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Aug 20, 2008


Okay, so time to update you guys with my life. I haven't been posting about my trip because until today, I wasn't really sure if it's going to push through or not. We've been attending meetings and briefings about the trip, but still I'm not convinced it's going to happen. I just don't want to expect too much, so that if it did get cancelled, it won't hurt too much. But now, I'm sure we're going... so I'm in complete panic mode.

I still haven't bought any winter apparel. Still haven't chosen what to wear for our 3 week stay in Wellington. I still DON'T HAVE MONEY!!! Borrowing the old adage, so many things to do, so very little time.

I'm excited now because at least I already have a camera. I also already have a Visa. Oh, and we already got our atm cards. If you must know, my flight to New Zealand's going to be on Saturday night. I hope nothing'll happen to screw this whole thing up.

I guess now's the best time to segue to the real meat of this post. The first three paragraphs is just an introduction to my real post... this is really about BOOGERS!!! I'm just kidding...

No, but seriously one thing about us Filipinos when we know someone will be leaving for another country(or even out of town), the one thing that will never disappear is people asking for 'pasalubong.'

Just as you're about to leave the door on your way abroad, there's always one person who'll hand you a piece of paper with the sketch of his/her foot on it. Hinting that they want a new t-shirt. People always readily assume that setting foot on a different country equals having a lot of money.
(I'm already stating right now, this is NOT the case for me!!! Yes, I will be training there, and yes I will have allowance, but other than that, I have kaput... zilch... nada... nothing!!! I'm poor!!! Well not really, but you get the point...)
Anyway, going back to the Philippine culture is that we tend to ask anyone who'll be travelling (regardless out of the country or not) to bring back some stuff from where they're going. If you're going to Puerto Galera, people will ask for at least an anklet... Boracay, some sand... tarsier for Bohol... Switzerland, chocolates... kangaroos and koalas for people going to Australia or in my case New Zealand, people ask for Brown Cow, Nido or kiwis... It's a tradition that I doubt will ever see an end.
I really don't know how to continue this post after the above paragraph, so I guess for now I'll just list down the most common pasalubongs that travellers bring back when they get home. Brace yourself!!!
  • TOYS: If there are kids, this is a must. I remember when I was young that whenever my dad or aunts come visit and they don't bring toys for me I won't talk to them. I loved Duty Free back then because that's where they make up for forgetting to bring me things to play with. No, I'm not a spoiled brat!!! Yeah, I could be an ass, but a brat I certainly am not.
  • CLOTHES: This is what relatives/visitors bring the tweens and teen-agers. Unless you tell them specifically what size and brand you want, you'll have to settle with an oversized/undersized t-shirt or blouse that they hand to you.
  • SOAP: Dove, Caress, Irish Spring, Ivory... if they came from the States, expect that your gift pack will include one of these. I know there are people who are let-down if this is what they get, because you can simply buy all those brands in the supermarket. But the thing is it's not that expensive in the US, and it's useful. It's just that you can't put it in your trophy case or display case.
  • CANNED GOODS: When my parents came back from the States a few months back, I remember our house looking like a storage house for relief goods with the number of canned goods that they brought back. Corned beef, Spam, Vienna Sausag, artificial tomatoes, tomato sauce, canned vegetables, canned fruits canned whatever... I don't mind the spam, because I love eating spam specially the one with cheese or the turkey (yum), but everything else... better off given to other people.
  • LOTION: The more extravagant alternative to soap. Victoria's Secret is the more popular brand... But there are people who also give Johnson's baby lotion. I have received a couple already, eventhough I don't use it often, but I find it quite handy. Soft hands and everything, you know.
  • NATIVE SWEETS: For people going to provinces, this is the more common requests. From piaya to dried mangoes or durian sweets. As much as possible, I really don't want to receive food as gifts because once it's already eaten, it's gone you won't be able to enjoy it anymore. The joy you'll feel will only be temporary. While it's much appreciated, I really prefer something I can keep... and this brings us to the last most common pasalubong...
  • SOUVENIR WITH THE NAME OF THE PLACE: I love souvenir items, whether it's a t-shirt with the country's or province's name or a paper weight or even a keychain, I really love to receive those stuff. It depends on the item if it's going to be expensive or not, but I believe that these items are the most appreciated by the people who receive it. They can use it over and over and some of these items are actually eye candies. I especially like the man-in-the-barrel from Baguio.

That's it for me this week... Hopefully, I'd be able to post one more this week before I go. Wish me luck... I think I still have internet access there, so hopefully I'll be able to post in New Zealand.


UtakMunggo said...

so this is somewhat a "20-minutes before takeoff" post.

haha, don't mind those people who've reminded you about pasalubong, that's probably their way of saying "hope you'll have good fortune there, and if you do, bring me something when you get home." hehe

so is this a temporary exodus? training lang, or are there other prospects ? (i'm nosy like that)

if you don't have winter clothing yet, the best place to go would be the nearest surplus shop. no sense, really, going to high end shops. (nakialam) legit naman ang winter clothing nila sa surplus kasi they're really made for countries with cold weather.

when you get to nz, make sure maligo ka ng lotion everyday, at extra strong moisturizer for the face.. otherwise, mangangati ka sa dry skin. cold can do that to you.

mahaba na to. pasensya na. pakialamera lang talaga ako. hehe

gillboard said...

munggo: thanks for the advise... mamimili nako niyan tomorrow.. hehehe... 3 weeks lang ako dun...

salingPUSA said...

Yeah---it is a Filipino thing. And like everything that is good, there is an ugly side to it. I also feel the same sometimes, the pressure to come up with something. It really sucks if you don't feel like doing it. Parang nagiging routine nalang. SO what I do is di ko sinasanay mga tao sa paligid ko. I tell them if I don't have money that's why I don't have any pasalubong whatever. That's how I deal with it....

....good luck nga pala sa New Zealand. You are lucky. Don't worry, everything will sink eventually.

Anonymous said...

that was funny.

gosh, pasalubong, it's probably the best and the worst thing filipinos have ever invented. even if you just wanted to bring a suitcase back, you can't because you're going to have to bring pasalubong for everyone, so you'll end up bringing a suitcase filled with your things and two boxes of pasalubong. nyahaha!

soaps and canned goods come really cheap. so they're good things to give to people. those are for those people you don't really care about, but you know they're going to expect you to give them something. hahaha!

i like getting keyrings and keychains. i have more keychains than i have keys. :P

have fun on your trip! and don't forget to get gloves. :)

tagabukid said...

first time to comment here - hehe

like utakmonggo mahirap sanayin ang mga tao. you do it once they will expect you to do it forever. and some just got too much appetite that are beyond my means to satisfy, if you get what i mean hehehe. kaya ako minsanan nagpapakain. invite ko lahat ng kamag-anak sa restaurant ang di pumunta sa kanila na yon hehe.

i always travel light yoko ng daming inaasikaso. soaps and canned goods aside from they are stone-heavy e halos pareho na rin presyo sa atin, they get more expensive pa if you factor in the weight-price equivalent.

if even papasalubong ako t-shirts sa mga lalake at purse/wallet/evening bags sa babae pa rin. umiikot lang sa ganun. aside sa magaan sa bagahe, they last, at least for a time. at abroad almost always me makikitang sale na mga ganito hehe.

goodluck and ingat sa byahe.

wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw. bon voyage!!!

ka bute said...

anong laman nung box? hahaha

boying said...


yoshke said...

New Zealand.

Damn. If Envy is indeed a deadly sin, kanina pa ko patay dito. Haha.

Bon voyage

dabo said...

uyy take care and learn a lot out there ha!