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Dec 31, 2009

IN 2010...

Before I start yapping about what I'll do in the coming year (which is as of typing, roughly about 4 hours from now) let me just share with you what I've been contemplating about since the week started.

I've been thinking maybe this coming year I need to be with a woman. If ever there is such a thing, make things a little less complicated. Be normal for once. Looking back, the longest relationship I had was with a girl. Maybe I would have better luck with a straight relationship. I mean come on, women are easier to please than guys who have standards. Right?

Anyway, 2010's a few hours away and while almost everyone's preparing for the New Year's party that'll welcome the new decade or the year that'll end the decade (I'm confused), I am here in the office preparing for my work to start. I swear this will be the only time this will happen!!! Ever!!!

I've decided to make a checklist of things that I will be doing this coming year. My 28th year of existence on this planet we call earth.
  • Loosen up. Have fun. Bring back the social life I lost when I transferred departments in the office.
  • Go to Malate. Experience at least for one night what all the hype is about.
  • Don't get stressed too much.
  • Go on more dates. Date a girl. Whatever, just date more this year.
  • Oh yeah, get my ass promoted!!!
  • Travel more this year. Go to Boracay or something.
  • Do myself a favor and shape up.
  • Cut down on comic book expenses. 6000 pesos a month is just absurd Engel!!!
  • If I can't find someone who won't make me sad, find a person who's worth the pain.
  • Move out. Anyone in the Makati area looking for a roomie?! I have an xbox!!! :D
  • Get started with that epic story I've been plotting for weeks.
  • Of course, meet up with the people who've been sharing their lives with me in the blogosphere.
  • Smile alot. Be happier.

The even years are most of the time better for me than the odd years. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll prove true again in 2010.

Oh yeah, it's a blue moon tonight. I don't know what's so special about it, but it is rare to have two full moons in one month. Whatever it is, the moon does look especially pretty this evening.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


thecuriouscat said...

wish you all the best Engel, life is full of surprises but it's up to you to decide. Looking forward for the epic story, hope I get to read it. Oh, date lang ng date hehe. Never benn to boracay either :)

citybuoy said...

the moon looks really nice from my side of the city too. i'm enjoying it na kasi mamaya babad na yan sa usok.

happy new year engel!

itsMePeriod said...

happy new year

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i'm telling you, dowloading comics is the way to go!

bad ko wahahahahha

huffy, huffy! :D

rudeboy said...

Well, engel, I've often reprimanded you to embrace your hidden heterosexuality. Stop fighting it and accept who you are deep inside bwahahahahah!

" I mean come on, women are easier to please than guys who have standards. Right?"

Uh, wrong. Women are just far easier to ignore and take for granted.

At any rate, have a great and interesting year ahead!

Darc Diarist said...

happy new year!
interesting checklist for 2010. hehe

lee said...

thumbs up for checklist numbers 4, 12 and 13 =D

wish you a wonderful 2010 engel!!!

Chuckie said...

I also have 1,3,6,7,12,13 on my checklist! Really now, i would not even consider cutting down my budget for comics >___< Would i qualify as a roomie? Hehe.

I'll comment on #4. I think you would just add layers to a complicated situation. Though this is only my opinion. But if it's what floats your boat, why not.

Cheers to a new year and start of a new decade! I hope it would be good for all of us PLUs hehe. :)

Rei Mikazuki said...

"Smile alot. Be happier."

Let's all do. Happy new year! ;)

engel said...

rei: what's that song. smile and the whole world smiles with you.

chuckie: im looking to rent in an apartment or condo unit with people so i won't have to shoulder the full expense of renting. ;)

lee: and to you as well, a very good year!! =)

darc: thanks. i'd like to keep it doable. =D

rude: i wonder how girls would react on your comment. =D

ligaya: di mo naman tinuturo sakin pano gawin yun. =)

anteros: and to you too.

curioscat: yup. need to get started on that story if i'd want it to get published. =D

nyl: the moon's quite big this evening. it's really nice. =D

Ronnie said...

Happy New Year Engel! =).

john stanley said...

i agree with rude. they are, indeed, easier to ignore as they don't demand as much.

as for you, whatever plans you are starting to cook for the year, be aware that plans are just plans. it is when we stray from our carefully plotted direction that we enjoy the fruits of life.

happy new year, engel.

i am beki said...

tsk tsk tsk

engel you disappoint me

"Be normal for once."

is being gay not normal? are we not living a normal life? isn't that what we are fighting for? for us to be treated normal ... equally ... then you are telling that you want to be normal by dating a girl? what is normal anyway?

happy new year though!

Sonia said...

ooh, fun list. very optimistic! hmm, i reckon once you get started, we'll be reading a different shade of Engel these next few months. good luck! :-p

Mugen said...

Happy New Year Engel!!

Whatever path you take, I'll be here to support you. :)

Chuck said...

Happy new year Engel!

Jay Quiambao said...

"women are easier to please than guys who have standards. Right?"

Bitter bitter. :)

Oh well, Happy New Year!

Eisen said...

"women are easier to please than guys who have standards. Right?"

-Agree ako dito. At least for my girl-friends, they are easier for me to please.

Cheers! Happy New Year! :D

Maxwell Flux said...

happy new year engel! goodluck with your plans. ;)

engel said...

maxwell: thanks. happy new year too!!!

eisen: i know, right. we'll see.

jay: i'm not bitter, been lucky with the people i met this year. =)

joms: thanks, same here with yours. as always! =)

chuck: Happy New Year to you as well!!

sonia: oh you have no idea, what's in store for this blog this year.

just like me!!! =D

beki: hey, it's fun going out with women too. specially ones you like.

john stanley: Oh i don't plan, it's normally not followed through anyway. those are just my guides. but i normally just go with the flow.

ronnie: Happy new year to you too!!

Dudes said...

as long as it makes you happy.

happy new year!