Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 28, 2010

IN 2010

1. I met with bloggers that I’ve followed here and in my other home.
2. I started to become more spontaneous
3. I jerked off in the office comfort room
4. I flirted with a girl in Starbucks
5. I outed myself in my straight blog
6. I attempted and miserably failed to close this blog
7. I bought a Playstation 3
8. For the first time I went to a company Christmas Party
9. For the first time in my life, went to Star City
10. I celebrated my birthday thrice
11. I went to church more
12. I had more sex than I ever had in years
13. And it’s just with one person
14. I learned how to download stuff using torrent
15. I went to my high school classmate’s mini reunion and felt out of place
16. I transferred to another team at work for promotion
17. I lost weight
18. I gained more weight than I lost
19. I got myself a funeral plan
20. I chose to get cremated when I die
21. I almost bought a condominium unit near the airport
22. I spent the most amount this year on comics than any other year
23. I got hooked on The Walking Dead (paid 8000 to complete the series)
24. I changed my taste in comic books, more indie and less mainstream books
25. I had a dengue scare
26. For the first time went to a wedding of a good friend
27. I got my heart broken
28. And had those broken pieces fixed.

By the way, the Kid wanted to meet some of my friends online, so we thought since I'll be alone on the second weekend of the year why not have a little get together. It's going to be in my house in Parañaque. If anyone's interested to come, let me know. I just want to prove to him that I do have blog friends. :)


Kyle said...

more blessings to come sir this coming new year. :)

The Chemistry Guy said...

aah!! 2011 pa ko bibili ng PS3 :I

I love the walking dead too!

from paranaque too. :))

rah said...

seemed like uv lived your year to the fullest :) Next year will be brighter for sure.

iurico said...

Ako, ako, ako... Hehe

iurico said...

Ako, ako, ako... Hehe

Mac Callister said...

i will be there!LOL

imsonotconio said...

more blessings!!!!!!!!!!

Nimmy said...

wow! ang daming nangyari this 2010 ah. astig! happy 2011 to you kuya :)

john stanley said...

hay naku, kelangan kasama ko dyan (and my plus 1), hahaha!

happy new year g!

wanderingcommuter said...

naloka ako sa 12... kahit iiskip ko na ang 13. nyahaha!

happy holidays!

Carlo said...

ayun o. tamang tama naka leave ako ng madami sa january haha.

Sean said...

andaming nangyari this year ah! baka may video yung # 3 ehehe!

The Princess Boy said...

Ang dami ah! Hehehe.. Gusto ko yung..

Well, I hope 2011 has more happiness in store for you. :D

V1nC3 said...

How eventful ng 2010 mo ha.. lolz. Here's to a better 2011.. Happy holidays to you both.. =)

Kane said...

Engel, you have come a longgggg longggg way, haven't you? I remember your stories before and I saw how you've changed. =)

I am happy for you.