Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 1, 2006


A new month... A new lease on life... After that terrible ordeal I had to go through this week, I promised to do away with the whole love crap... I won't be bitter, but now may not be the right time for me to be going into relationships... Maybe I'm just stressed out with the promotion, and everything going on with my life... New responsibilities and all that... I guess, I just wanted someone to talk to about everything that goes on with me... Someone to share my joys with... Just someone... Anyone... Can anybody find me, somebody to love...

Oh well, you can't have everything... At least I've got tons of money!!!


My new credo... I don't give a crap on what people think of me... I have money!!!


Oh yeah, I better start saving some to buy gifts for colleagues, godchildren and family for Christmas...
It's the 'ber' month already... The depression season is coming!!!

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