Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 3, 2010


Tis the season of emoness, depression and suicidal tendencies... It’s Christmas once again!!!

This would be the second holiday season I’d be spending as a half of a couple, my first time as an adult. I really have a lot to say about it, but I think the few people who still find time to read my blog, amongst the hundreds of brilliant personal blogs these days, are already getting sick of my posting cheesy write-ups.

If there’s one thing I’m proud about my blogs, it’s that I rarely post emo crap in it. I’m not a big fan of emo posts. Unless I know the writer personally, I have low tolerance on depressing things. I’m a believer that there are better things to do to overcome it than just writing about it.

It’s fine writing one every once in awhile. But NOT. Every. Fucking. Time.

My take on that, is these people don’t know how to appreciate the little good things in life. It’s really pathetic. That’s why I hate it when I write these kinds of posts.

This post was supposed to be about positivity. I got carried away on my intro. When the year started, one of my resolutions for 2010 is to change perspective in some aspects of life. A positive outlook does great things. Pragmatists might find it a big load of crap. But if you truly believe in it, eventually these become truths.

Anyway, I think a great number of people who get depressed during the holiday season are those who are still single. Or the poor. Oh, and at least for this year, the people near Mt. Bulusan. So before I move away again from what I’m supposed to write here’s my point: nothing’s going to happen if you’re too pessimistic. You have to do something.

At the very least change how you view things.

· Say if you’re single, at least you’ll have more budget for yourself.
· Or at least no one’s going to force you to watch that cheesy Filipino film entry in the filmfest.
· And you can flirt with others without worrying of being called a cheating whore. Just a whore.
· For those who don’t have money, think of it this way, at least you can finally start the diet you’ve been promising to start a few years ago.
· Or since you’ll be stuck at home, you can now start bonding with your family.
· Or at least you can make your own gift to give to others, and tell them as simple as it is, it came from the heart.
· If you’re disagreeing with your parents, think of it as an opportunity for you to finally become independent.

Again, my point is to stop sulking and complaining. Do something about it.


MkSurf8 said...

tama naman! dapat GV lagi =) ... ngayon ko lang napansin may link na pala dito yung isang bahay mo.

Spiral Prince said...

I think it's a good first December post! I do think some of the people who write emo stuff aren't wholly emo - maybe they just write when they're in that mood? Do you dislike all emo things? I usually categorize them as either bitter, sad, or hopeful-sad. Then again, there's nothing bad that could come off from a little more happiness in the world, especially this Christmas season!

soltero said...

this is why i like u, ur nor afraid to say what's on your mind, i don't always agree with you, but hey it keeps me coming back...

but i do agree with you when you said, it's ok to be emo once in a while but not every fucking time, sakto!

and um ahhaha, ok i'm a whore lol :)


my-so-called-Quest said...

well not all single (nagreklamo daw ako) lol pero probably some of them stopped believing to the magic of Christmas. ahehe

i'm a kid by heart.kaya i look forward to holidays kahit walang pera. hehe

lonewolf said...

thats right positive thinking dapat pero di ko pa rin mafeel ang pasko hhihihihi

Désolé Boy said...

i have the same take with soltero.
but i do believe that brightness comes from darkness and you don't deserve one without swallowing the other.
about being single,we were born alone in this world so i don't see the reason why we have to complain. even do something about it.
just my thoughts!

Kyle said...

Waaa hindi ko rin mafeel yung pasko ngayon dahil sa mga nangyayari sa buhay ko today. Suicidal ako ngayon.LOL

mulch said...

and today... everything seems to be soooo positive ...

MakMak said...

Friend, just being the devil here (yes, not just an advocate):

Have you ever considered that maybe you posted this entry cos you're in a good place right now?

Last year, were you in the same spot, or were you among those who were sulking and complaining about being single and/or being poor?

I really don't know where I'm getting at. Actually, I do but I don't want this comment to be lengthy. Hahaha. :P

Just be more gentle to the less happy/less fortunate this season.

Miss our Thursday thing! Haha

nielz said...

Hey hey, siguro ganun talaga. Parang seasonal affective disorder (sad). Especially pag nagpupunta akong malls tapos ampota ang daming magka holding hands tapos paara bang gumagawa sila ng close up commercial kulang na lang maghingahan habang nag uusap tapos ako, huhuhu walang kasama.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. Xlinks tayo. :D

engel said...

nielz: welcome to my blog. thank you. sure sige, ill link you. :)

mark: to answer your query, i really have low tolerance on those people. even when i was still single. it didn't change, because i'm in a good place now. there's a lot of great things that happen in our lives, we should start learning to appreciate it.

and sana sumama ka na ulit sa ating thursday thing. miss ko na din yun. :)

mulch: good vibes. always.

kyle: joke to diba? :P

desole: these are things those who complain alot have to know. :)

hard2get: true. bahay nga namin wala pang christmas decors. nor would ever have one.

doc ced: uy, ngayon ka lang napadpad dito sa bahay ko. welcome. :)

soltero: i know. :D

spiral post: i don't dislike emo. i learn from these things. it's the pessimistic views, that i don't agree with. thank you.

mksurf8: yeah. i've outed myself already. might as well, panindigan na, right. :)

nielz said...

alam mo ikaw nga, 2nd christmas mo pa lang alone. ako.. hmm.. 5 years nang single pag christmas. pero ayos lang. ganun talaga buhay. hahaha..

citybuoy said...

aray hihi medyo tinamaan ako dun ah. pero tama ka naman. this is something na only years of blogging experience can give you.

wanderingcommuter said...

me, im undergoing a really tough training of warming-myself-alone-on-christmas-day technique...

malapit ko na siya mamaster!!!lol

but on a serious note, i think hindi naman yun a matter of complaining...its just there (fine! OUR OWN) way of reminding themselves that they are single. parang they just are trying to make fun of it, instead of drowning themselves with depression.

lastly, i do not beieve na you have to act on it just because it christmas nor act upon it kasi GUSTO mo lang magkasyota. in short, i believe its not something you planned thus it came as an output. as mushy as it may sound, i still believe love in its spontaneity. :)