Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 3, 2010


Let me be reminiscing this post. Engel's celebrating his first year of existence in the blogosphere.

Do you remember when he wrote using a third person's perspective? Yeah, that was stupid. He did it because he wanted this blog to sound a bit different from his straight blog. He got over it though, after he came back from his first hiatus.

How many hiatus did I actually go through in the span of a year? The first one was because I fell in love. The second was when I got my heart broken the first time by 'the kid.' And the last was when I just lost interest in some of the people on this side of the blogosphere. I honestly don't know if I'm going to go through another hiatus, I'm sure if that happens, I won't write about it no more. Anyway, I don't write as often as I'd like anymore anyway. Not here, and not in my other home. Maybe I ran out of things to say. Much has been said?

I initially had alot to say when I opened this blog. There is a reason why this was called a 'tell all.' This was where I was supposed to write without inhibitions. I wrote about other bloggers, myc crushes, my boss, my exes, the loves of my life. This is where I shared who I really am without fear of being judged, misinterpreted or misunderstood. I wanted this place so I can be me.

Apparently being me sometimes tend to get people to react differently. I've been called alot during the one year I've been writing. From brilliant, to stupid, to being defensive, people have called me many things. I've been told I'm too intense. Optimistic. Tactless. Funny. Desperate. Negastar. Heck there was even a time someone said, "I don't deserve to be loved." I welcome all of those opinions. I respect them. And I learn from them. That is the goal of writing, I believe, so you will learn. And I've learned a lot.

Did the one year change me? Definitely. Engel was supposed to be anonymous. Now, I've met alot of my fellow bloggers 'round the world wide web. Making connections. Building relationships. Even as far as entering a 'relationship.' I've become a bit more spontaneous, specially this year. I've done alot of stupid things during those days of spontaneity. Some of them are major fails, but you know, that's how I could say I lived. The best part is, I started writing here as a single guy, chronicling my single life. But now I can't stop bragging about having a love life. Yeah, that last line's making me smile.

All that, and it's still six days before this blog turns one.


iurico said...

happy anniv to you and your blog!

jayps said...

happy birthday to your blog sir! stay happy with the kid! :)

soltero said...

& who is that moron who called u too intense? ehehe :)

(soltero slowly raises his hand ahaha :P)

happy 1st yr mr. intensity more hiatus i hope
(and yes i still read your blog & will continue to, despite ur criticisms about those sexblogs bwahaha..:P)

you're a damn fine writer! keep blogging!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

you and your blog batchmates are all due for your anniversaries around this time ;)

huffy, huffy! :D

Jay Quiambao said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kane said...

Uh, Engel, I think that was seven paragraphs? =)

Just teasing you.

Honey!!!!! You're one year old! Where's the party?

Hay Engel, I wonder how many more stories we will write. I am glad you are happy =)


Jepoy Dee said...

happy anniversary to your blog engel. pleasure to meet you :)

citybuoy said...

Ooh! Daming sabay-sabay ha! Haha halos magka-birthday kami ng blog mo. Happy blog-aversary! :) Andami na talaga nag-bago since last year.

Weird ba? I kinda miss your third person posts. haha I remember they really stood out.

Anonymous said...

Oh' the most impt thing is you are happy right now : )
congrats & happy blog bday : ) apir!

---the editor : D

Guyrony said...

Pretty cool blog if you ask me. :)

As for now I greet you an advance anniversary and echo out K's comment:

Where's the party?

Will it be coffee?

Or liquor?

Désolé Boy said...


sana makaabot din ako ng 1 year, hehe.

[don't mind the haters. being different is cool, don't they know that?]

lee said...

has it been almost a year? it only means na almost a year na rin kita sinestalk =D

oh yeah, and i miss your "third person" posts

arkin said...

happy 1st :))

Fashion Conscious said...

Thoughts create realities. The 3rd person in me wants you to change your blog's title/caption - Much Has Been Said. It subconciously affects your thought processes. That might have caused your hiatus. You are attracting those experiences causing you to revert to your old self, your comfort zone, your hibernation.

More anniversaries! More emo, more experiences, more stories, more games, more movies, more Joy, more from You!

thecuriouscat said...

congrats Engel hehehehe kasabayan nga pala kita