Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 14, 2008


This post is inspired by Leviuqse's comment on one of my posts the other week, and dedicated to one of my new colleagues. Before we proceed with the whole fight, let me just tell you a little bit of history about this whole thing.


If you still haven't heard or read, I've lost all my unpublished posts when my pc got reformatted. It's still inefficient, by the way. I'm using our office's resources to post this (I'm never leaving this job ever!!!).

So, these days I don't really have anything to post, and my head's uncreative and uninspired.

Anyway, last week was pretty much the whole getting to know each other stage in our new work. And what's a good way of getting to know your co-workers than to talk about their relationships. Well, I don't talk too much because I don't have input (over a year of being single), so I heard a lot of comments about guys and girls. And I thought: this is a could be a good post.


Okay, as you all know I'm just a guy, so most of the things that you'll be reading would be input of MEN (not boys). You are free to disagree and post your ideas on the comments area. If you want to answer with your own post about the subject, and you want me to post it in my blog, e-mail your reply post at and I will post this in my blog with your name as a guest writer.

I want this to be interactive, so hopefully you'll leave your comments right away. And please, don't be violent or threatening with your posts/replies. Let us all be civil here.


I don't mean physically violent. It's just the title. Who starts fights more in a relationship... men or women?


Si girlfriend ay di natuwa sa ginawa o sinabi ni boyfriend. Ang usually nangyayari, si babae ay hindi na mamamansin. Magdadabog. Magagalit. Habang itong si boyfriend, hindi alam kung bakit. Totoo, o hindi?

O kaya naman, si babae pipilitin si lalaki na sagutin ang tanung niya. "Maganda ba ako?" "Nagkita kayo ng ex mo no?" "Nasaan ka kagabi? Ano ginawa mo?" Ikaw na ang umiiwas, tapos pag sinagot ng lalake, magsisimula na siyang magdadakdak.


Ang lalake, nagsisimula lang ng away, kapag sigurado siyang may ginawa ang babae na mali. Minsan dahil nakulitan na ito sa mga maling akala (o tamang akala) ng kanilang mga girlfriend. Kung mahilig mang-away ang boyfriend niyo, hiwalayan niyo yan... Men are supposed to be gentlemen and not war freaks!!!

I know, I'm leaning towards the guys here. I can't help it, I'm one of them. NOthing personal... I'm just playing the devil's advocate.

So let's start the ball rolling... Let's get it on!!!


boying said...

interesting 'to ah. ala akong input pero excited na ako sa kalalabasan nito.

Anonymous said...

never pa akong nagka-gf eh hehehe

pero i find women sensitive most of the time, the girl buds i have are the best.


wanderingcommuter said...

hhhhmmm... medyo a person that doesn't believe in generality ako...

yeah! i know i am killer joy!


Paper Tilapia said...

waaah!!! you saw me na!!!

kakainis. pinagtataguan pa naman kita.


gillboard said...

boying: ahahaha... di ka nag-iisa, ako din gusto ko malaman kung ano kalalabasan nito... pero sana may pumatol! hehehe

dabo: masaya magkafriends na babae!!! dali mauto para malibre

ewik: di naman... ayos lang..

LJ: sabi ko na nga ba, pinagtataguan mo ako eh... pasalubong ko galing dumaguete ha!!!

Paper Tilapia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paper Tilapia said...

aahahahahah ... wag mo naman akong tawagin sa totoo kong pangalan! kakainis naman toh. LOL. kaya nga may pseudonym eh... ikaw ba gusto mong tinatawag kang gilbert?

papertilapia na lang ang itawag mo sa akin.


anyhoo... babae man ako, pero sa palagay ko, tama ang sinabi mong babae ang madalas mang-away. totoo yan.

why did i say that?

coz i think women are always right. and when guys fight with us, it's just that they have a perception problem.

yes, definitely. you guys have to be gentlemen. you wouldn't be with us if you aren't.

and as far as I'm concerned, the only war-freak guys I know are the ones zany.

so going back to my point...

women are always right. guys have perception problem if they fight with us. and we're here to straighten yo bloody arse. that's what we're here for. hahaha. aite?

and that's the reason why we make fight.

who knows, sometimes the reason why we make fight is so that we can also make love?

well, that might be on very small occasions.


gillboard said...

EL D...err... PaperT: Good Point... but girls are always right? Hmmm guys, defend yourselves!!!

bloom said...

as much as i would like to take the guys side here, kahit girl ako.. mahirap para sakin ngayon. hahaha. im in pain eh. at lalake ang may kasalanan.

pag may nagaaway kaseng couple, i tend to be biased. haha. sa guys' side ako parate. feeling ko kase sila mas nahihirapan. kase most of the time sila ang misunderstood :)

anyway, next time na ko makikisali. hahaha. pag ok na si puso. wahahahah. ang arte ko daw. :) nice posts btw. :) hindi ko na nabasa yung latest entry mo. ang haba. dumerecho na ko dito chaka sa a very special love na post mo. :) na 2nd time mo pinanuod sa sinehan pa! wahahahahha. :)

Paper Tilapia said...

I'm sorry about your broken heart, ano? (and I mean it, girl). Hopefully you will come about stronger. Although, yes. On the other hand, my guy friends like me coz they (or actually it's me) could talk about girls' legs, girls' b**bs (and boobies), girls' quirks, what my guy friends hate about some girls, and any thing and every thing about girls. And yes, I'm a girl myself. And believe it or not, I could talk my pov on some girls worse than a how any guy would. Though thing here is... This is what gillboard call "battle of the sexes".

Love your own! Hahahahaha.

bloom said...

ahhaha @ paper tilapia. game. labanan na to. :)) hahahahah

Quiche Lorraine said...

Kerek! Laban kung laban!

Walang kaibi-kaibigan, walang kama-kamag-anak, walang kapa-kapatid!!! Ü


O ayan! May round 2 pa!~