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Dec 13, 2009

10 IN 2010

Next year there are alot of things that I'm personally looking forward to. You guys know how shallow I am, and that's not something I will deny, cuz it's true. Anyway, here's my post for things I look forward to in 2010.
I have to start with this movie. Toy Story 2 was one of my most favorite films that came out of Disney last century. Or was it this century. I don't remember anymore. What I do remember is I loved this movie. I'm happy to see Woody and Buzz back together again with Hamm, Jesse, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and the rest of the gang. Can't wait to see this movie, because I'm pretty sure this is going to be one hell of an awesome movie.

It's the end of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, and he's going to bring Asgard down with him. This I believe is what Marvel is calling the beginning of Marvel's Age of Heroes. I have no idea what that entails to the Avengers franchise but I think it'll be great. Thor has returned. Cap was just revived and Iron Man is on his way back to recovery from his vegetative state (that's what my theory is). Marvel's trinity will be back together again. I say bring it!!!

The Avengers aren't the only franchise undergoing a huge event in 2010. The X-Men has something big boiling come summertime when the Second Coming event arrives then. The conclusion of the story that started with Messiah Complex comes crashing on the X-Men next year. My interest in all things X came back this year after what went on with Utopia, Nation X and Necrosha. I really want to know how this all will affect the things that will happen in Second Coming. What part will Bastion, Selene, Cyclops, Nate Grey, Hope and Cable play when this event arrives.

More than who will win next year's elections, I'm really interested to see all the drama that'll go on because of this event. You know how much Philippine politics is like a circus, so I'm looking forward to see what will happen next. Jamby Madrigal is running for President, so aside from Erap I'm sure she'll be joining the ranks of funniest people (crazy) running for the highest position in the land. I love it!!!

March sees the return of my favorite Role Playing Game in the market with Final Fantasy 13. The trailers for this game is jaw-dropping, drool-worthy and just plain awesome. I don't know if it'll be as addictive as FF7, or as amazing as FF X, or as pretty as FF12, I'm just happy that it's also available for the XBox 360. No need to shell out 20k for a PS3. I don't have any info on this one, but this game is just something I'm geeking over. Since high school.

This is one of the best titles on Xbx 360's library ever. It's addicting. It's really like a real role playing game where you get to choose your dialogue and it affects the ending of the story. Add to the fact that it had the most beautiful computer generated graphics I've seen in any game I've played. The graphics is smooth, the gameplay is simple and you'll really get fully immersed in the universe that Bioware created. I have high expectations on this title, so I really hope it delivers. Specially because this is XBox's first offering for the year.

April can't come soon enough. The last few months, I admit I became a Gleek. First because of the awesome music, but then as time passed, I started rooting for Schue's kids, and I fell in love with Coach Sue Sylvester. And then I find myself rooting for the kids. I started hating Terry for lying to Schue about the pregnancy. In short, I got hooked. Anyway, Season 1 still has 9 episodes to go, and like I said, April can't come too soon.
One of the best films of last year will have it's sequel in 2010 and I'm so looking forward to this one. And why not, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanov aka The Black Widow as Downey's co-star, just perfect casting I think. Can't wait for her to don the black suit and kick ass. She does that sexy Russian accent very well. Have you guys seen the Whiplash Poster? Google it, it's really good!!! I love that the writers will be taking things from Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man series (read that title, it's really good). Just like with my video games, I geek out on these things too.

People find book 6 to be one of the most boring of the films so far, but I thought it was one of the most beautiful (cinematography-wise). If it's still the same team that will handle JK Rowling's last book, then I'm totally looking forward to seeing this one. I hate it that they have to divide this book into 2 movies, but if that's the only way for the director to be faithful to the book, then that's all fine with me. For sure before the film comes out, I'll be doing another marathon of all six films (and probably read all 7 again just for nostalgia sake). Yeah, fuck Twilight (proud to say I still haven't seen the first movie, nor read any of the books). I'm for Harry Potter all the way!!!

Okay fine. This is my guilty pleasure for this year. But come on, everyone I know watches this reality show. Even the coño people from my office giggle like school girls whenever they talk about Melai and Jason, or how much they think Carol is sort of like a slut (I personally think it's Hermes). But regardless, this season's PBB is 30-45 minutes of my time well spent. I think Melai will win this show, and it's just wishful thinking that Sam will be in the top 2, but I really like Sam. Lately, I've been remembering my dreams alot and that's because she's in it.


Mokong™ said...

I also go for melai... Crush ko din si Sam...b4 si Princess kaso nagvoluntary exit at may Tom na sya...

Anonymous said...

I am also looking forward for the first part of the last movie of Harry Potter. I just hope it won't be delayed. I'd like to see how they'll put the details of the book to the film... Peverell's Deathly hallows, the chase, the plans to obtain the remaining Horcruxes, everything.
Half Blood Prince, there are omitted parts that I excitedly waited for to see on the big screen. And the movie shouldn't have touched the 'hormonal teens' area.
Ooops, I already said a lot. Can't help it. :)

Alkapon said...

ex gf ko si melai.. he he he

Skron said...

also looking foward to Mass Effect 2, Iron Man 2 and the Second Coming. Not so much about The Siege though.

I'm surprised that you didn't list BioShock 2. I thought you're a fan of that game.

aajao said...

this is interesting. writing things to look forward to for the next year says a lot about positivity. we all hope for a better year in 2010!

oh, thinking baout the 2010 Philippine Elections, baka isa sa pinakamagulong mga buwan natin bilang bansa eh yung first quarter. sana mali ako. ;)

Nhil said...

The only two animated films that I really love(d) are Monsters Inc and Toy Story. So yeah, I'm pretty excited about the 3rd installment of TS too!

Glee, oh heck yes, I enjoyed all the first thirteen eppys. People find it weird but I like Quinn the best among the group. Hah!

SCOFIELD JR. said...

what about SIMPSONS, do you have any forecast on that? hehehe... and RESIDENT EVIL?

mY concern is the 2010 election, diyan ako kinakabahan eh...

sana hindi lang puro papogi ang gawin nila, gaya ng ginagawa nila sa mga mananalo, sanay ang serbisyong totoo lang ang manaig...

Popoy said...

i own a blue ray dvds of HP from 1-5. i watched HP6 last July in theater. for sure, aabangan at papanuorin ko ang first part ng HP ending ahihihi.

PBBDU, me likey too. :D

Yj said...

hahaha nag volta si Rica kagabi... :)

Chyng said...

oohh, Toy Story 3!

gege said...





Melai din ako!!!!
si Hermes.mapagmalinis...e sya 'tong maarte.haha!joke!


DRAKE said...

Napansin ko mahilig ka sa movies may superpowers o magic


PBB, sabagay natutuwa dina ko dun!

Ingat lagi tol

an_indecent_mind said...

yeah! sam... sam.. sam... what a face!

Badong said...

HP, Glee, and the elections! di ako na naonood ng pbb. haha!

glentot said...

First time kong boboto at sana alisin na yung character ng asawa ni Mr Schue. Nalimutan mo to look forward to your birthday hehehe

the donG said...

wow! in this list, what im looking forward the most is the second coming!

Mac Callister said...

i agree i think melai could win this and im sooo addicted to PBB! not liking sam though...

orville said...

dami mo palang kinaaadikan ah.. hehe.. dats nice kasi malawak ang fiels od interest mo... kip it up til 2011..

merry christmas!

Raft3r said...

alot of thigs to look forward to next year
teka bakit walang kokey sa listahan mo?