Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 19, 2009


Head down as I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground
eyes shut, I find myself in love racing the Earth
and I soaked in your love
and love is right in my path, in my grasp
and me and you belong
Eyes shut, and head down I muster the courage to tell her. I want her-no, I need her to be mine. As we walk down the path, like we always do, I gather enough courage to let her know. I reached out to hold her hand. To stop her. This is the right time.
"I like you," I said.
She stopped. Her back towards me, my hand still holding hers, she pulled away. I can still remember the way she smiled at she turned her face to me. She was smiling. I love the way the wind blows her hair, it's captivating. As she pulls the strands that cover her face. I see her eyes. It's smiling with her lips.
"You have no idea how long I've waited for you to say that."
I wanna run, run smack into you
I wanna run, run, smack into you
We've always had our fights. A lot of couples go through that. I fear that this time, she would want to give this up. To give US up.
She sat on one side of the table. I know she's crying, I hurt her again. Don't give up on us. Please.
She asked me, "if we're always like this, why do you still want us to be together?"
"Because I love you. I know we'll always have our disagreements, but believe me, I'll always fight to have you. And I want you to know, having your love is worth all the fighting and all the bickering we'll have."
I approached her. She's still beautiful even with her tears. I hugged her so tight, then she cried. And that's when I knew, she will stay.
ears closed, what I hear the world just has to know
cause’ I know that what we have is worth first place in gold
and I soaked in your love
and love is right in my path, in my grasp
and me and you belong
"Do you trust me?" I asked.
She did not answer me. But her eyes says it all. She does.
I kissed her. I felt her lips on mine, it was ecstasy. She touched my face as our lips felt each other's tenderness. I wrapped my arms around her waist. She stared at me for a second. Her eyes asking if we're ready for this. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and backed up a little.
She placed her arms on my shoulder and kissed me again, her hands slowly pushing my head to her face. Our love never felt so intense.
I slowly laid her on my bed... Tonight, we become one.
and I, I wanna run, run smack into you
I’m willing to run, run smack into you
Head down as I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground. This was where I told her I liked her. This is where we became us. Everything has come full circle.
"Here we are again." I said.
"Huh?" she asked.
"Don't you remember? This is the exact same spot where I told you I liked you. You were wearing your favorite blue dress. Your hair being blown by the wind. You were beautiful then. Much more now."
She looked confused. But she's blushing. She does that whenever she's happy. "What are you saying?" she asked me.
"All I'm saying... What I'm trying to say is..." here goes. "I belong to you. You own me. My heart. Everything about me, everything I am - it's because of you." I took out the ring and asked her, "marry me?"
Head down as I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground
eyes shut, I’m in love and I’m racing the Earth
and I soaked in your love
and love is right in my path, in my grasp
and me and you belong
Teary-eyed, but still smiling... she said "yes."
and I wanna run, run smack into you
I’m willing to run, run smack into you
I’m willing to run run run run run ooh ooh ooh ooh
I wanna run, run smack into you
I’m willing to run, run smack into you
This song is the only song playing in my ear the whole day I'm in the office. I don't know why I like it, but I just do. I really wish I could have this song playing while you read this, because I think the song is beautiful. Nice song to play while you're cuddling with your loved one.
Unfortunately I'm not a techie, so the best I can do is just put the link HERE so you can listen to it.
Beyonce has a version of this only with a different title, but I think John McLaughlin's version is WAY better.
I'm feeling a bit cheesy today, so bear with me. And unfortunately, this is not my story. It's fiction. Okay? So don't get any idea about the status of my lovelife.


Abou said...

aba at fiction lang pala ang lahat?

gillboard said...

hehe... la pako nakikilala na gagawan ko ng ganun..

Chyng said...

naks, napahanga ako, ayos na story! heartfelt, kilig ako! (--,)

Ycej eiram said...

Wow...ang sweet!
Lovestory talaga!

gillboard said...

chyng: ang cheesy noh? meron pang isa.. kaya lang sa susunod na lang yun ipopost... parang gusto ko gawa ng sarili blog para lang sa mga kwentong ganito... pero anonymous... hahaha.. salamat!!!

ycej eiram: ganyan minsan epekto sakin ng lovesong na paulit-ulit na pinapatugtog sa tenga ko...

kosa said...

nakakainggit nman yung kwentong yun!
akala ko pa nman totoo..

Tapos na ang araw ng mga Puso pero dito walang puknat pa rin ang Lab Lab na kwento.. I mean dito sa blogosperyo.. Hindi dito---sa kuta mo..hehehe

kitakits parekoy!

gillboard said...

post-balentayms post ko ito.. hehe.. mukhang matagal-tagal ulit bago ako magpost ng keso dito.. hehehe

Andy Briones said...

For a second there I thought that really happened to you, ehehehe.

yoshke said...

Aaaaw. Nice one, Gil.. I was sooo convinced it really happened, then I saw the label --- Fiction.

Haha. Muntik na kitang icongrats.

Uy, YAN ANG PINAKAGUSTO KONG KANTA NI JON MCLAUGHLIN!!! As in I swear. I even mentioned it sa isang blog post. Mahal na mahal ko yang song na yan. Ang sarap pakinggan pag naglalakad sa Makati tapos umaambon ng konti tas malamig. Hahaha. Feel na feel.

A-Z-E-L said...

alryt... this is FICTION! ampness... kala ko may lovelife ka na! hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Nyak! Feel na feel ko pa naman yung scene.. tas biglang "Ayyy, ende pala"..hmp!

Pwede. Pwedeng pwedeng gawin scene sa isang pelikula.lolz


nagtatanong lang, bakit?!!

my-so-called-Quest said...

aihihi! kaka... kakakilig! hehehe
mas gusto ko version ni Jon McLaughlin kesa kay beyonce!team jon! hehehe

gillboard said...

andy: someday...

yoshke: onga, sayo ko nga nakilala si Jon McLaughlin... naghahanap ako cd niya dito, la naman ako makita... kaya imeem na lang... hehehe

gillboard said...

azel: la pa naman... sana this year... hehehe

dylan: di naman... don antipatiko siguro... hahaha

ced: yep... pero parang halos pareho yung 2 kanta... smack at smash lang pinagkaiba...

jaja said...

aawwww ang sweet nun story..kainggit!

kala ko naman nangyare to sau..naexcite pa naman ako..di nman pala..hay!

gravity said...

you should write a screenplay!! love it =)

astig talaga. im such a fan hehe =)

vanvan said...

ang sweet..sana totoo nah..

niimagine ko ang ganda ganda ng girl..


gillboard said...

jaja: anung klaseng friend kita? Dalas nating magkachat, tapos di ko makukwento sayo na nagpropose ako?! what the?! hehehe

gravity: screenplay? hmmmm... pag-iisipan ko pa.meron na akong story sa isip... kaya lang, di ako ganun kahusay pa magsulat.

vanvan: salamat sa pagdaan... maganda yung babae... for yung nasa isip ko... hahaha

UtakMunggo said...

lols. fiction. buti nalang tinignan ko muna yung label bago ako tuluyang naipasok sa bulsa. ahaha

pinakinggan ko. maganda. masarap sa tenga. pero mas masarap pa rin sa tenga ang boses ng headnurse namin kapag naghahanap ng masisisi sa kapalpakan. lols.

anong meron? bakit kesong keso ka sa post na to? pero honestly pede kang writer ng short lab istoris.

gillboard said...

pwede na nga ba sa mga pinoy romance na mga nobela? hehehe