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Jun 10, 2008


It's been a long time since I last wrote about music, so I thought this would be an appropriate time for me to do this again. As with writing an entry about this, it's also been awhile since I last listened to good old fm stations. So I'm not really familiar with what's current.

Anyway, my taste in music really varies as I like songs that sounds good to the ears. Most of them right now are upbeat (I like songs that kind of resembles an opening score for a feel-good movie). And thanks to the blogging community that I discover artists that really make a lot of these kinds of songs. I actually think that my life always has a soundtrack. Every important moment in my life somehow finds a song attached to it.

Too bad really that I'm not a techie because I'd really like to post the music here in my blog as well. I'm just too schtyupeeed to know how to do it here.

I don't know if you'd be familiar with some of the songs that I'll be listing here as I don't think I've heard these songs on the radio ever. Or maybe because the stations that I get to listen to, are just those sucky trying-hard-to-be-funny radio stations (alam mo na yan!!! kelangan pa ba imemorize yan?!)

MATT WHITE, LOVE: I play this music everytime I walk home from work (and no I don't walk from the office to my home!!!). It's kind of upbeat, and the piano is just so effective (I can't find the right word to describe it), that it somehow makes me want to burst into a song and dance number.

COLBIE CALLIAT, KISS THE GIRL: It surprised me to find out that she made a cover of this Little Mermaid song. While it lacked some of parts that I loved in the original version, this was definitely a very good remake. I'd really like to compile these songs and play this during a road trip.

CHUMBAWUMBA, TUBTHUMPING: If you've been watching How I Met Your Mother, you remember that Barney has a song that gets him pumped up. While his is Bon Jovi's 'You Give Love A Bad Name', mine is this World Cup soundtrack. Yep, I know this is old, but I don't get tired of listening to this music. Plus, this is the only song in the original Dance Dance Revolution that I can follow perfectly.

BEATLES, I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE: The version that I'm actually referring to, is the one from the movie Across The Universe. It' upbeat, it's fun, and it's about love at first sight (I think). Jim Sturgess sang this while they were bowling in the film, while not necessarily the best scene in the movie (nothing would beat the Let It Be scene), this was my favorite. And the song just got stuck in my head.

THE DIVYNILS, I TOUCH MYSELF: Yeah, I wrote an entry about this a couple of months ago, and it still is playing in my head. Well, actually it grew on me. While it sort of has a sexual overtone to it's lyrics, it's kind of good. I haven't actually played this song while I do... you know... it... but I think it might be fun to do it.

MATT WHITE, THE BEST DAYS: His songs occupy the most space in the memory of my phone. I love it because it's really upbeat, and listening to his music sort of brightens my day. It has an effect similar to what Tubthumping does for me.

JOSS STONE, SUPER DUPER LOVE: Going back to upbeat songs, this one I like to listen to alot. I don't really know why, but it's the type of song that grows on you. Or it could be Joss Stone's brilliant voice or the lyrics. I imagine playing this song while I'm on a date. A fun activity kind of date. Weird, but I do.

THE CORRS, LOVE TO LOVE YOU: Sometimes I like to be cheesy. And this is a good song to listen to when I want to be that way. Yes, this is old, and I like to listen to old songs. It reminds me of some fun moments when I was in high school (eventhough I was miserable during most of my years then). I'd add this one to my mixed tape as well.

YAEL NAIM, NEW SOUL: So how did I find out about this song? From Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba? They don't play this anymore, but I really liked the beat and it's a happy song. Who doesn't like happy songs?! I play this song every morning. It's a nice way to start a day.

U2, WITH OR WITHOUT YOU: This song, I play if I want to wind down and relax. I think it's a sad song. I am a lyrics guy, and eventhough this is already a classic song, I haven't really listened to the lyrics fully. Just the chorus. I know regardless of my not knowing what this song is truly about, this is a very good tune to save on my player. Bono's vocal is so haunting that it leaves an effect on me that gives me inner peace.

KEITH URBAN, YOU'LL THINK OF ME: This is my bitterness song. A song to everyone that came and gone into my life. I just recently discovered this song, but I deemed this a good emo song. I know the people who left will think of me... and I'm going to be alright. I normally don't like country music, but this song is slow and the lyrics somehow rings a truth to it (at least for me). A good song to listen to if you're having a hard time moving on.

SNOW PATROL, SIGNAL FIRE: Among all the songs released by Snow Patrol, this song I loved the most. It came from the soundtrack of Spider-man 3. It's about a guy whose life would be nothing without his signal fire. His hope. His love. Someone thought that this would make for a good wedding song... and I agree 100%. Great song, this one.

JOSS STONE, AT LAST: The opening with the violins, Joss Stone's very beautiful vocals, the lyrics. This is MY WEDDING SONG. Nuff said.


Mugen said...

Mukhang magkakasundo tayo sa music taste. Medyo indie lang ang sa akin tsaka old school alternative.

Pero madalas house music ang pinapatugtog ko sa player ngayon. Kelangan ko maging upbeat lalo na pag naglalakad sa daan.

Anonymous said...

hey sir, thanks for droppin' by my blog. i didnt realize u posted a couple of comments on it last month til i looked at the spam folder. i have no idea how it ended up there hehehe. my apologies. appreciate the visit and thanks for the comments and i hope you enjoyed the music. based on your list here, you'll like a lot of the songs i post there hehehe. thanks gilbert. (magka-pangalan tayo hehe)

gillboard said...

mugen, ang music ko... mostly pampatulog o pampagising...

berg, katukayo!!! blog mo ang source ng music ng mp3 at pc ko... heheh