Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 26, 2008


So I was watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 2 last night with my family, and I tell you that it is one hilarious episode. Not that this is really a big deal, but one of the housemates is still uncut. Would you fancy a guess as to who this housemate is? YOu only actually have 2 options, really as there are only 2 Eurasians on the show. I actually won't be surprised if both housemates turn out to still have their foreskins attached to their peepees. But the person who outed himself on national television is Alex, the Italian housemate.

Like I said, normally if this is a foreign show, it wouldn't really be a big deal. But this is a Filipino show, and here if you're over the age of 12 and you're still uncut... it's social suicide. I bet if he's still in the show after the first month, he'll be circumcised inside the house. That is not unlikely. Probably as a challenge for some kind of charity or for his family. That would indeed be interesting. This is PBB by the way. The show that will make you do anything for the ratings.

But anyway, back to the show. I'm normally not a huge fan of the show (stopped being interested after the first celebrity edition of the show). But I try to watch it if I get the chance. I really didn't like with the first Teen edition that they forced Kim with Gerald, when it was clear that Mikee (the Atenean, I'm not sure if that's his name) was the one who really liked the girl. It's probably because Gerald was the better looking one. Anyway, lost interest then and after that I just ignored the show.

It really didn't help that they put almost all of the good looking people there as well. IT's like a different version of the defunct Star Circle Quest. Actually I think it is just a rebranded Star Circle Quest. I mean almost all of the housemates are now in showbiz in one way or another. And honestly, if you ask these people why they wanted to join the show, they'll say that it's because they want to enter showbusiness. And I think this teen edition is really where they try to find the next matinee idol or the next leading lady. Judging by this year's contestants, and how loud most of the girls are... Good Luck!!!

And one more thing that irks me... the Atenean and the LaSallite trying to prove to their housemates that they've been best friends for years. They actually look less of that when they're trying to rub it in. They actually look like a couple... you know boyfriends who're still not yet out of the closet. I'm sure all gay people would like that. Ha!

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