Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 15, 2006


These days are turning to be some of the more challenging days of my career (if you call being a supervisor in a call center a career) so far. I think these days are the most dreaded by any Supervisor (specially those whose programs aren't performing.


This is the most stressful week for me so far. Our client is always unsatisfied with everything. We have improved by leaps and bounds from the last time that she was here, yet she still finds something to bring our spirits down. It's not that disheartening to me personally, I even find it more like a challenge to overcome. But what I was thinking was the agents who feel that they aren't that greatly appreciated.


My uncle is going to stay in our home this week. A few months ago, he had a stroke, and his family thinks that his time is coming. He's in Manila to go to the doctor, but the thing is he wants to see all of his siblings one last time. My mom was telling me that he's always crying, and that he wants all of his brothers and sisters beside him. He actually wants to spend the remaining days of his life in his province of birth which is Samar.
I don't know the reason, but his brothers from the province decided to just come to Manila to meet him (hopefully not for the last time). Too bad though they won't be complete because their sister is in the States and cannot come back until she becomes a citizen there.

He is one of my favorite uncles because he was one of the people who really looks up to me even when I haven't proven my worth in anything yet. If I see myself positively today, he's one of the people who boost my morale. And he gave us Kukay, our parrot, and Pikoy, our myna.

His sickness has been a burden to his family financially. It made me think: and this may sound cruel... but I would rather he be taken earlier than survive and let everyone suffer emotionally and financially.

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