Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 13, 2006


I was in Makati a few hours ago (I'm not saying what I'm doing there as I have co-workers who reads my blogs). I don't think it's successful anyway. The point is, I was walking around, and everything was to my liking. I miss Makati.

I was born there, and before we moved to Parañaque, I lived there for more than a year. When I was younger, we constantly visit our old apartment. And that is the place where we usually go to enjoy our weekends before. Life was really good back in the old days. And I was mestizo back then before I came to our new home.

Before our program was moved to Ortigas, I was a self-professed Makati boy. I will never get lost in Makati (well except for that one time that I got lost looking for that building no one ever knew... ). I was born in Bangkal, and even if I haven't been there for more than ten years, I can still point where our old apartment stood. That's how nostalgic I become when it comes to my place of birth.

I learned a lot in Parañaque, that's where I grew up. I became a man in Manila. And right now Ortigas is where I am working. But Makati will always be the place where I come back to. If only land is cheap in that area, I would buy myself a home there. If I become rich, I'll buy a condo unit in Makati.

I LOVE MAKATI!!! One day, you really will be my home... The moment I inherit our homes in Las Piñas, I will sell them and purchase one in Makati... I'm a sick sick man.

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