Mga Sumasampalataya

Jul 17, 2008


One thing that I'm sure I got from my dad is my fascination with perfumes/colognes. WHen I was younger, and when he was still working abroad, their dresser was full of perfume bottles, some of which are empty. As I grew up, I started to have a collection of my own. It started with a bottle of Polo Sport, one of the more popular scents when I was still in high school.

When I started earning on my own, my collection grew more. There came a time when I have to have a new bottle every quarter of the year. I guess I'm fortunate because my aunt likes me a lot because every once in awhile she sends a bottle of perfume for me (I can't thank her enough). As of writing, I have over 20 bottles of perfume in my cabinet (that doesn't include the empty bottles). My quota for this year is actually already filled. Pictured above is my perfume cabinet.

The last time I wrote about my favorite scents was over two years ago, and a lot of scents came in by now. So I guess it's just high time for me to list down again my favorite scents. I'd also write down when I usually spray each one on me. I'm no expert in scents, so don't expect every details about the cologne/perfume that I'll be listing, ayt?!

RALPH LAUREN, POLO BLACK: This is one of my favorite scents ever. The scent stays on me for a very long time. I feel that this scent has power attached to it. I don't know, but I usually wear this if I have a final interview or if there's something important that involves work. The smell actually reminds me of a very expensive cigarette. I don't smoke, but it really does smell like it. And that's not a bad thing, because it really smells good.
MADE OF: iced mango, spanish sage, patcholi noir, sandalwood and tonka bean

GUESS MAN: The reason why I like this cologne so much is that it has a very nice bottle. It's unique, eye-catching and oh yeah, what's inside smells great as well. This is one of the gifts for me by my aunt. I was actually saving money to purchase one when I received this last year. The only downside to this one, is the biggest size they offer is only 75ml. I normally prefer 100 or 125ml bottles so I can use it longer. So for this one, I only use it for special occassions. Like for a birthday party or any private event.
MADE OF: Italian Bergamot, granny smith apple, fresh ozone, white pepper, ginger root, lavender, nutmeg, egyptian sandalwood, spiced amber, sensual skin musk and brushed suede.

LACOSTE ESSENTIAL: I love scents by Lacoste. For one, it's not as expensive as other designer perfumes/colognes. It lasts long on the skin and it really smells great. Red is for active sporty types, Pour Homme is for the yuppies, and Essential is great for all occassions. The smell stands out, and I put this on if I want to make a good impression. Let's say a first date scent. This particular bottle is very special for me, because it was given to me as a gift two Christmases ago. Oh and one more thing I like about it is that the scent returns everytime I become active (say walking, or whenever my body heat rises).
MADE OF: tangerine, bergamot, tomato leaves, cassis, patchouli, and sandalwood.
VICTORIA'S SECRET VERY SEXY FOR HIM: SExy. That's about all I can say about this cologne. By golly the first time I opened a bottle of this one, I got addicted. As in I sleep with a bottle beside me, and I sprayed some on my pillow. You know when I spray this. I get a lot of compliments from women when I spray this on me. One time, during my commute to work, there was this woman who actually sniffed me. There is a Very SExy for Him 2, but I don't recommend that one. It smells nice in the bottle, but once you spray it on, it smells different.
MADE OF: tangerine, pink lime, bergamot leaves, limewood, cinnamon bark, sage, vetiver and orange flower.

GIORGIO ARMANI ACQUA DI GIO: I got a huge bargain with this one. A friend of mine (a future featured friend) sold this to me at half the price in the market. Again, this cologne smells great, albeit a bit aquatic. The scent is really different from my other colognes/perfume. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn't linger very long. I only spray this on when I'm going out of town, where I have to bring the bottle with me so that I can spray again when I need to. Or if I'm going for a short engagement, say a job interview or something similar.
MADE OF: marine notes, mandarin, bergamot, neroli, persimmon, rosemary, nasturtium, jasmine, amber, patchouli, cistus.

CAROLINA HERRERA 212 ON ICE BLUE: Hmmm... This is one of the scents that I can spray on a daily basis. It stays long on my skin, and it does blend well if I start to sweat. It's great if you'll be doing outdoor activities or road trips because it smells fresh. On Ice has this citrusy smell as if you just stepped out of the shower. And it's not very expensive. When it comes to perfumes, I know how to haggle or at least get a lot of freebies so I can make the purchase. I think when I bought this one, I got a 30% discount as well as a bunch of testers.
MADE OF: grapefruit, fresh mint, sandalwood chord, insense and transparent musk

I love most of the scents in my collection. Some remind me of college (Cool Water, Perry Ellis 360 Degrees), some are great for night outs (Hugo Dark Blue, Eternity by Calvin Klein Marks & Spencer Isis), and some are just addicting (CK One Electric, Clinique Happy, Polo Blue and The Body Shop's Scent of A). And then there are some that just smells great (David Beckham Instinct and Thallium)As much as I'd like to write about all of it, I have other things to do.


Mugen said...

Masaya na ako sa Clinique Happy. Hehe come to think of it, I never bought myself a real perfume.

Good for you, you have your collection.

Mugen said...

Sana pwede amuyin sa screen yung mga na feature mong mga pabango para may idea ako kung ano ang bibilhin ko balang araw. Hehe.

gillboard said...

oo nga. mahirap magdescribe ng amoy... ako ginagawa ko, nagtetest ako sa mall kahit di bibili. mababait naman mga salespeople dun.

tip ko lang pala: kung bibili ka, mas maganda bumili sa galleria kesa sm kasi mas madami binibigay na freebies at discount dun

William said...

Gillboard, this is a response to your comment in my Brisingr/Eragon post. Brace yourself - it's quite long.

I have to agree that the film is pretty awful and I think one of the worst adaptation (that is, from the book to the silver screen). The books are quite interesting read, though, you may find the first book Eragon as boring. But then it's worth the boredom when you reach the end part and read the next book, which is the Eldest. I am actually rereading the first and second book in preparation for the upcoming one, Brisingr. You may want to buy come September 20. LOL

Papams said...

aahh.. you know, guys who smell good is a great turn on for girls!!

Watch out for bad B.O. ~~~

gillboard said...

will: ok. have to have budget for books first.

papams: hate people with BO. yeck. that's my pet peeve.

Leoj said...

whoah! i bet all these perfumes are expensive...i'll rather spend my money on food than these. LOL!

pero I admit...inggit ako.hehehe.

Myk2ts said...


gillboard said...

leoj: nah, when you earn your own money, makakabili ka rin niyan kung gusto mo. I'm just lucky na paboritong pamangkin ako. hehehe (thanks tita shee)

myk: fahrenheit... it smells good, kaya lang for me, amoy pang tatay siya. pero mabango siya

Anonymous said...

wow! that's a nice collection.

i love the smell of sandalwood. whenever i buy incenses i always get sandalwood and jasmine.

dagdag pogi points ang mabango. ahahha! NO to b.o.!

i think ganto rin gagawin ko sa top10 ko today. tinatamad ako gumawa ng movie reviews. ahihih.

TENTAY™ said...

wow!! ang dami naman! pag wala ka na malagyan, itapon mo naman banda saakin ha? hahahahahha!!

sa lalaki, clinique happy d best. :) at sa babae, i love eau de blanc ng bulgari at green tea. simple pero wowowee. heheheheh...!!

o wak kakalimutan ha, akin nlng pag nagsawa, ibato mo ditu. haha

Eben said...

andami! ako naman Calvin Klein Be masaya na ko.

gillboard said...

tisay: looking forward to your top 10 next week!

tentay: hmmm... sa pambabae na pabango... touch of pink ng lacoste mabango tsaka dolce & gabbana light blue!! hmm...ang sexy ng amoy na yun

eben: actually polo black lang masaya nako... swerte lang na nabibigyan ng iba. hehe

pb said...

nag pe perfume din tatay ko, halos lahat sa pamilya namin, ako lang hindi. napag awayan na namin ng tatay ko un. bilang isang istudyanteng papasok sa paaralan eh hindi naman kelangan o dapat ang pag pe perfume. cologne pwede pa pero simula nung nag away kami, wala na. di na talaga. hehe.

penge naman ako. gusto ko nenuco.