Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 1, 2008



So I just ended my second day at work. I started yesterday in Option B. Just to refresh your memory, last month I had 5 options for my next job. a leadership position (E), a high paying call center work (A), a training offer (C), a job in a marketing consultancy firm (D) and a post for a pioneering unit for a huge multinational oil company (B).

I chose the last one. As for job specifics, I don't know yet what my responsibilities are, but judging by what the interviewers told me when I applied, it may have something to do with escalations and delivery.


In my original post on my choices, there was no option E. Option E came in late. I would like to believe that the people there liked me, and I was interested in what they have to offer. In terms of learning, there will be a lot because the work deals with different industries. So in terms of what I will be studying, it'd be helpful to make me a well-rounded person.

Thing is, they told me last week to wait for their call this week. Rewind 3 weeks back. I just turned down the offers of the rest of my options. I thought okay, Option B is okay. I mean it's a HUGE company. Great benefits. Salary is just a little less than what I was getting in my last job, but the team I'll be joining will be pioneers. I'll be a pioneer. So I signed up with them.

Back then, since it was only the beginning of July, I thought, hey there's still time to look for other options. Then came Option E. Yeah it was good. Option E in terms of size is just an ant compared to the elephant which is Option B obviously. But the work is something I would like to do. But they told me to wait. So Wednesday came, and still no call. What should I do? Running low on funds I decided to give Option B a chance.


2nd week of July. I already signed my contract. Submitted some of my requirements and then HR of Option B called again for another meeting. Shit! What now? I've already signed up with you guys, what more do you want?! But of course, I have no choice but to go there because I'm still the applicant.

The interview was okay. Just a repeat of my final interview where they asked me what I did in my supervisory post. So blah-blah-blah I explained. They told me that the position they're considering me to be in is sort of escalations. Okay. I'm used to talking to irate people. What the heck, right? So I said that's fine.


Standard first day at work happenings. Got to meet new colleagues. Had fun. Trainer was awesome!!! Hopefully, one day, I'd be able to convince him to be a featured friend. The usual... But then after our last bio break (5 minute break), I came in late.

And then the trainer called my name and asked me as well as one of the guys who came in late with me to join them outside. Shit!!! First day and I already screwed up. What now?!

So outside the room, the Training Manager talked to us. "So, you guys were chosen to go to New Zealand to train for 3 weeks for the blah blah unit."

Oh. My. God.

Hopefully, I'll be able to submit my requirements next week. I just need the Bank Certificate and to fill up the very thick Visa Application Form and I'll be able to go to New Zealand by August 23!!!

48 hours later, I still can't take this stupid grin off my face.


Props to St. Jude, last week I went there to ask for a sign as to which company I should go to. I'm so glad I didn't get that call from Option E. I'm forever in your debt.


Miss Elle said...

you were at St. Jude? Sabi ko na nga ba ikaw yun eh. Hehehe. Kiddin mate.

But anyhoo, congrats! naks, pa-burger ka naman. :)

gillboard said...

hehe... as much as i want na manlibre... madami pang utang na dapat bayaran... mukhang madadagdagan pa... hehehe

st. jude... la ako masabi about it...

wanderingcommuter said...

i got depress when i read this post. it made me realzie so many things about my current work... but at the end of it, i realize that someday i'll get my share.
and for you, on the other hand, make the most out of it, dude because not all people are given those kinds of opportunities.

Mugen said...

Break a leg parekoy. :)

jOan aka nUdz said...

gudluck,gudlcuk,gudluck sa first gnyan tlg, mejo toxic but anyway..impressed them some other time nlng =)

MissTisay said...


that is friecken awesome! i long for the time when i can apply for a job where they will send me to a whole 'nother country. nyahaha!

congratulations on your new job and have fun on your trip to New Zealand! =)

gillboard said...

ewwik: nothing wrong with waiting when you're learning during the wait.

mugen: i will. pabibo ako dun, with hopes to get absorbed in that office.

gillboard said...

nudz: di pa naman toxic ang work... and i have every intention of impressing the people with my charms and my talent... lolz

tisay: thank you.. thank you.. it's winter in nz now.. sa wakas makakatikim na rin ako ng snow!!! (ano kaya lasa nun? harhar)

Myk2ts said...

God Bless po

Roland said...

good luck !!! kita-kitz sa europe... hehe.

Roxy said...

Naxxx! Go rock new zealand! :D I am sooo Jealous. ugh. LOL ingeterang frog. But I am happy for you! :D

I like the grin part gilly I feel for you :P


Bienthoughts [] said...

congrats and be blessed!

Anonymous said...

o good luck sa iyong attempt para magkatrabaho!

iriz said...

naks pa new zealand new zeland na lang, congrats dude, you're so lucky not all people were given a chance, you deserve it.

pasalubungan mo na lang kami ng snow pag-uwi mo k (sana di cia natutunaw diba. lol)


Paper Tilapia said...
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Paper Tilapia said...

gillboard oh gillboard! :D (devilish grin). why oh why haven't i seen you on the floor when in fact what "i know" is that the NZ peeps and newbies are training on that conference room near my station... :P

welcome to OUR family that's waving red and yellow! :)

... pasalubong ko ha... :D

dabo said...


you're going to travel..that is really nice.. tama--pa-brothers burger ka naman hehehe