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Dec 14, 2006


When I started collecting comic books again, I only bought just 2 titles a month. And now, 3 years into my hobby, my pull list has grown to almost 20 titles. I think I may even be buying more. Comic books are my new weakness. Damn!!!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: This title is consistently one of the best written super hero title right now. I'm not a fan of the character, but after reading Civil War and the trade paperbacks of his latest title, I immediately got hooked. There's a lot of intrigue going on every issue and I basically can't wait to find out what Ed Brubaker has in store for Cap when Civil War ends in a couple of months. I have a bad feeling that he's going to die.

CIVIL WAR: I have no idea why there are a lot of people who don't like this title. For me honestly, this is one of the best events Marvel's put out in recent history. The title by it's lonesome feels incomplete, but you can still follow what the story is about. Best way to enjoy this series is to read everything with it's logo on it. Anyway, with this series you know that when this is all over, nothing in the Marvel Universe will ever be the same.

ANNIHILATION: THis event suffers because it was released the same time as Civil War. Although there are some people who say that this title is much better. My opinion, they're just on the same level. While the prior is earth-bound, this event affects the entire Marvel Universe... literally. Annihilus wants to rule the entire universe, and he's about to be successful.

ASTONISHING X-MEN: Joss Whedon made his name creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and now he's bringing his genius to the X-men franchise. Astonishing is a great title as it basically showcase my favorite X-men like (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Shadowcat and Wolverine). The stories are back-to-basic. Good guys fighting bad guys, but the wit and humor of the title is something that takes this title one notch above the others.

DAREDEVIL: With regards to Ed Brubaker's work, I am a HUGE fan. I normally don't read Daredevil, but when he took over a few months ago with the title character going to prison... damn that was good!!! Now, he's in Europe looking for the man who killed his best friend (who unknown to him, is still alive). Looks like one great read, right? It is!

JUSTICE: This is a bi-monthly title, and is one of only 3 DC titles that I read. The reason: Alex Ross's gorgeous-gorgeous art. The story's about all the major villains of the League teaming up to turn their enemies into public's most hated. Painted books are always good on my list.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: New York Times best selling author brings his talent to DC's premiere super team. The problem I have with this title is it's 4 issues in, but the team hasn't been formed yet. And I just learned that the first time that they'll be together will be on issue 7!!! Good thing I have a lot of patience.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: This is a fun comic book. I'm not so familiar with the whole DC characters, but this title I'm diggin'. I'm a little lost still, but I'm getting there. There is a reason why wikipedia is a useful website.

INCREDIBLE HULK: This story is a lead-in to next year's Marvel event. The story: Hulk is banished to an unknown planet, where Gladiator battles are the alien's favorite pasttime. But there's more to it than that. Hulk could either be the Sakaar'son who will free the people from a cruel tyrant or the worldbreaker, the very person who will destroy the planet. As of this moment, the Hulk's finally found a space ship that could bring him back home. Payback's a bitch.

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