Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 24, 2008


NOpe I haven't been tagged on YouTube. But I liked the idea and I want to do it in my blog. I mean this blog is mine and I can do anything with it, right? So here we go 5 fun facts about me. I can't show my talent, but I'll try to make it graphic for your indulgence. You just have to use your imagination.


I have about 15 xbox 360 games in my library, but to date, I've only finished 1 game. Halo 3. The reason? I think I have adult ADHD. I have short attention span with games. I love playing RPG's but damn, once it all gets repetitive (or impossible to finish), the game's done. And rpg's tend to be repetitive. I think it's me. I really do. BUt I try to finish them all. Hey, it might not be me at all. Damn game publishers.


97. That's the highest score I got on our Magic Sing. My dad perfected "Let It Be Me" (and that's because that's the only song he sings). What's the song? "Goodnight Girl" by WEtWetWet. You think that having videoke at home will get you to practice singing more. Well I don't. I guess the only times I sing are days when me and my friends go karaoke somewhere. But that's very rare. And I don't really sing in the bathroom. Every time I do it, I feel something eerie. Like someone's scaring me so I'd stop. -shiver-


Everytime there is a full moon, I become more goofy. I really don't know why, but it's true. At work, I become noisier and more of a jackass whenever the moon is a perfect circle. Do I have like a werewolf syndrome? I mean I think I already am considering all the hair on my body. But am I like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Makes you wonder. Maybe I'm a schizo. Hmmm... Regardless, better a schizo than a klepto right?


This one you already know, I'm addicted to comicbooks. I can let go of everything in my life except comic books. Right now, to cut down on expenses, I am cancelling my phone plan and our cable subscription, but I'm not cutting down on my pull list. I think right now, I'm even adding some titles to my ever growing list. I guess what I'm thinking is that since I won't be paying for those two things anymore, I'll have more to spend on comic books.


I've been on television before. No! Not on those tabloid news every 6:30pm. I am not a wanted person. I joined a gameshow. ANd not that crappy Whammy show. Back when The Weakest Link was still popular, I was a contestant there. The other people considered me a strong competition that's why I was booted off on the 4th round, but I'm cool with it.

OTher facts about me: Back then my room was like a public library and my house could've been an outlet of Video City. Visitors would just come to my house and borrow some books or vcd's and not return them. That sucks. I could have like 200 books already. To those who haven't returned my books or vcds... you know who you are!!! I'm watching you.

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