Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 18, 2008


For some of the people, high school was the best four years of their lives (five for a very fortunate few). While mine had it's high moments, it never really registered anything significant or great or life changing. While some of my firsts happened during those times, it didn't have to do anything with school.

It actually makes me wonder if the movies portray high school life accurately. Because for me, most of what I see in movies or tv shows, happened to me in college. Or probably I was too much of a loser back then.
  • For one thing, I was placed in the best section where almost all of my classmates were smarter than I was. WHile it did help that I get to copy from some of the most intelligent people I know, it didn't do anything good to my ego because I wasn't an honor student anymore. And all of my classmates have very strong personalities, that my being introvert back then drowned among the sea of colorful kids.
  • My friends from primary school and I grew apart during these four years. When our interests started veering away from comic books, cartoons and kid stuff, our friendship started to thaw as well. It's sad that I only get to speak with only a handful of my high school friends. Thanks YM and Friendster!!!
  • I was in an all boys school!!! Sometimes I think high school would've been better if I went to a co-ed school. I wanted to go to CSA back then, but my parents wanted me to stay there because it was convenient. I did not know how to communicate with the other sex until after I graduated college.
  • I hated doing my assignments!!! Imagine during my 3rd and 4th year college, for our Asian and World History classes, we have to rewrite what was on our book in our big-ass notebooks, and at the end of the year, we have to design it creatively because it will give us 10 freakin' additional points.
  • Math!!! Four years of mathematics and all of it's different incarnations: geometry, trigonometry, business math and calculus. I seriously have no idea how I became a straight-A student having studied the subject.

But like I said, I don't totally hate high school. I had good friends back then. I was well-liked by my peers, and at times was handpicked to be a classmate's closest friend. I always had something to do all those four years (and not just rewriting the WOrld History books), I was active in the school paper and yearbook, and I was a member of a few orgs. So that was fun.

I loved listening to my classmates when they make fun of our teachers and a few classmates. Oh, and back then, the telephone was more useful in our household. And I got to tutor some kids. Yeah, they were huge pains in the backside, but it's for credits, so that's fine. And my bonding moments with my friends then were always worth remembering. I couldn't imagine 10 teen-agers fitting in my small room. On weekends we play Dance Dance Revolution at home with the then-popular Playstation.

I really liked college more, if only because I became smarter then. And I only had to deal with 3 Math subjects. Two of which I actually was exempted for final exams.


Abou said...

bobo ko nung high school. (hanggang ngaun he he)

Mugen said...

This post triggered some good times I had in high school. Prolly you read some of them. :)

CaleB said...

i enjoyed hs too much.. andaming kalokohan and all other things.. well, i still visit my friends in hs.. buti section ko hindi puro patay na bata.. bka nga maswallow ako ng may mga strong personalities pag ganun..