Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 29, 2008


Let me just say this: I have no right to complain!!!

I have 3 jobs already waiting for me, after my short stint in an industry that I feel I won't fit in. Now, the question is... which one should I choose?

I am lucky, that even during these times of crises, I still find opportunities for me in this country. But this time, I would really like to find a job that I'll stick to for as long or longer than the one that I loved but still left behind. I don't want to just accept a job just because I'm in need of money. I would like to find work where I'll be happy, and will let me unleash my potential.

Actually, I have four options:

OPTION A: is for a bank, a credit card company, actually. So that means that I'll be working on a regular schedule. But then that would also mean that I'll be earning just like the regular folks. As for growth, I'm not even sure if I'll grow there. For sure, I have to prove myself first before I demand for it. I don't even know what I'll be doing there if I accept the offer.

OPTION B: is for a huge multinational company. There is definitely opportunities for growth for the program that I'll be in. The office is in a building I'm familiar with and I already know a couple of people that's working there. Again, with other jobs, I first have to prove myself. But then again, that would also mean that I'd have to start over. And oh yeah, I'll only be paid once a month. Although, there are a lot of benefits that's being offered.

OPTION C: is for a call center. The offer is really big. If I'm looking for something that'll help me out financially, then this definitely will be a good choice. Details are still sketchy at this time, but then there's the risk of stability. I know nothing of the company, and I'm afraid that if I accept this job, that I'll be left out after a few months if the company closes down.

OPTION D: is actually for a position in a management consultancy firm. It's something I've never done before, and an industry that I have no prior knowledge of. Financially, I'm not expecting to be offered as much as option B or C, but if what I want is to really veer away from the industry that I've worked for in the last 5 years, then this should be on top of my list. It's sales driven, and is definitely something new. So why not?

Again I am grateful for the opportunities. I am happy that work still comes to me. I just want to be sure that the next one will be the last one.

Oh well, good luck to me!!!


Leoj said...

I go for option D :)
It's always nice to try new things.
Go for it!

Mugen said...

All the best for you bro. I cannot tell what option to choose since it will be your life you would be steering. :)

gillboard said...

leoj: have to study all pros and cons of all the offers. don't want to make another career mistake.

mugen: thanks mugen. i'll cross my fingers that I'll make the right choice.

Leoj said...

Oh well. I forgot to tell that it's still up to you. :)

God bless to your career.

Anonymous said...

i must say, i'm starting to grow a liking to your blog. anyhoot...

career choices, i shouldn't be giving any as i am too, unemployed.

but i say go for what's convenient and fun.

i'll scratch option A off, since it sounds like a boring, routine job, that'll eventually make you want to put yourself on fire.

i'm leaning heavily towards opt. D, because i think everyone should try new things and it doesn't sound as bad as opt. A.

BUT, opts. B and C sounds like their going to give you more financial stability.

so really, i just blabbed and blabbed for nothing. it is a toughie, but in the end you're going to have to choose which path to take so for that, good luck. hope you find the right career for you.

Gian Paolo said...

Remember that there is still option E: waiting until a new option comes along. Hehe. May you choose what's best for you. :D