Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 22, 2009


Because I'm bored but can't seem to think of a good topic to write today, I'm going to just repost something I wrote about a year ago. Please note that the 6-word description I posted back then doesn't necessarily describe how I am today...

I'll think of some new ones once I get my game back on (meaning after work!!!).

It's from a project from smithmag for a book or something. Anyway, the object is to tell your story in six words.

Here are some cute ones:

"I like big butts, can't lie"
"Joined army. Came out. Got booted."
"Cursed with cancer. Blessed by friends."
"No wife. No kids. No problems."
"Was lost. Then found. Now both."
"Love my job. Make no money."
"They hate me 'cause I'm awesome."
"Looked up. Saw sky. Bird pooped."
"Degree in English. I sell furniture."
"Life's instruction manual. Every page blank."
"Clever with numbers. Not with men."

As for me:
"Wanted adventure. Saw computer. Blogged instead."
"Wanton sex god. Needs some loving!!!"
"Single. Needs to get laid more."

Describe your life in six words?


yoshke said...

Parang puro sex yung sayo ah! haha

teka, ang hirap magisip!

ORACLE said...

Fire burning. To HOT to handle.

Hehehe.... :)

MarcoPaolo said...

hirap naman mag-isip sa 6 words na yan... ang alam ko gutom ako ngayon... craving for cheese burger, fries and coke float.... hehehehe

the donG said...

ahahaha... this is cool!

"God managed, i followed, i enjoyed"
"dont doubt, just go, get lost"

noah said...


napaisip aman ako dito.

eto akin:

a.library problems is killing me completely.

b.he is taken.i am available.


isip pa ko ulet.



"A Greek God, a bold actor."

gillboard said...

yoshke: noon yan... iba na ngayon syempre!!! lolz

oracle: naks... nakakapaso!!! hehehe

gillboard said...

marco: 8 words yan eh.. lolz

the dong: parang dapat sa akin yung pangalawa.. hmmm...

gillboard said...

noah: sige pag meron ka pa... ilagay mo dito... hehehe

acrylique: kelangan talaga god!!! hahaha!!!

Chyng said...

dell inspiron or acer aspire one?

Yodz said...

Searching for things I already found.

bernardumali said...

uy pasali, napadaan lang
bored. googled life. found your blog. ;)

A-Z-E-L said...

a. desperate soul. finally found the one.

b. missed my mom. kissed her picture.

c. tired of talking. shut the door.

Raft3r said...

yun 3 statements mo konektado lahat, ah

i remember doing something quite similar to this
last year ata around march
pero 4 words lang

PUSANG-gala said...

Miss being here---

about your comment in my blog----

gillboard---wl ipon o iba ang pinag-iipunan? lol

Anonymous said...

Home alone. I'm a scaredy cat.

Love, men, relationship. How to deal.

Mac Callister said...

sex sex sex sex sex porn LOLLLLLLLL

gillboard said...

ching: dell ako!!

yodz: hmmm.. ano kaya yang sinesearch na yan? hehehe

gillboard said...

bernard: salamat.. sana natuwa ka naman sa nabasa mo dito.. hehehe

azel: umuwi ka na kasi.. bakasyon lang para makita mo mama mo.

gillboard said...

raft3r: yep.. nauso to last year... astig kasi ng concept.. wala lang..

pusang-gala: iba pinag-iipunan... at saka walang ipon!!! hahaha

gillboard said...

dylan: Tagal ko na sinasabi to... Spill!!!

mac: gusto ko rin isulat yan.. kaya lang wala eh!! hehehe

Badong said...

1. batang tuliro. Nagpi-feeling na may adhd.
2. finally, gumagana na ang internet ko!