Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 9, 2011


Engel's timeline after he created this blog two years ago.

August '09 - Started this second blog anonymously. Followed and got followed by other pink bloggers.

September '09 - Became fully engrossed in this home. Posted more regularly and got more regular readers and commenters.

October '09 - Not anonymous anymore. Met a blogger and after a day became his beau.

November '09 - Not a month after, they broke up.

December '09 - Because of the mess that was his lovelife, attempted to say goodbye. Took him a week to come back.

January '10 - Started flirting with other bloggers. Other bloggers started flirting back.

February '10 - Met 5 bloggers on his birthday. Had a huge crush upon meeting Lukayo, Johnny

Cursive and Maxwell.

March '10 - On his third day of making spontaneous decisions, decided to close down this blog... again.

April '10 - Took him three weeks this time to come back to writing. Courting the Kid more aggressively this time.

May '10 - Sex blogs started to grow. I blamed Soltero (just kidding). Oh, and Engel's not single anymore (seriously this time). Finally met birthday boy Nyl and Kane.

June '10 - Nothing much happened.

July '10 - Bought a Playstation 3 console.

August '10 - Started posting about relationship. Wrote about sex life. Wrote about sex. Fail!!! Iurico told me he hated me one time because he thought I did something. Got promoted.

September '10 - Makmak's dilemma with his "love life" reached a climax. Became constant companion during Thursday mass in St. Jude.

October '10 - Finally opened up about on the truth about an ex.

November '10 - The Kid started writing for this blog. Readers got a taste of the nosebleed. I guess except for Red the Mod and Kaloy. 6th lunaversary with the Kid.

December '10 - Met with alot of bloggers. Formed a huge crush on one that became his friend. Crush had to end. Still in love with the Kid.

January '11 - Met one anonymous blogger who Engel had a huge crush on since 2008. Finally put a face on that smiley he used to hide his face in when he posted pictures of himself. Gorgeous gorgeous man. Promised this will be the year he'll lose weight.

February '11 - Quiet birthday with blog friends. A schoolmate got killed by a couple of kids he met in Malate. Initial findings say robbery was motive. Mourned death by eating. Got promoted again.

March '11 - No blog posts. Writer's block. Probably know readers got tired of reading every single significant event in relationship that's been chronicled. Busied himself by eating more.

April '11 - Posts became seldom for both blogs. Gave other bloggers time to shine. Not updated anymore on happenings in blog world.

May '11 - Celebrated 1st year anniversary with Kid... separately. I had to attend to a friend's wedding in Boracay, and the Kid didn't have money to follow. Oh yeah, and friendship with a blogger friend ended because he groped my Kid.

June '11 - After not being able to look at his Boracay pictures, decided to finally start losing weight. Annual Physical Exam showed, he finally reached 200 lbs. Disgusted with himself.

July '11 - Lost 20 lbs!!! Celebrated by eating.

August '11 - Have not looked in the scales yet, but is already in the 170's range. 177 the last time I looked. Celebrated two years of Engel.

Happy blog birthday to me!!!


rudeboy said...

Haha! Happy blogsary, engel! So many of us celebrating this month, I see.

Keep on blogging!

Mico said...

And I am happy to have been your silent reader all these years. Keep on blogging Engel!

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

this is cute..

happy blogsary to you!!

Anon Blue said...

congratulations on your second! more to come!

Mr. Brightside said...

Happy blogsary :D

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

happy blog anniversary :)

kaloy said...

Kelan nagiging senior citizen ang blog? Hehe. Api boitday!

Manech said...

Well, congrats. Time does fly. :)

lonewolf said...

Congrats and happy blog annniversary

Sean said...

happy anniversary to your blog

Peter said...

Celebrate tayo! Next goal -- 150 lbs.

Anonymous said...

lets work out and lose weight! lets be healthy! happy blogsary!


Kane said...

Engel, so what to look forward to next?

More how to lose 20 pounds in 5 days tips? =)

Let's go out na with your boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!


MkSurf8 said...

sorry pasulpot sulpot lang kasi ako kaya clueless ako. may Kid na pala.