Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 17, 2011


In nine months...
  • I knew how it felt being a teen-ager again
  • I received and sent love letters (more received than sent)
  • I felt happy finally knowing how it feels when couples argue and fight.
  • And I feel happier that all the fighting and arguing are settled
  • I became someone's first time
  • I learned about philosophy
  • And was lectured on saving money
  • We've met 'our friends' not just his or mine... but ours
  • I am, have been and will always be happy.
He said we shouldn't count. But honestly I don't care. This is the longest relationship I have had. And it's nice.
He may not be with me on my birthday, but he knows, he is already the best birthday gift.


Jpy Dee said...

awwww engel. this is so sweet. advance happy bday to you. love love love. :)

iurico said...

eeeeeeeee, sige ikaw na! Ikaw na ang high-school-girl-with-pigtails!

Mang-inggit ka paaaaaaaaaaa!

hehe happy birthday, man!

Kyle said...

nice. happy birthday po sir engel. i hope your happiness continues on and on and on...

kaloy said...

have you ever heard of the 9th month itch? hehehe. kiddin'. advance api boitday engel.

Pipo said...

happy birthday! :)

Kane said...


Kaarawan mo pala. Alam ko namang maligaya ka =)

The only thing I wish for is the continuation of your happiness.


"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream"

Gaspard said...

happy birthday! more hugs and kisses! :P

Will said...

sweet post. happy birthday to you. :)

Pyro said...

sweet naman. happy birthday!

Peter said...

Touching! Happy birthday.

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

eeeehhh... counting can't be avoided... bsta so much happy..
happy for you!!!

heypi birthday!!

Nishiboy said...

pinipipigilan kong mainggit.

kaya ko to.


happy birthday engel!

Guyrony said...

I can almost imagine you smiling now.

Greetings Engel.

A belated Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to you as well.

Seth said...

this also painted a smile on my face

cheers to your relationship and happy birthday!

Spiral Prince said...

happy new year!

Sean said...

happy birthday engel and congrats for the b-day gift that you received 9 months early. sweet!!!

Nimmy said...

ang tameeeeeeeeeeees! hihi

monthsary na... bumebertday pa! paaaaaaaak! happy happy! :D