Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 13, 2011


Unlike last year, this year's list is going to be different. I'm just going to list the best films that I saw over the US Summer Movie Season. It's not over yet, here in the Philippines because there are still a few films that have yet to be shown here, but so far I think I have a good list.

If you're expecting some of the films to make it on this list but didn't, it only means three things: I thought it was crap, I didn't see it or both (I didn't see it because I thought it was crap). Yeah, so there's no Green Lantern, Captain America, The Priest, Cars 2 (very disappointing) or Hangover 2.

8. SUPER 8
Honestly, this year's list is hard to rank. These are films that had me picking up my jaw on the floor. Of course these are films that requires you to turn your brain off for a couple of hours to fully enjoy. But the thing I'm looking for, the one thing that makes me enjoy a movie, is when it makes me leave the theater with a huge grin on my face. Super 8 is the first on the list. They say this is J.J. Abrams' tribute to Steven Spielberg, and it really shows. The hair on my arms stood up when I saw the alien in this film. Story-wise, this is a kid's film, but as a guy who grew up the same time the makers did, it tugs the strings of the child in you.

Marvel is marketing monster. Whether it's in comics, films or tv, if they have a project coming out, expect the hype to be all out. The hype really isn't for Thor itself. Thor is just a small piece of a bigger puzzle. I think this movie was created so that we'll be excited for the Avengers movie coming out next year. And it was successful. I was drooling when I saw Clint Barton (Hawkeye) pulled his bow onscreen for the first time. The girls around me were obviously drooling everytime Thor was shirtless. This film had alot of drool-worthy moments

I don't know why, critics have been lambasting this film. I thought the last part of the Transformers Trilogy lived up to my expectations. This was a fun movie. No need to turn on your brain, it's a movie about Japanese made toy cars from the 80s, you don't need to go all existensial on it. I do see some of their gripes with director Michael Bay though, he sticks with a formula. His fight scenes aren't as polished and  there are some that's just confusing (specially when autobots fight other robots). What is undeniable though, is that this film is visually arousing. There's no other way to see it but in IMAX 3D.

Let's face it, Hangover 2 was a huge disappointment. It wasn't as funny as the original. Actually, it was the same film, just shot in a different location. Thank God, R-rated comedies got redeemed this summer by this movie. Kristin Wiig plays the maid of honor to her best friend's wedding. Unfortunately, she kinda lives a screwed up life. She's in a relationship with a guy who only sees her as a one night stand, the only guy who likes her, actually wants to put her in jail, and there's this other bridesmaid who wants to steal her place in the wedding. I don't ask much in films I watch, but this gave me what I asked for. I remember smiling from ear to ear when this film ended.

A summer film list that has a couple of chick flicks. Man, I'm getting sappy. Gay. Dammit. If you've seen alot of Filipino flicks then this one's cliche. Couple agreed to have sex for fun. One of them falls in love. The other misunderstood. There you go. But I like the execution. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have chemistry. And they have sex. A lot. The girl who licked Natalie Portman's pussy can do guys too. That is the sole reason why it's high on the list. Oh it's got the best use of a flash mob.

I had zero expectations from this movie. Watching the trailer actually didn't make me want to watch it. I was actually surprised when I learned that it was showing already. I didn't read any reviews about ROTPOTA because it didn't occur to me that I'll be watching this movie. But one Saturday, after watching the genius that was "Babae Sa Septic Tank", Kasintahan was not yet ready to go home. Without anything to do, I thought why not just watch another movie. Long story short, it blew me away. Andy Serkis has been snubbed by Oscars for his Gollum and King Kong, and he probably will be again with his portrayal of Caesar for this one, but dammit he needs to be recognized! If it's for the ape alone, it's already worth your money.

This film, I had high expectations. It's an X-Men film (I love the comics), it's rebooting the entire X-franchise, and it's directed by the helmer of my Top Film last year (Kick Ass) Matthew Vaughn. But people around me aren't as enthusiastic about this. It totally screws up the whole comics continuity, the movie stars no-name actors, and the line-up of the X-Men are of those who nobody really gives a fuck about. In a word, I was nervous. I thought that it would not live up to my expectation. Little did I know that it will. And it gave me more than what I asked for. It's not a comic book film. It's a spy film starring people with superpowers. Suddenly, I find myself loving Magneto, thought Xavier was actually a cool guy, fell in love with Mystique and I have a new favorite film.

It's really hard to say goodbye, let go and move on. I had a hard time finishing the book when it came out. Seeing this film, made it so much harder. I have high praises for this movie. I knew that from the book, this was the action part of the story. I knew it would be full of awesome moments and they did not disappoint. I love Neville's turn to badassery. I loved Ron and Hermione's kiss. Prof. McGonagall's desire fulfilled, coolness. And that one line, Molly Weasley uttered before she killed Bellatrix: goosebumps!!! Apart from all that, I did not expect that the film would also be poignant. I saw alot of girls wiping their eyes after leaving the cinema. This is how you say goodbye to a pop culture icon.  

What was your top film of the summer?


rudeboy said...

I only saw two films out of your list : Thor and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, both of which I enjoyed as the summer popcorn movies that they were. I also liked Captain America - it had that nice retro-but-not-quite-camp feel.

Zero interest in watching GL (although I would bang Ryan Reynolds from here to the ends of the known universe), and skipped First Class because I have a totally rational desire to punch January Jones in the face over and over.

So, uh...yeah.

Ka-Swak said...

i havent watched bridesmaids. looking forward to download it later.

Mitchie said...

Harry Potter FTW! :)

the green breaker said...

Yiz, HP 7.2 the best! haven't you seen Hangover Part 2? It's cool, too..

-=K=- said...

Out of the 8, I only saw Bridesmaids. Hahahahah! I feel like such a loser. LOL! I still cant find a decent version of FWB in Torrent. Sigh. Maybe I still need to sit it out for a week or two.

Did you like Babae sa Septic Tank? Ive read alot of rave reviews about it and I felt like it was over-rated. Hop on my blog and help me choose what films to download :) I trust your taste. Hehe!

EngrMoks said...

hindi ko nagustuhan ang super8. lahat ng nasa list bukod sa super8, gusto ko din...

Kosa said...

gusto ko silang lahat.. lalo na yung Friends with benefits..hehe sige na nga! ipantay na natin si Harry
pinakagusto ko silang dalawa.

Vajarl said...

I love your top 2. Harry Potter made me cry. Not the last movie, pero yung thought na wala na kong aabangan na movie like crrraaazy, nakakalungkot. It was like saying goodbye to an old friend. Na hindi mo na sya makikita uli. Sad.

And what can I say about X-Men? Fassbender and McAvoy together is love. Orgasmic. Charaute!

glentot said...

Yung X-Men at HP7 lang ang pinanood ko... Yung X-Men medyo nanghinayang ako it wasn't that good for me.

gillboard said...

glentot: Sacrilege!!! ano di mo nagustuhan sa X-Men?! :P

vajarl: iniimagine mo sila nakahubad no?! hehehe :P

kosa: hulaan ko gusto mo sa Friends With Benefits. hehehe

gillboard said...

moks: medyo nakakaantok siya, pero ayos naman siya. unlike sa ibang di nakaabot sa listahan na 'to.

K: i reviewed Babae sa Septic Tank. eto yung mga tipo ng pelikula na pinapanuod sa sinehan o binibili ang original na DVD at di pirated o dinadownload lang.

greenbreaker: saw it. didn't like it.

gillboard said...

mitchie: yeah!!! what's FTW?! lolz

ka-swak: maganda siya. makulit. dito ako napabilib kay Kristin Wiig bilang isang babaeng manunulat.

ruddie: you'll hate january more in X-Men. she wasn't as good as i expected an Emma Frost to be. believe it or not, i haven't seen Captain America.

Raft3r said...

walang temptation island?
come on!

teka, maganda ba taaga yun kickass?
sale kasi sa amazon yun bluray non, eh

Maldito said...

dami kong tawa sa bridesmaids na yan! ahahhaa...yan ang pinakapaborito ko sa listahan mo..ahahaha...

sama mo na ang no other woman diyan nextweek..niyahahaha