unhealthy yet very tasty!!!

SBARRO (major malls in Manila)
Whenever I'm in Sbarro, my face lights up, and I'm smiling from ear to ear. This is my favorite pasta place of all time!!! It's a little bit painful in the wallet, but it's SO worth it. You eat even half an order of what they're offering and you're already good for the day. I miss Sbarro. Ever since the whole Glorietta bombing incident over a year ago, I haven't really or rarely been to this place. Megamall is too far to go to only eat at Sbarro. But I think there's one that's about to open in Ayala Avenue, so I'm looking forward to that. They have the best Baked Ziti I've ever tasted, and the biggest pizzas I've ever had (Chicago Deep anyone?). And oh yeah, they have the softest, most mouth-watering tiramisu I've ever had. Damn I'm craving!!!

I would like to add some fine dining restaurants as well, but I'm really tired of typing. I'm not used to writing in English anymore, so this is a nosebleed post. Maybe someday if I don't have anything to post again I'll write about it. But there are still a lot of good places to eat at when you're with your friends. Food trips are always awesome as long as you're with good company. Even a night out at Ka Saling's Carinderia will be momentous if you're with good friends. Because it really isn't the food that'll make you grow closer, it's the bonding that counts. Yuck cheesy!!!


Papams said...


awww.. then i wont understand what you'll be posting then.. time to take out the dictionary!!

btw, Happy 3rd Birthday to your Blog! (in advance)


Toni said...

Shucks kakagutom naman...been to some restos u mentioned at tama ka dyan, they're great!

FerBert said...

mas gusto kong malaman yung dahilan baket nabawasan ka ng 10lbs..

Anonymous said...

wow! Sbarro! love that pasta..
their pizzas are the best compared to dilaw na taxi.. hehe

gillboard said...

papams: Don't worry you won't miss much on that post.

toni: yeah. nagutom nanaman ako.. hehehe

ferbert: gym lang bro.

dylan: yeah, malaki lang yellow cab, pero masarap din ng kaunti. pero la pa din tatalo sa sbarro

The Gasoline Dude said...

A Venetto! Miss ko na ang A Venetto!

gillboard said...

hehe... parang ako din miss ko na avenetto. andun lang kami two weeks ago.

kcatwoman said...

your photo of dampa makes my mouth water...gusto ko nang kumain!

UtakMunggo said...

filet mignon. mmmmm..mmmm..
pizza.... pasta...mmmmm.mmmm...
seafood.... tulo laway... mmmmmm

i never scrimp when it comes to food. whatever monies i have in my pocket, if it's in the name of food, anyone who has a good dish to offer can have it.

i can name the best restos and cafes i've haunted in davao, but i will just have to mention one: hindi siya mahal, at tambayan ng mga jologs at dukha but they serve the best lutong bahay in town. Ryan's. i couldn't count the many times that small sanctuary saved me from hunger (and poverty). wahaha

mabuhay tayong mahihilig kumain. for we will die happy. hahaha

(tingnan mo tong word verif mo parang nang-iinis. "thiner" raw. kulang nalang ng isang "n" eh iisipin ko nang nananadya talaga.

Coldman said...

da best ang dampa sa marikina pati na rin sa Paranaque!

advance happy bday sa blog mo. =)

gillboard said...

kcatwoman: yah. parang gusto ko na nga pumunta ng marikina sa weekend. Makakain lang sa dampa.

munggo: pagnakapunta ako ng Davao, I'll make sure hahanapin ko yun.

coldman: Thank you!!!

Paper Tilapia said...

taena, pare! magkadugsong ba tayo ng bituka??
lahat ng trip mong kainan halos lahat nakainan ko na!! Ü haha

siyet miss ko na ang amici! ang tiramisu! siyet!!

Anonymous said...

Bukas na yung Sbarro sa Ayala.

Just a guy... said...

Hey there! I was searching for Sbarro's Baked Ziti recipe as I LOVE that stuff! I'm an American in Tennessee and my partner is Filipino! So, I thought I'd send a comment that Filipino's all around the world love Sbarro's baked ziti!!! LOL!

Take care!