Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 16, 2006


I don't have anything to rant about today. As I was pretty much satisfied with what I got this payday. But I bought a new watch from Fossil today and a bottle of Carolina Herrera's On Ice for Him.

Oh what a payday it is, specially with the 13th month pay coming in and all. I'm not really that happy, but I wasn't really expecting very much so I wasn't disappointed with what I got.

I of course don't have that much money anymore. And what I am disappointed in, is my program's attendance. I think I'll be lucky if I have more than 30 people coming in today. Of course, I am revoking their leaves for the last week of December so that doesn't really matter that much. Merry Christmas it is.

I'm reserving a more meaningful or deep blog entry for the next time. I was busy surfing the net and reading some story developments about my favorite pastime... Comic books. But for now, just look at what I bought.

This is the perfume that I bought. Smells great, by the way!!!

And this is my watch!!! Looks great too...

I don't have money to buy gifts for my godchildren... I guess they're all too young to mind whatever it is that I'll be giving. Oh yeah, and I have to buy gifts for my co-workers as well... Damn!!!

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