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Jul 18, 2011


By this time, I'm pretty sure that everyone who's read the series have already seen the last installment of the Harry Potter film franchise.

I'm not going to write a review anymore as I'm sure that everything that needs to be said a bout the movie has already been written. And I'm a few days too late, if I wanted to write a review, I should've done it when it opened last Thursday.

But I still like to write something about Potter. And since all of the films have already been shown, I thought why not list the order of my favorite Potter films. So here's how I would rank the Harry Potter movies.

This is my least favorite of the film franchise. It's not at all that bad. I thought that the film was funny. It had some great effects specially towards the end when they were about to fight the basilisk. And Kenneth Branagh as Professor Gilderoy Lockhart was just comedic gold. I think he stole all of the scenes where he was in, in this movie. It was pretty much loyal to the book, but I thought that there were alot of important scenes from the book that did not make it in the film version. But the thing about the first sequel is that it's forgettable. Or I just didn't like this story. It's also possible that Dobby was really annoying in this movie.

Yeah, this film is notorious for introducing Robert Pattinson to the whole world. Not that I'm a fan (because I'm not), but apart from his stint as Cedric Diggory, I thought that this film is one of the most disappointing adaptation from the novel. The book is one of the longest in the series, yet the film is actually one of the shortest in the franchise.That basically means that alot of scenes in the book did not have a film version. As annoying as Dobby was in the books, he had quite a large role in the story. He didn't even show up in the movie. I was also hoping for some scenes with Viktor Krumm trying to woe Hermione, but none of it were made. The film was just so disappointing.

The book version is one of my favorites in the whole Potter lore. This was a very important book. But the movie was very disappointing. Just like in the fourth, alot of important scenes from the book did not make it in the film. Alot of scenes felt disjointed, and some of the more important ones felt rushed. They hyped first kiss between Harry and Cho was supposed to make us feel all jittery and excited. But for me it was more meh. Even the death of Sirius Black did not have that gut wrenching feel that it should've had. I had a lot of expectations for this one, and I was let down big time. But I loved how this feel started to be dark and grim. The one thing from the book that David Yates got correctly.

For the length of this film spent with Harry and friends trying to find Voldemort's Horcruxes, this films still missed alot of really important scenes. They left out some nice scenes prior to Bill and Fleur's wedding. They left out Tonks' parents. In the book, Harry and friends stayed at Sirius's place for a number of chapters, but in the film they were only there for a few minutes. I haven't actually finished reading again the last book so I'm sure I missed some things, but after seeing the film I was left wanting more. And I guess that's also it's film's strength. It made me want the conclusion more. This film has beautiful locations and for the first time, it made Harry's mythology feel grand. And for the first time in Harry Potter history, this film made me care for the characters that died. Even if it was just the bird or that annoying elf. 

People said that this film was boring. I agree, in terms of storytelling, the sixth film in the franchise was done basically to set-up the pieces for Harry and Voldemort's last battle. This is not an action packed film. I think it only had about two or three big fight sequences. By this time I've let go of my expectations about death scenes. The Harry Potter films don't really make a big deal about the death scenes, so I wasn't that disappointed when Dumbledore died in this film. But what I liked about this book is that it's really beautiful. I love the shots from the castle. The cinematography. The darkness of this film. This isn't necessarily the best film, but for me it is one of the most loyal to the book. I'd say of all the films in the franchise, this was the one that could be described as artsy. And that is the strength of the Half Blood Prince.

David Yates directed four of the eight films, and this was his best one. The last one. I don't know, maybe it's because of the emotions it brought out (specially because this was the final Potter movie). It could be because the action and adventure in this film were really epic. It might be because alot of characters had their moment to shine in this movie (Neville was really a bad ass in this one). It's possible because Alan Rickman delivered his best as Snape as well as Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall. It could also be because this film almost made me tear up a little. Or it could be simply because this is a great movie. It's not a complete film, and would be better seen together with the first part, but it did not fail to capture the Potter magic one last time.

To be honest, all in all, this film cannot hold a candle against alot of the sequels made after this was done. But it is high in my list simply because this introduced me to the world of Harry Potter. It left me awestruck just like the young wizard as he took his first step in King's Cross' platform 9 3/4. It made me believe in magic. It made me wide eyed with wonder upon seeing Harry ride the broom for the first time. It left me in awe watching the game Quidditch for the first time. I was 19 when I saw this and I remember feeling like a kid again. And this was the only film that I've seen in the theaters nine times. This ranks high in my list because this is where I fell in love with J.K. Rowling's opus. 

Maybe I'm biased for Alfonso Cuaron, but this really is my favorite Harry Potter movie. For me, this was the first time in film that I felt that the Potter Universe is epic. It introduced us to one of the series' most important character in Sirius Black. It was a film that has depth and is heavy in characterization. This was probably the last film to see Harry, Ron and Hermione's innocence. I loved this movie because of a lot of things. It's a very complex movie involving time travel and werewolves. It's the only film that had me literally jumped out of my seat. Whereas alot of the books' film adaptations felt like we are shown vignettes of what were originally written, this was the first film that gave us a solid fluid story. It's also visually haunting and is actually smart. This was the first time Harry Potter felt like a film that's not for kids anymore.

What's your favorite Harry Potter movie?


khantotantra said...

gusto ko yung book 3..... yung nalaman yung truth about kay wormtail..

di ako teknical sa movies kaya di ko marank. hahahaha

basta gusto ko sa last book yung paglalahad ng story ni snape. nakakatouch na ewan.

the green breaker said...

We got the same Top 1 and Top 2.

My Top 3 is The Halfblood Prince. Actually, when I watched this movie, I didn't like it: only because the acts were not really portrayed that well. But when I looked back at it, I got goosebumps because most of the scenes were foreboding (considering that HP7 wasn't published at the time of filming HP6 yet.) I loved the darkness, the thrill that it bought. It was very unlike the darkness of the Hallows series but it is enough to make a standpoint of future terror. I also loved the storytelling, considering that they almost diverted from the book half the movie.

I like The Sorcerer's Stone because it was introductory. It is also the most important because if it was not good, then the next films would have not made blockbuster success. For without HP1, I would not appreciate the whole book.

The best film to me is the Prisoner of Azkaban because, yes, this is all about the prisoner himself, Sirius. I like the storytelling, it was clear and there was a unique pattern which was followed directly from the book, and I appreciate Alfonso Cuaron's take on it. I also loved the cinematography and scoring. To me, this was the last of the happier Harry Potter films.

YOW said...

Ang favorite ko yung Sorcerer's Stone. With the same reason na ito nagintroduce sa akin ke Harry. Yun din pala favorite ko kasi hanggang 3 lang napanood ko at dapat hindi na ako magcocomment dahil I'm such a loser. Hahaha. Pero hayamuna na nga. Nung natigilan ko kasi nawala ang interest ko. Hahaha. This is me explaining and defending myself. :)

The Gasoline Dude said...

Prisoner of Azkaban din ang pinakagusto kong HP movie. Na-disappoint din ako sa adaptation ng Goblet of Fire dahil of all the Harry Potter books, HP4 ang pinakagusto ko. Dun lang ako naiyak while reading, in particular, nung namatay si Cedric Diggory. LOL!

Maldito said...

paborito ko yung order of the phoenix....kung sa book naman ang pagbabasehan, mas paborito ko ang 1...hehe..dunkasi nagsimula ang lahat.char.

at oi! sino ang annoying na elf? si dobby? o yung nasa bank? ahhahaa

Xall Percé said...

My Top HP Movie is Deathly Hallows Part 2. I dunno, but that's the only movie that touched my emotions, the Snape pensieve scene and the part where they showed Fred, Tonks, and Lupin dead, the sadness seeing the Hogwarts Express's for the last time in the movies.

Then next is Prisoner of Azkaban because of the same reasons as you have. Mainly how fluid they presented the time travel part and the scene with all the dementors closing in on Sirius.

Anonymous said...

Maldito: si Dobby ang annoying elf aksi elf si dobby at ang nasa bank ay mga goblins. :D

ang pinaka favorite kong movie ay sorcerer's stone! It made me believe in magic!! I was 7 when it premiered so na grab talaga ang mind ko. Kaya hanggang ngayun POTTER prin ako:D sa 7.2 nmn gusto ko rin yun. kaso hindi kopa nabasa lahat ng book. Hanggan PoA lng ako. Pag may money na bibilhin ko lahat ng libro about HP!! :D

Photo Cache said...

wow, what an inspired post.

i would have to put in my 2 cents here, but be warned i haven't read any of the books yet.

my fave would have to be the first one. it had all the magic needed to introduce us to the hp universe as you'd call it. after that all of the movies fell in a heap at second place.

also still waiting for the crowds to thin out before seeing the last one. was it truly good?

i know someone who isn't a fan but went to the midnight showing just because it was the in thing to do and she loved the movie.

L said...

wow! great minds think alike, indeed! the best film for me is also prisoner of azkaban. it's a bit short and there were a lot of scenes cut out but the way alfonso cuaron depicted a creepy hogwarts full of dementors really felt chilling to the bones.

my final lineup:

1. prisoner of azkaban
2. deathly hallows (yes, i am considering the two parts as just one film. haha!)
3. order of the phoenix (this is where we differ: i particularly liked the battle between DA and DE at the ministry of magic; more so with the one-on-one superb showdown between voldemort and dumbledore)
4. goblet of fire (the dragon scene's just action-packed; and the underwater scene, hauntingly magical)
5. half-blood prince (why give snape too short screen time when he's in fact the book title role?)
6. sorcerer's stone (a lot of licorice magic; too childish. don't get me wrong though, i loved columbus' home alone.)
7. chamber of secrets (ditto)

dong ho said...

oh wow. sige list ko na rin yung mga nagustuhan ko.

8. Sorcerer's Stone
7. Chamber of Secrets
6. Deathly Hollows 1
5. Half blood Prince
4. Order of the Phoenix
3. Goblet of Fire
2. Prisoner of Azkaban
1. Deathly Hollows 2

all this i watched at its first day of show.

Anonymous said...

epic review...

Raft3r said...

i slept through hp7 pt 2
how bad am i?

glentot said...

Weird! We have the same opinion. The lowest in my list is the second movie/book and my highest is the thirs movie/book. I didn't really give attention to the books/movies in between. Reading the last book, I found myself nodding at some parts, half expecting things to happen. With Book 3, my heart was literally racing. Hermione looked so fresh in the Azkaban movie.

Stone-Cold Angel said...

pareho tayo. prisoner of azkhaban ang number one sa akin.

favor naman.

nagpalit kasi ako ng name ng blog
xlink here

thanks in advance!

marxtermind said...

Gusto kong mag Harry Potter movie marathon! Imagine 10 years nating inabangan... :)

rah said...

Favorite ko talaga yung Chamber of Secrets. I liked the book, mas nagustuhan ko pa yung movie. Yung mga sumunod na hp movies, mejo predictable na for me. Pero maganda naman lahat.

Anonymous said...

parang nakakaiyak lang pagmasdan dinba... ang kinalakihan mong movie mula nung 12 ako hanggang ng22 na ako ngayon eh matatapos na.. sana may susunod pa... hay nako.. nakakaemo naman to... sa akin yung ending ang fave ko sa lahat may justice kasi sa book talaga...