Mga Sumasampalataya

Jul 1, 2008


As I've been visiting alot of blogs lately due to my free time, I found a very interesting topic on WOW.

It's from a project from smithmag for a book or something. Anyway, the object is to tell your story in six words.

Here are some cute ones:

"I like big butts, can't lie"
"Joined army. Came out. Got booted."
"Cursed with cancer. Blessed by friends."
"No wife. No kids. No problems."
"Was lost. Then found. Now both."
"Love my job. Make no money."
"They hate me 'cause I'm awesome."
"Looked up. Saw sky. Bird pooped."
"Degree in English. I sell furniture."
"Life's instruction manual. Every page blank."
"Clever with numbers. Not with men."

As for me:
"Wanted adventure. Saw computer. Blogged instead."
"Wanton sex god. Needs some loving!!!"
"Single. Needs to get laid more."

Describe your life in six words?


Anonymous said...

i'm too awesome for this world.

rawr. i like this game.

Mugen said...

Burn out need a good rest

Paper Tilapia said...

My Life Is Better Than Yours.

har de harhar :P

kath said...

haha this got me interested. now i wonder how cna i describe my life in 6 word... hmmm....

dabo said...

uhmm uhmm uhmm uhmmmm ahhh sexier..

lol =)

gillboard said...

@ tisay, mugen, paper tilapia, dabo
thanks guys!!!

keep it coming people... describe your life in 6 words!!!

kath: kaya mo yan!!!

Papams said...

eyy.. all the good shit's been written!!! darn..

this post is a good one gillboard