Mga Sumasampalataya

Jul 21, 2006


This is a dumb movie... I never thought that there would be a worse film than Superman Returns this year... I didn't like it... I didn't think that the movie made a point or had a relevant story... I understood it, but I did not appreciate it... Maybe that's why there was no big star that was attached to this film... It was ridiculous... M. Night Shyamalan's lost his touch... He's 3 against 2 right now... 3 crappy films compared to 2 okay films... Maybe he should just stick with kids seeing dead people and aliens...

I watched it only a few hours ago, and I don't remember the plot of the film anymore.. I think it was about a narf who's supposed to be a queen or something, but that will only happen if she gets taken by a giant eagle... But there are forces so evil that prevents that from happening... Only her guardian, guild, translator and healer can help her be free... We just don't know who they are yet...

This film... I call it the spot-the-microphone-film... I think that I saw a microphone above the actors' heads more than 15 times during the entire movie... to put emphasis MORE THAN 15 TIMES!!! That's just a bad job of editing... It was unworthy of my hundred plus pesos... Should have just bought something more valuable... It's crap.

RATING: 6/10

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