Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 1, 2010


2010 is not a good year for films. To tell you honestly, I haven't seen that many movies since January. I don't even make as much film reviews here in my blog as before. It's really disappointing.

This year's list is really difficult. So difficult that I have to extend my category from when Philippine summer started.


**Sorry I can't edit the images. I'm so stupid. Will work on this one again maybe tomorrow or later. When I have free time.

Worst. Video. Game. Adaptation. Ever. I knew coming in that this film sucked. But I still bought the ticket. That's 132 bucks I'm never going to get back. I didn't even bother to start the movie again (I came in about 14 minutes after the film started). That's how bad the movie was. And I loved Tekken the video game. Why'd Hollywood have to ruin great video games, we'll never know. Good thing buses sometimes play the latest films. That's where I saw the first 15 minutes of the film.

You're not going to see mindless popcorn flicks in this list. You're not going to see Prince of Persia or Salt or The Last Air Bender or whatever movie Michael Bay produced this summer. I did not see any of them. Why? I read reviews before I watch movies, and all of them got bad reviews, and mostly they're right. I'm trying to save money these days, and cutting back on the bad films is one way for me to save them. I also knew this film would suck prior to watching, but there were not many choices when I saw this film. It's either this or Inception (which I saw with my friends). It's higher only because it's got all those cool special effects.

I haven't seen alot of good Adam Sandler films lately. The last one I really liked was Chuck and Larry, but the past few summers, not so much. I don't know if he's not funny anymore, or I'm getting tired of their kind of comedy. Or it may be because American comedies are getting stale aside from ones that have Tina Fey's name attached to it. Grown Ups isn't that great. I don't remember alot of the things in the movie, save for that lifeguard scene. It sucks because I really like Sandler, once upon a time he made me laugh my ass off.

This film isn't really that funny. It's kinda cute. But I ranked it higher because this film made me laugh alot more than Grown Ups did. I like Tina Fey and Steve Carrell together. They''re really funny. They're a bit cheesy and corny in some parts. And cliche in most, but it's fine with me. I still like it over the farting grandma from the previous movie on this list. By the way, this film's about an upwardly mobile couple who decides to go out on a very disastrous date.

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith star in the reimagining of the 80's cult classic. Wax on wax off is replaced by jacket on jacket off. I don't know why they still named it karate kid when it's all about kung fu, but it's all good. This was a surprisingly lovable movie. The kid was annoying, but he had great moves. Oh, and China's really beautiful. I wish I could visit that place one of these days. Well, when they don't hate us anymore, that is.

I was really disappointed in this film. I loved the first movie. This was like my number one film of the summer two years ago. This movie wasn't bad. Hell, it deserves being on the number five spot. It just went on too long, I guess. Or maybe it just stayed safe. Nothing new. Nothing fresh. Nothing too exciting. Or it could be I've been expecting too much. Oh well. Let's hope part three ain't gonna be as disappointing as this film was. Still a great film though.

This is the start of the films I'm having a hard time ranking. I loved all of them. If I can make all of these movies number 1, I will. They're all alot of fun to watch. But sadly, they have to be ranked. This is number four because honestly I did not see this movie properly. We saw Inception during the last full show. When we were all exhausted, distracted, sleepy. I did understand the film though. Was wowed during the zero gravity fight scene and was mesmerized by the beauty of the story. It's just sometimes there's only too much a sleepy mind can take.

I loved this movie. Everything about it shouts fun and original. I love Hiccup. I love Toothless. I love all the other dragons. I love the aerial fight scenes. The effects. I hate Hiccup's dad. But I love everything else. This was a fun movie. It's funny. It's touching. It's everything you love about a Pixar movie. Wait. This ain't a Pixar film!!! Well, it doesn't matter, it sure ain't no Shrek 4 (and that's awesome!!!). Oh and if you're asking why it's not on this list, I didn't see it.

Ahhh, the obligatory Pixar entry. I've written everything I wanted to say about this movie in my review, so I'll keep it short. Films that make me teary-eyed are films that are well made. And this one. Perfection.

Some of you might ask why this film is number one, I'd say it's the only movie in this list that made me stand up and shout "hell yeah!!" "coolness" and "awesome" all in the span of an hour something something minutes. Mindy beats out all the badass chicks in cinema and this movie is just outrageous. I think this is the most kick ass movie I've seen in a looooooong while. Just great mindless popcorn flick. Well, it's not that mindless, it actually has a little heart. You remember movies not because of their story or the effects or the actors. You remember them because of how they make you feel after seeing them. And after seeing Kick Ass, I felt awesome. That's why it's number one.

Agree? Disagree? What's your top film of this summer.


Maldito said...

pareho tayu ng listahan...ahahhaa...kakapagod kasi mag isip.pero agree ako that kick ass, kicks some asses. at yang grown ups, pinili ko pa naman yan keysa sa step up..sana nag step up nalang ako. adam sandler is digressing. kung ano man ang meaning ng digressing.ahahhaa..

hindi ko pa napanood ang how to train a di ba nireview mo ang kick ass? Dahil iaw ang nagsabi ang How to train a dragon is maganda, papanoorin ko. You know, maarte lang kung minsan. ahaha

Anonymous said...

iilan lang yata sa list na ito ang napanuod ko :-/

need to go to the cinemas more...

goyo said...

hirap talagang maging hampaslupa. Kakainggit. Wala man lang ata akong movie na napanood dyan. Walang perang pangnood. Hehe. Salamat sa list, bili na lang akong dibidi.hehe.

dong ho said...

hahaha... funny because havent watch any of this. missed a lot of movies in exchange of traveling.

Rah said...

Thank you for sharing this :)

Marami pa pala ako hindi napanood, pero nagustuhan ko yung movie na how to train your dragon :)actually ginawan ko pa nga siya ng review

RICO said...

wow..kelangan ko tlagang manood ng mga movie..wala pa sa kalahati ang napanood ko dito..i've watched karate kid,how to train your dragon un palang..

wala kasi bdget eh pero i'll try to watch ung top 5 mo.

Abou said...

how to train your dragon. the best.

too bad walang sinehan dito sa isla hmp.

ang pinaka malapit na sinehan ay 5 hours away pa. hay.


The Gasoline Dude said...

Natawa naman ako sa Date Night. I'm a fan of Steve Carrell, at nagustuhan ko na din si Tina Fey when I started watching 30 Rock.

Wah! How to Train Your Dragon! Love this movie! Same with Inception and Karate Kid.

Twilight? Hindi mo isasama sa list mo? LOL

Mokong™ said...

Sorcerer's apprentice lang yata ang napanood ko dyan..yung iba walang time manood ng sine, aabangn ko na lang sa dibidi ni manong sa quiapo, pero dvd copy naman.

soltero said...

hmm dahil dyan, i'm gna rent the Kick Ass dvd, that better be good eheheh..sana meron sa HBO or showtime lol :P

Coldman said...

I like Kick Ass, but my favorite so far.. City Island!

you should see it.

aajao said...

i haven't watched any film on the big screen since June 2009 :(

the scud said...

i only saw 5 on your list - #6, #5, #4, #2, #1. My list would probably go this way: Toy Story 3, Inception, Kick Ass, Iron Man 2, The Karate Kid.

The Karate Kid was terrible. It was too long. Iron Man 2 was a disappointment. Kick Ass was fun. Toy Story 3 had so much heart, Inception had none.

Btw, why no SALT?

FerBert said...

6 movies out of 10.

Hindi ko na talaga pinanood yang tekken saka sorcerers apprentice kasi alam kong manghihinayang ako sa pera.

The Constant Bonsaist said...

do you watch foreign language films? i highly HIGHLY recommend "A Prophet" (France), "The White Ribbon" (Germany), and "Mother" (S.Korea). maganda sya lahat. :)

gillboard said...

constant bonsaist: if i've a way to have a copy of those films, i'm sure i will watch it.

efbee: yeah. starting to lose my patience nga sa mga pelikulang pinoproduce ni Michael Bay. hay.

scud: walang salt kasi di ko pa siya napapanuod ever. hahaha. puros kwento lang sa office, kaya alam ko yung story niya.

gillboard said...

aajao: minsan ilibre ko kayo nina aya ng movie. pag may bonus ako. atsaka pag may magandang movie. hehehe. pero yung medyo kaya kong puntahan, wag lang sana sa libis, ang layo.

coldie: sige pag may time ako hanapin ko siya sa mga friendly dibidi stands samin. malabong ipalabas yan dito sa pinas.

soltero: oo irent mo, kasi baka may cuts na yan pag pinalabas sa tv. uber violent kasi.

gillboard said...

moks: yung iba dyan, sobrang masayang iexperience sa sinehan, lalo na pag 3D.

gasul: promise, hanggang ngayon, wala pa akong napapanuod sa series na yan. i'm proud of it!!! hahahaha

abou: pag lumabas na original dvd ng mga yan, bili ka... or rent... or hiram. sulit silang lahat.

gillboard said...

rico: kahit yung top 4 lang, para di ka madisappoint. yan talaga yung mga magaganda.

rah: sobra astig ng movie na yan. napapalakpak ako after watching the film.

dongho: well, mas masaya naman travelling kesa watching a movie, so okay lang yan.

gillboard said...

goyo: palibre ka. hehehe

sam: yeah sam. magandang date activity yan, if a bit cliche.

maldito: mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko, kaya sobrang napaligaya ako ng Kick Ass. hahaha

Photo Cache said...

I only saw 2 movies in this list (Sorcerer's Apprentice - love Nick Cage - and Inception). I too am trying to shave off my expenses so I can go on vacations. And unfortunately going to the movies get cut off - it's gets expensive to see movies nowadays.

Isa pa - may netflix naman eh.

Anonymous said...

i still have not watched inception. tsk, tsk. I love how to train your dragon, very cool. but i did not like kick ass. i did not even finish it. yung sorcerer's stone, the effects are cool but the story was, meh. nainspire mo na naman yata ako magblogpost ah, haha!

Ako si Yow said...

Ang kyut nga ng kick-ass. Yun nga din pinakagusto ko sa list na to bukod sa karate kid at sorcerer's apprentice dahil mababaw lang ako. Haha. di ko perstaym dito. Nahilo ako. Ingles. Haha. Napatumbling po.

Kosa said...

apat na nasa listahan hindi ko pa napapanood. basta top 3 sa akin dyan eh, karate kid, how to train your dragon at toy story3 in no particular order.

hmmm... tingin ko, susunod na dito yung locals..lols

my-so-called-Quest said...

3 lang ata napanuod ko.
iron man 2
toy story

maganda naman yung last 2. feeling ko kasi di kagandahan iron man 2 e. hehe
or di lang ako fan. lalo na ni pepper? peper? fefer?

shenanigans said...

OMG! ganun na ba ako ka loser ni isa dun wala pa ko napapanuod... huhu

Blakrabit said...

yeah! kick-ass! desperately waiting for Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall!

Bat ganun? I loved Sorcerer's Apprentice hehe!

na-surprise naman ako sa Tekken! nakasama pa.

just my two cents :)