Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 23, 2008


NOt a lot, and I'm not perfect at it, but I can do some domestic responsibilities too. Mind you I can cook a meal, and not just fry hotdogs or corned beef or noodles or that kind of crap.

I've cooked spaghetti, caldereta, mechado, I've cooked adobo (not that perfect, but still okay), I can make burger steak (making my own patties by the way). That and I can make a mean mango float (that is not cooked by the way). OH yeah, and I really make very good pancakes. And at one point in time, I could cook up some special puto (I just don't remember how to do it now).

I relearned this ability late last year during my jobless days. I bought a cookbook and tried every dish there that isn't complicated. I wish I have an oven to cook pasta. I would really love to learn how to cook lasagna. At least so that I won't have to buy from Sbarro or something like that anymore. But I really am good. I want to let you know that.

Why am I all of a sudden writing about this? I don't know. I guess I was inspired by the marathon of Hell's Kitchen yesterday. Don't get me wrong, that show absolutely made me change my mind about working in the restaurant business. I just don't see myself being screamed at by another person on a regular basis. OH yeah, that's what I've been doing the last 5 years.

Hopefully, I'll have enough time now to cook good food again, and learn some more.

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