Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 29, 2009


I wasn't supposed to go back here until the beginning of the new year. And this post is supposedly written for the other blog. But that idea was scratched. I've already written something similar there, and I guess I owe it to this blog, as it has been the witness to everything I've been through the last few months of the year.

Alot of the good things that happened to me, happened after I opened this new blog.

2009 was steady for Engel. Nothing huge like last year's trip abroad. Or nothing too dramatic like the resignation from a couple of years ago. It's just steady. And steady is good.

I did learn a lot of things this year though. In a way, I've grown some more. Am I a better person though? I'm not sure. I probably have a long way to go, but at least I'm more aware now of who I am and who I want to be.
  • This year I was reminded to think things through. There's nothing wrong in jumping blind when it comes to relationships, but before you do, you have to make sure that the jittery feelings you have inside is not just because you're longing for kilig. Infatuation is not the same as love. You may end up hurting someone in the process.
  • I learned to trust in myself more. I may not be the best looking guy in the world. I may not be the smartest. The most interesting. I could probably be the most boring guy out there, but there will still be people who will like me for who I am.
  • Not all risks pay off. But that doesn't mean you won't find anything you'll like about the changes in your life. When things don't seem to go the way you want it to be, change your perspective and where you are might not seem so bad after all.
  • Wisdom does not come with age. Some of the things you'll learn in life, you might get from people younger than you. You could be 27 years old, and still be the most immature person in the world.
Yeah, I'm back. I needed some time away because I need to clear my head. I need to rest my heart. I need to have some time for myself.

Thank you for those people who missed me. The ones who appreciated this blog, and this writer. To those who comes back even if I wasn't posting anything. You made it hard for me to leave this home totally. You guys made some of the challenges, trials, pains and heartaches worth it.

Hopefully in the next year, I'll meet all of you finally, who knows.

Happy New Year.


domjullian said...

this is good. =)

the geek said...

cheers to new beginnings!

welcome 2010...

Chuckie said...

yay! it will be indeed a happy new year :)

Rei Mikazuki said...

Welcome home, engel!

Anonymous said...

aww, hope your heart's well-rested :)


kuri said...

let's all hope for a brighter 2010! happy new year!

red the mod said...

Thank you for reconsidering sir. Although I have said very little at your blog these past few months, yours was a story worth following, albeit passively anticipating the unfolding plot.

Finally, someone who thinks getting better is not always the objective. For once one dwells on the progress and not the process, the lessons learned lose their hold.

I agree with thinking it through, but be reminded that there is such a thing as over-thinking things. And I am gravely guilty of this often.

Trust oneself, and learn from oneself. Our history is the mirror the consciousness seeks to validate itself. We may think otherwise, but our actions spell us like the prose we inhabit.

Notice the words smart, interesting, and boring are all subjective adjectives. Let your company be the judge of it. Fight the paranoia of insecurity (damn, I should be heeding my own words).

Not all risks pay off. Because if it always does, it wouldn't be called a risk. The value of a decision is proportional to what's at stake. Thusly, the more we risk, the potential for reward exponentially improves.

Wisdom never comes with age. Wrinkles does. In the movie 500 Days of Summer, you'd find the most clairvoyant and thoughtful lessons coming from the youngest in the cast. I'm 26, and I'm nowhere near your breadth of experience.

Sometimes, an opportunity to remove ourselves from the situation is all we need to achieve that clarity. And afford a genuine change of perspective.

Welcome back sir.

Happy New year.

itsMePeriod said...

you were missed.

thank you for coming home

and yes, i do hope to meet you in person



lee said...

glad to see that you are back engel :)

cheers to a new year!

rudeboy said...

*lets go of parrot*


This is BETTER than sex.

Well, almost.

engel said...

lee: thank you. Happy new year to you too!!! do i know you?

anteros: i think i figured out who you were. =)

red: thank you. i think i learned more from your comments than from what i've written down in my post. i know you mentioned you've been reading here before, let me still welcome you to my humble abode!!

kuri: Happy new year to you and your Liloboy!! =D

darc: the heart is mending. but it's good. no it's great! =)

rei: thanks!!!

chuckie: happy new year to you too!!!

geek: clean slate it is. hope the new year fairs better for all of us.

dumenec: it is good. it feels right.

engel said...

rudeboy: i don't think anything's better than sex. well, ice cream is... but who cares!!

red the mod said...

Yeah, from The Trouble with Karma entry. Although I can't recall if I've ever commented. I think I've always been a passive spectator here.

Thanks. And your welcome at mine as well. :)

m2mtripper said...

I <3 this entry!


Maxwell Flux said...

happy new year engel!

good to have you back. :)

lee said...

i don't think you know me :)

but i've been a silent reader of your blog and i always look forward to your posts :)

caloy said...

aasahan ko yan. mami-meet kita next year! :D happy new year! :D

engel said...

caloy: looking forward to it! =)

lee: well, regardless, thanks for visiting my site!!!

maxwell: thanks. Happy new year!!!

m2m: salamat. Kampai!!!

red: will be frequenting your blog. thanks!!!

citybuoy said...

haha @ rudeboy letting go of parrot.

i'm glad you didn't leave. nasad talaga ako furreal when i thought you weren't coming back.

ang gaganda ng mga lessons na natutunan mo. ang sarap maglookback sa mga semplang natin pag alam nating nakabangon na tayo.

happy new year, engel! :D

thecuriouscat said...

Happy New Year!

Jay Quiambao said...

Happy New Year ENgel!

Rio said...

happy new year sa isa sa pinakapaborito kong blogger=D

keep posting! dami kong natutunan sa blog mo..=D