Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 11, 2009


If there's one film outfit that never disappointed me, that'd be Disney's Pixar. From it's initial offering until the latest one, they never failed to blow me away. Whether it's the high end graphics or the heartwarming story, it's just wow! Computer animated films are mostly hit and misses, but Pixar's always a hit for me. And they don't need to bring in big named stars like Jack Black or Mike Myers or Cameron Diaz, but it's still very good.

And alot of these films are genuinely funny. I don't normally laugh hard when watching films in the cinema, but when I watch Pixar movies, I can't help it. It's really hilarious.

Anyway, yesterday I saw the pirated version of the film Up. I'm not going to write a review about it, but suffice to say I LOVED the movie!!! I don't support buying pirated films but it's just disappointing that the country won't show this movie until next month. It should've been shown here just like every other summer blockbuster movies... on the same day it's shown in the US. I'll see this film again on the big screen... or at IMAX where the 3D thing will be much better.

Having said that, Pixar's finally released 10 films. So I thought, now might be the best time to rank my favorite Pixar movies.

Just because this film's in the bottom of the list, doesn't necessarily mean that this isn't a good movie. As a matter of fact, during the time it was shown, this was one of my favorite film of that year. I got addicted playing the Playstation version of the game. The film's about Flik a weirdo ant who went off to find an army of soldier insects to save his colony from grasshoppers, but instead found an army of circus clowns. I love Heimlich the caterpilar who turned into a beautiful butterfly, and Francis, the ladybug. They're funny!!!

Many people hail this as one of the best Pixar film of all time. Granted that this is a very intelligent film, funny and actually relevant. But I think it was too smart for me. But that doesn't mean I didn't like it. I like Wall-E. He's a loveable little robot, and he's got a really good supporting cast. I just didn't like the main villain of the film. Anyway, I also love the obese characters in the movie, they're funny. But what I really adored about this film... for a movie about robots, it showed alot of emotion. Wall-E and Eve are one of my favorite love teams of all time...

This is one of the few animated movies that I feel was made for the boys. It's about Cars and racing for cripe's sake!!! I liked this movie. Critics are saying that this was the worst offering from Pixar, but I disagree. This was actually wonderful. It's funny, touching, has some of the most wicked car scenes and it's really beautiful. Radiator Springs has the calming beauty which was opposite from the rushing race stadium from the start of the film. And tell me whose heart wasn't tugged during the scene when they showed how Route 66 changed Radiator Springs from a bustling city to the deserted town it came to be?

A cooking rat may not be the most attractive of plotlines for a movie. But I thought that the recipe Pixar cooked with this one was just perfect. It probably wasn't as exciting as the next films on this list because I honestly think that the movie wasn't as complete as it should be, but I'm satisfied. I was in awe watching the scenes where Remy was assisting Linguini. The leads and the story are both engaging that you'd really look forward to have Linguini find out the truth about his parentage. Good movie.

Ever wonder what toys think about and would say to you if they could talk? Mine would probably curse me for having them do perverted things to each other. Or misplacing and/or losing alot of them. Toy Story answers that question much better. What would a cowboy doll do when a high tech and very popular space action figure comes into the picture. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were really good in this film even if it's just their voices we're hearing. I actually think this is Hanks' best film. More than any of his live action films. Oh and this gets the prestige of being Pixar's first movie ever.

I'm a superhero fanatic, so there's no way that this film's going to be at the bottom half of the list. Come on, it's better than half of the comic book films that have been released this decade!!! I love Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and little Jack Jack. Even the villain Syndrome was actually likeable. This movie's really great, has great action, is VERY hilarious and is actually kind of sexy for a film made for toddlers and kids. But still, it's about super heroes, anything about that's great in my book.

This is one of the rare times in movies where the sequel is much better than the original. Everything that made the first Toy Story good, Pixar improved. The story is much more engaging, the new characters are very likeable and the villains more menacing. Everybody's back and they introduced Woody and Buzz's family. I can't help but laugh everytime I remember Bullseye the horse and those little alien dolls. And tell me who didn't shed a tear during the scene where they told Jesse the cowgirl's story while listening to Sarah McLachlan's When She Loved Me.

Ahhh Mike Wazowski... Probably one of my most favorite Disney character of all time. I like his one eye and the way he talks and how hilarious this character is. And then there's Boo. She's adorable. She reminds me so much why kids her age, no matter how irritating they are, could still be the cutest thing you'll lay your eyes upon. This is probably the second funniest film I've ever seen from Pixar. I remember laughing hysterically during the apartment scene. Comedy gold!!!

2. UP
Crucify me. I know it's not right to buy pirated films, but I just can't wait very long to see this. I loved the trailer, I liked the reviews I've been reading about the film, and come on... it really looks very interesting. So I saw this movie yesterday, but I urge you to see this in the cinema. I think it's really good with all the 3D stuff and all. It'd be an experience. Anyway, just like any film from Pixar, this film is hilarious. And Up doesn't just have one cute creature, it's got two. Kevin the exotic bird and Doug the talking dog. I LOVE Doug, and all the dogs in the movie, cuz they really act like real dogs and not like a trained actor dog. It's really funny. And Kevin... Oh Kevin... find some clips of Kevin online, they're really funny. But more than that, I love the story's heart. Carl Fredrickson, is a balloon salesman who dreamed of adventure all his life. But when he's finally threatened to be brought to a nursing home, he thought it's bout the right time to go do what he wanted. So he tied about a gazillion balloons to his house and flew away. Unfortunately, a boy scout named Russell tagged along. And so the greatest adventure of their lives begin.

Hands down, this is my favorite Pixar film of all time. It perfected all the elements that make up a great Pixar movie... and more than that, it made them all grand!!! Just like the ocean where this film is set. It's a nice father and son story that has alot of awesome characters. From the ones under the ocean to Nemo's friends in the aquarium. Everybody's just likeable. But my favorite's gotta be Dory. Ellen Degeneres was just perfect for this character. She actually was responsible for more than half of the comedy in this movie, and is the central part in the most touching scene in this film.


MarcoPaolo said...

dalawa lang ang napanood ko... yong 7 at 1.

bampiraako said...

Finding nemo din ang best pixar movie ko. hindi ko kasi napanood ang wall-e. Hindi ko makalimutan ang bug's life. super tawa ako jan

Badong said...

finding nemo din ang da best para sakin! tsaka ok lang mamirata minsan. gawain ko rin yun e. hehe

Chuck Suarez said...

Finding Nemo and Wall-E ang gusto ko =)

ORACLE said...

Favorite ko parin Finding Nemo! As for me i'd rather wait for it sa big screen. Ewan ko, maybe i want to appreciate the film the way it's supposed to be showed... Ingat! :)

Mokong™ said...

wahhh...9 out of 10 ang napapanood ko..excited na ko sa UP di na ko makapag-antay makabili ng dvd nyan (pirated dvd copy)...
Kudos to Disney's Pixar movies...

the donG said...

in your list, hindi ko pa napapanood ang wall-e at up. parang astig ang up. inaabangan ko na yan.

favorite ko din yung finding nemo because of dory. hehehe... and the father and son story.

Anonymous said...

Yung mga pic lang ang binasa ko, :b

Napanood ko na rin lahat. Ang alam ko inabangan ko ang Up noon, pero di ko pa napanood. Makabili nga ng pirata, ssshhh

One of my fave - Finding Nemo matindi. Nakabisado ko ang mga linya ni Ellen Degeneres dahil di ko na mabilang kung ilang beses ko na napanood. Nakakatawa.

Ratatouille also, sa kusina kasi mostly ang set up kaya gusto ko, hahaha! Syempre how it was presented, even the realtionships bet, rats and humans, kahit imposible sa real life.

Knox Galen said...

Except sa Up napanood ko na lahat. Hehehe.

Dhianz said...

labs koh tong mga review moh eh.. mgaling kah kc sa mga movie reviews.. i'm a fan of disney pixar movies too... love it.. teka i know medyo pambata pero 'ung tinkerbell napanood moh... ganda ganda... halos lahat atah napanood koh kc 'ung niece koh madalas binibilhan nang disney movies at akoh eh nakikinood... minsan trip lang namen manood nang pauletz uletz nagn mga disney movies nagn niece koh... minsan yan nga tinkerbell... hundred times na atah napanood namen... pati yang finding nemo na yan.. tsk! paulet ulet ulet uletz... ganon kadmeng uletz pero nakakatuwa pa ren... kakaaliw si bruce.. ahehe... si dory... si nemo... lahat silah... 'ung turtle... what'z up dude... hehe...

napanood koh na yeah ang bugs life, wall e, cars nde pah [ganda bah?] pero maganda review moh.. laterz baka mapanood, Ratatouille eh i heard maganda but haven't watch it.. i guess i'm not updated after all w/ disney pixar movies, toy story yeah watched it already, yes sa incredibles yes to toy story 2, yes sa toy story, yes sa monster INC etoh isa ren sa isang napanood koh na nang hundred times... pero UP mukhang maganda... mapanood nga sa 3D movie..

great reviews kuyah.. ingatz... Godbless! -di

Dhianz said...

oh yeah peter pan movies... disney pixar den bah 'un?... ganda ren non... lab it... ngaun lookin' forwad sa tinkerbell part 2... so 'unz... humiritz lang uletz. =)


I'm back!!!

The best para sa akin ang Finding nemo. pero Ultimate ang MONSTERS INC.


kheed said...

para sa akin naman, ang pinaka astig ay ang cars.. sumunod ang monster inc. saka lang ang finding nemo

kcatwoman said...

no way, ratatouille is better than the incredibles..for me..anyway, great picks!

Kosa said...

lahat ng pelikula na yan napanood ko na rin.. except yung #s 10 at 2. hahaha

parang pambata kase lahat.. walang mabibigat na bagay na nakaakibat..lols

Skron said...

I like Wall-E the best, then Toy Story and The Incredibles. I haven't seen Up yet and I didn't like the rest that much.

Chyng said...

cant agree more! lahat ng disney pixar, superb for me. pati story! child at heart ako.

peyborit ko ang Monster Inc. 50x ko na yata napanood!

The Scud said...

i love pixar. ang galing nila gumawa ng movie. kaiba. di pa ako na-disappoint.

im looking forward sa UP. i want to watch in in imax if ipalalabas dun.

toy story 3 is also in the making. next year ata release or sa 2011.

i also look forward sa short films before each main pixar feature. astig.

Klet Makulet said...

Up lang ang wala akong idea pero yung 9 others alam ko.

Yung Finding Nemo at Wall-E andun ang mga names ng crush ko wahhehehehehe kaya favorite ko sila hekhek

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

hindi ko pa napapanood lahat pero ang tumatak talaga sa akin ay ang monsters inc. at ang cars.

natutuwa ako sa concept ng monsters inc. na ang mga iyak ng bata ay nakakapag-generate ng electricity. at ang lesson sa cars na ang mga titles at honors is just a bunch of tin cans.

ced said...

gustong gusto ko din lahat sa list mo, pwera lang sa di ko pa napapanuod and wall-e at Up!

aww nagpirated. ahehehe. pero pinakafave ko ang Ratatouille! dahil sa una sa paris ang setting at pangalawa gawa ng food! hehehe

at sumunod ang nemo, minsan bigla ko naiisip at nakakanta ang "just keep swimming" ahehe

Raft3r said...

i have all these on dvd
(except for up, syempre)
pero tama ka
pixar rocks
i don't like animation
but pixar managed to do the impossible and made me a fan

keb said...

Cool! Nice list! Really Great! My favorite is Munsters, INC. Really awesome. WALL-E is really great. Nice post! Cheers!