Mga Sumasampalataya

Jul 4, 2008


Crap, I really can't think of anything to write for this momentous post!!! THis is my 200th entry by the way, so I am thinking it should be super special. It should be something different. Something new. At least something... but alas, my troubled mind has nothing!!!

I can't say that I'm having a case of the writer's block. For one I'm not a writer. And two, I have a lot of ideas to post here. I've been around the blogosphere for quite awhile now, so there's still a lot to put here. And there's still a lot of pending posts I haven't started yet. So no, I don't have writer's block.


Oh right, some thank you's are in order, but before that... a little bit of history. Half of my posts were written in 2006. Back then I had to post 100 entries for that year as part of my goal. I think it was one of only three that I was able to achieve. Most goals happened a year after. So anyway those were times when I didn't have any readers.

I think I've posted some decent entries back then, but most of them were sort of rushed because I was doing my blogging in the office. Just click on the archives part of this blog if you want to have migraine.

ANyway, this is supposed to be about thank you's. And for my blog I offer one huge THANK YOU to my dear readers!!! Most of you I don't know personally, so thank you for spending your personal time reading my rants, raves, opinions, and jokes, when you can visit blogs of much smarter and wittier people. I know some of you are expecting something tittilating, maybe one day. Ha! And thank you for the comments. Whether it's agreeing with my thoughts or otherwise, they're all greatly appreciated.

And thank you for not crucifying me at times when I sometimes say things that are inappropriate or insulting.


200 entries. Wow. When I started writing for this blog, it was because at first I really wanted to bash on my clients. But then I found out that my boss was reading my posts, so I had to change topics. Looking back, I can't believe I've been recommended to be promoted twice after all the nonsense that I've ever said here.

Me and this blog's been through a lot. And just like my journal (the notebook one), it's nice to read through my old posts. I think I've grown alot as a person, and this is sort of a proof.


My Name Is Jazz said...

hi po! writers block ka ata.. pero pano naging block kung ang haba ng post mo.. :P

gillboard said...

di naman masyado... nagsara lang ng saglit ang utak ko...

salamat sa pagbisita... balik balik lang!!!

Anonymous said...

wow! happy 200th entry to you!!

congratulations! rawr. hehhe! i yearn for the day i can reach 200. nyorks.

apir na lang.

gillboard said...

tisay: salamat!!!