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Jun 24, 2008


Allow me to geek out just for today... this is supposed to be my featured friend post, but unfortunately, that said friend is in the middle of a flight somewhere in Iraq or something, so I'll push this entry back to July.

Anyway, I'll geek out again and write about video games. My focus right now is to save enough money to buy me a Playstation 3 and a guitar for Guitar Hero on the Xbox 360. But while I don't have those two yet, for the meantime I'll settle for the games coming out on my console by the end of this year and early next year (if there will be no delays).

The sole reason I want to buy a PS3 is Solid Snake from Metal Gear: Guns of the Patriot and the upcoming Final Fantasy games. If I have that, I can die already. Kidding.

I don't really have a problem with my XBox as they have a solid list of games coming out as well, it's just that there are exclusive games to the PS3 that I can't miss as I loved playing the same title on the PS2 when it was still at it's peak.

Actually, this entry should be about the games I'm looking forward to playing... Now I won't delay it any further...

FABLE 2 (XBox 360, late 2008): I have been playing the pc version of this game because I can't find a 360 version of the original game, and I have to say this game is really addictive... if you have the patience to use the mouse and keyboard to play a game. I'm still learning, but I'm enjoying what I'm seeing. But I can't wait to play this game using a controller. It's an RPG game that has an open ending, meaning you can either decide to be a hero or a villain. Whatever decision you make will have an effect on how you look as well. Looking forward to have my virtual family, pet dog and discovering a new world in the second installment of Lionhead Studios' upcoming outing.
FALLOUT 3 (XBox 360, PS3, Q4 2008): From Bethesda Game Studios, the creators behind the successful multi-platform RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I'm not really familiar with the other Fallout titles, but I LOVED Oblivion. Before I discovered that I also enjoy playing action shooters, I really got so immersed in Oblivion. There were a lot to discover and a million things to do. Seeing as this is created by the same company, I'm looking forward to play this game as well. But unlike Oblivion which had medieval settings, Fallout seems to be set in a post-apocalyptic United States. While details of how the gameplay will be is still sketchy (to me at least), I'm still excited to see how this game will turn out.
INFINITE UNDISCOVERY (XBox 360, September 2008): If it still isn't obvious, I love role playing games. And this one I'm very excited about because this is from Square Enix, the studio that brought us the Final Fantasy series. Their first for the console, and definitely not going to be their last. There is a rumor that at least 10 characters will be able to appear on screen at once. I'm not really sure how this will work, but that's something new, right? Normally, you can only control up to 4 or 5 characters. So this is a buy for me. Definitely.
GEARS OF WAR 2 (XBox 360, hopefully this year): The original, was the first XBox game that I really enjoyed. I played the game for about 10 hours straight and I felt even as I finished it, was incomplete for me. I wasn't able to fight that huge-ass dinosaur like Locust, and I haven't completed all the dogtags yet (this one is completely my fault). So for me there isn't full disclosure yet. The teaser trailer released seems to hint about finally fighting those raptor-like monsters, so that one looks great!!! And more importantly the graphics look so purtty. Definitely one game I'm very much anticipating.
LAST REMNANT (XBox 360, PS3, Q4 2008): Another role playing game from Square Enix, but this one is not exclusive to Microsoft. Anyway, this one is kinda like Final Fantasy from the trailers that I've been seeing. I'm not really sure what this is about, but from what I gather there will be a different battle system on this game, that will be similar to games like God of War or Kingdom Hearts. So that's something good right. Some button-smashing is what my trigger-happy fingers need these days. It also doesn't hurt that the graphics in this game looks absolutely beautiful. I wish I can post the trailers here as well.

RESIDENT EVIL 5 (XBox 360, PS3, 2009): When I'm thinking of how long I have to wait to finally get a hold of this title, it seems that time becomes slower. This game I am SO looking forward to playing. It sort of looks difficult, but that's what's exciting. I've finished all Resident Evil games from the time it was on the Playstation port (well, except for the GameCube titles), and most if not all left me wetting my pants. I am telling the truth when I say zombies are scarier in video games than in movies. I can't wait to play Chris Redfield again. I'm just afraid that I might finally break my controller because of continuously dropping it because of fright.
TOO HUMAN (XBox 360, August 2008): Another action role-playing game exclusive to XBox 360, which is sort of have a mecha-norse feel to it. Mecha-norse?! WTF, right? Well, just to let you know, this game includes characters from Norse mythology, and then the developers Silicon Knights decided, just for fun to add cybernetically enhanced humanoids in the mix. This is supposed to be the first part of a planned trilogy, and thanks to G4tv, I am excited about this game. Early word on this game seems positive... so yay!!! It's just about a couple of months away.
Okay... I've geeked out enough, it's starting to become embarassing.


iriz said...

wow, nice games but i heard this one brings guys into too much trouble when their girlfriends seem to demand more time. a source of jealousy. lol

nice page;)

gillboard said...

thanks iriz... where'd you hear that? Only losers would rather be playing games than be with their girlfriends...i kid!!!

mikko said...

yeah!! FALLOUT 3!!! i've been itching to get my hands on that game! i miss the Wastelands.. i just really hope Bethesda won't let the fans down with their version of this classic game.


aajao said...

siyet. after Mario 3 yata tumigil na ako sa paglalaro ng computer games.

gillboard said...

mikko: few months na lang!!! we don't have to wait that long!!!

aajao: naku, buti ka nga nakalaro nun... ako dati hanggang nuod lang.. kaya siguro ngayon eh sabik ako sa mga computer games

vinkoy said...

salamat sa dalaw boss.. :) tanong ko lang if may trouble ka sa 360 mo.. akin kasi ng o-overheat/ RoD.. pina bukas ko pa tpos pinalagyan ng malalaking fans.. buti pa tong ps2 ko, 5 years na.. hindi pa nka dalaw sa shop

btw.. I'm also planning to buy ps3.. pero medyo may katagalan nga lang.. pero pg maganda 'yong ani, baka next month.. :)


gillboard said...

walang problema... iadd na kita!

so far so good... bumili ako external fan... pero medyo mahirap ikabit... ang ginagawa ko naman is limited time ang paglalaro...

Xio said...

RPGs are the best.