Mga Sumasampalataya

Jul 29, 2011


A recent conversation with some friends got me thinking of some of my most embarassing moments.

It was way back when I was still renting in Marikina. You see, I used to travel from apartment to our home on weekends. But there was this one night that I had to go home late because of some gimmick I went to with my housemates.

I didn't want to take the bus back because it was a very long ride from Cubao to Baclaran. And I had to run from LRT2 to the MRT to reach the last ride.

Fortunately, I made it. And as it was the last train for the night, the cart was practically empty. A station later, a guy came in. He's cute if you're into guys who look like strippers. He certainly dressed like one. I still remember he's wearing a black see-through sleeveless shirt.

Upon entering, we immediately made eye contact. I was not into the guy, but apparently for him it may have meant that I was. So, in the midst of an almost empty cart he decided to stand up in front of me. It was a very uncomfortable ride. Me, seated, and his growing cock starign right back at me.

Station after station people started going down, yet he still did not move. I was afraid to look at the guy because he might take it as a sign that I'm into him.

But the moment I did, I saw him immediately purse his lips. Did he signal me to give him a kiss? Did I look obvious that night? Did I look like the type who'd make out with a guy who makes out with people he meets on a train?

I am now. But four years ago, I was the virginal type. I gave him a look of disgust. But he still pursed his lips, pointing towards my crotch.

That time I got really scared so I left my seat and transferred a couple of benches away from him. After Buendia Station, he sat beside me.

He whispered, "butas brief mo. Bukas din ang zipper mo." He smiled, then got off on Magallanes.

So that's why he was pointing his lips on my crotch.

Yes, I wear holey undies. I'm an exhibitionist that way.


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

that's quite a story!..


Sean said...

oh no! mainit kasi kailangan ng ventilation.

Spiral Prince said...

naman, ang weird nang sensya niya. hahaha

Peter said...

Naaliw ako sa umagang ito.

^travis said...

nothing beats this. hahaha. fell of my seat.

rah said...

It happens to the best of us. Sana sinabi mo, "sinadya ko talaga yan para aircool." :D

somelostboy said...

parang napkin lang yan, mas ok kapag hindi kulob:))

Eternal Wanderer... said...


Nishiboy said...

kelangang nguso ang pangturo? lol.

kaloy said...

Hahahahahaahaha! I would have opened his zipper too and said: "yan, pati ikaw..." - i'm virginal that way... :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

kaloy: pak!!!@virginal lolz

Anonymous said...

Wow hon di ko alam to ah. i should be visiting your blog more often. KID