Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 16, 2008


Yesterday I was in Quezon City for the entire day due to some special reasons. The first one is our quarterly gathering with my very good friends/ second family from my previous job. This little gathering, I'll give some details and probably add pictures on my next post. And the second reason is to attend the christening of my college friend's son.

Brian was my classmate in college and was a good friend of mine. Although I never really heard much of him after graduation, I guess I made it a point to not lose communication with him like with most of my friends back then. A few months or was that a year ago, he got married to his longtime girlfriend. I promised to attend his wedding, but I didn't make it because my work back then prevented me from having a social life (as if my previous job is doing that now-badabump).

ANyway, earlier in the week, while doing my stalking sessions on friendster, I came upon their page, and found out his wife already gave birth. I thought was I really that out of touch with this friend of mine that I don't know anything anymore. So I congratulated them.

THe next day, I received a text from Bri, asking me to be their son's godfather. I was actually surprised because like I said earlier, haven't been in touch with him for a long time. I guess the last time we texted each other lengthily was during the winning championship game of the Bedan LIons 2 years ago. I accepted. ONe thing I learned from my parents is never to reject an offer to become a godfather to someone's child.

So yesterday, I went to QC. BUt being the eternal disappointment that I am, as my friend would surely have found out anyway, I came late and missed the ceremony. I got there during the picture taking sessions. Hey, in my defense, I made an effort. I normally don't go to christenings or weddings or anything social like that.

The thing that actually touched me was when he told me that for this child I am the only one from the college days that was the godfather of the boy. I really felt guilty for not being able to get there on time. (I was buying a gift).

ANyway, not to make any empty promises, but I'll be a good godfather to that kid. Herson and Sophia are special as they are children of my very good friends. I'm not saying that all others aren't special. Of course they are. IT's just that these kids have more weight for me.

I know I just said something that I shouldn't. To my other kumares and kumpares who's reading this. I'm just saying.

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