Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 17, 2010


I've always been honest in my blog. Specially when it comes to my looks. Take away people's expectations.

On the scale of 1 to 10 I'm probably a 5 or a 6. When I was younger, a 9 (okay, 7.5).

Anyway, I'm not attractive. Not so much.


I have this theory though, one way to boost your 'attractiveness' is to be in a relationship.

I don't know, but somehow people are attracted to me more when I'm with someone as compared to when I was single. This is based on experience.

I wrote this before, way back when I was starting with this blog. The one time I was on a date, there were a few people who showed interest in me. One even had to show off his dick while we were in the restroom.

It happened again today. On my way home, someone actually sought me out, sat beside me, and ran his fingers on my arms. And he actually flirted with me a little.

Normally, I would've punched the living daylights out of that guy. But he was kinda hot. If only he wasn't too effeminate. I'm not a hypocrite, I like the feeling of being attractive.

I have no plans on cheating on my 'kid'. The guy asked for my details, and I gave him fake ones. I hope he did not text or call the number I gave him. Jonathan does not exist.

I honestly don't know how attraction works. Why these things happen. It may be because I'm too happy with the relationship, that it manifests itself in me physically. It could be the thrill of chasing ang conquering someone's property. Who knows, maybe I really am attractive.

I don't know.

One of life's mysteries, I guess.


Alter said...

you did the right thing. :)

soltero said...

You're probably really HOT and u don't know it! heheh.. when you're happy and in love, it really shows..blooming ka tlaga cguro tol! ;p

Nimmy said...

tama si soltero. blooming ka lang dude. eeeeeeeeee :)

Désolé Boy said...

mas gusto ko yung mga ganyan. unconsciously hawt!!

anyway, like the story says, let your conscience be your guide.

dahil dyan may reward ka kay "kid"

rah said...

Sometimes the way we see our attractiveness level is just a state of mind.

I think the most attractive people are those who know they are attractive but they carry it with an artful neglect.

rudeboy said...

I can only speak from my own personal experience, engel, but I have observed that the universe has a perverse sense of humor.

The moment you enter a serious relationship, ardent admirers suddenly pop out of the woodwork. Almost as quickly as they disappear once you exit said relationship.

Guyrony said...

Self-confidence has this strange effect on a person exuding it.

The moment you tell yourself you're attractive, POW! It becomes factual.

Or so.

Felipe said...

i wish i get to experience that. i mean, other guys flirting with me. just to boost my self confidence. kasi i'm not goodlooking. mukha lang akong mas human in pictures.

Jepoy Dee said...

ako din. sana may ganyan akong mga experiences. so ibig sabihin, ndi ako goodlooking. oh well, mabait naman daw ako, keri na iyon :P

drew said...

My take is that when you're in a relationship, you feel good about yourself; when you feel good about yourself, you look good!

Although mukhang gwapo ka naman talaga eh. :P

iurico said...

ako naman - opposite. I feel so unattractive if I am in a relationship. Prolly because I spend less time (a looooot less time) being conscious on how I look pag Im in a relationship - hindi pumupunta ng gym, hindi natutulog ng maayos, etc etc charot charot. haha

And Engel, you have to introduce me to your kid. I can just imagine how it would go - you introducing me to your kid which in effect means umaamin ka sa harapan ko. You get my drift. hahahaha

arkin said...

or maybe its the after sex glow darling. :) hahac

MakMak said...

Tinalo mo na ako sa haba ng buhok. Ikaw na, Engel. Hahahaha. :)

imsonotconio said...

clap clap for staying away from temptation

citybuoy said...

strange. i was just thinking about this kanina. relics from the past as well as some interesting new people are crawling out of the darkness. minsan sarap sumigaw, bakit ngayon pa kayo naghain eh busog na ako?! lol

good job keeping faithful! :)

Gaspard said...

when you're in love, you glow.

and attractive people look more attractive when they don't think they are good-looking... hahaha

I salute you for being a faithful guy. Your "kid" is lucky :D

Knoxxy said...

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.