Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 10, 2009


It's been awhile, eh?

Please don't think that Engel hasn't been posting because of his newfound love. Oh no. He's got alot of ideas running in his mind right now about things he should write about. He's got rough drafts of some things he wants to talk about (not necessarily about his lovelife), but just can't finish, or when he reads the post back, the execution of the post is not as great as he intended it to be so he just deletes the whole thing.

He doesn't want to write about his love life, because apparently, Beki finds it nauseating. Don't take that seriously please, that's just a joke. All Engel wants is World Peace and a kick-ass home entertainment system.

Now he doesn't want to write about anything else going on in his life because frankly it's boring. Other than his lovelife nothing significant is happening in his life. Well, there's actually one thing but that's a post that will be written in the far future. Way far into the future. Like 2-3 years into the future.

He could write about sex, but that's something he promised never to do, whether it's in this blog or on another. He doesn't kiss and tell. He wants to though. Maybe he should create another new blog. For those kinds of posts. And this time make it really anonymous, and cross his fingers that that one really sticks.

Or maybe he could repost some of his old works here just to see if his posts back in the days would still be applicable now. But then again, alot of his good posts have been reposted already, on his multiply, myspace even in his same old blog. He doesn't want this blog to be home of his former posts. He wants this to have all new posts.

Then there's Joy. Engel is always fond of writing about Joy. He's not in love with the guy anymore, it's just posts about Joy tend to be easy and light and comfortable. But he doesn't want a certain someone to get jealous. We're just friends.

What to write? What to write?

Writer's block. Wikipedia defines this as a condition, in which the author loses the ability to produce new work. Yeah, right writer's block his ass. Engel's probably still in love. Yeah Beki, you can go ahead and puke. =)


The Scud said...

we all go through that phase. sometimes, we just think that our drafts do not deserve to be published and we edit and re-edit until we give up and delete the whole post. :D

the geek said...


thecuriouscat said...

na miss ka namin engel

Mike said...

ay kumusta ang meet the parents na drama? spill mo na dali! hehe.

MakMak said...

Take the time off when you're feeling like you don't have anything to write. =)

2009's not a good year for me in terms of blogging kaya hinahayaan ko lang. Haha.

The idea will come to you when it's time for you to pen them down.

domjullian said...

I also think that way, pag inlove, busy.Hehehe.

Kris said...

i don't think writer's block is to blame for your lack of new work. i think, it is your 'new found love.'

cheers to spending more time with the ones we love. :)

theLastJedi said...

' repost your entries on your previous blog! i do it all the time.. ahahahahaha!!! it would be fun reading them im sure..
- uu naman tuloy ang kape naten.. especially now that your repugnance for noynoy is becoming more and more vibrant.. ehe

i am beki said...

wag naman seryosohin ang "nauseating"

pero .. pero .. pero ..

hahaha wag na nga ... i won't attempt to ruin your cheeziness.


Maxwell Flux said...

true to the sumpa that says, "pag ang blogger inlab, distracted, wala masyado posts".

actually, i've seen this coming engel. hahaha.

i kid, i kid. :)

rudeboy said...

Hehe it's just like the golden days of mIRC.

When a regular chatter disappears, it's a sure sign the fool's fallen in love.

Enjoy, engel.

Random Student said...

write about embarrassing moments

period said...

Then there's Joy. Engel is always fond of writing about Joy. He's not in love with the guy anymore, it's just posts about Joy tend to be easy and light and comfortable. But he doesn't want a certain someone to get jealous. We're just friends.

to rephrase things--im not in love. and will never be. but some (*&^&%^*@) people insist so. so i just decided to end such chronicles.

mga &*^&%^$%^*($#, walang magawa sa buhay


engel said...

erick: Joy's one of my closest friends, and i admit one time i really fell for the guy. too bad he's straight.

RS: i will think about that. i think i have something in mind though. we'll see.

rudeboy: did not linger very long in mIRC. but i bet that's true. =D

maxwell: i will try to be active still. i still have some things in mind that i'd like to write about.

beki: come on beki, we're friends you can tell me...

jedi: i'll tell you na lang in private what my other blog is. you'll find it really amusing. promise!!! =D

kris: thank you. and thanks for visiting my page!!!

dumenec: medyo stressed din ako with work.

mak: i will, but i don't want that time to come kasi feeling ko magtutuluy-tuloy yun. as much as writing is great, doing absolutely nothing is awesome.

mike: be patient. in time. ;)

xtian: ikaw nga, nawala lang ako ng sandali, andami ko nang nabasa sa blog mo. hope we'll get to talk.

geek: =D

scud: if you could see how many drafts i have right now. it's crazy.

Alkapon said...

No time for love...jus busy blogging.

period said...

i was just qouting a line.

and applied it on my situation

siguro masaya na ang mga intrigero at intrigera

napahamak ako dahil sa pagsusulat ko ukol sa kuya ko

and ginawan ng chismis ang isang blogger.

anyways, bato bato sa langit ang tamaan at magreact, sa mata ng langit at mata ng tao, guilty.


citybuoy said...

my cure for writer's block: a pack of cigarettes and a venti americano. keep typing/writing until something makes sense. haha

don't mind beki. i'm sure he was just saying that. we're all happy for u. :D

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Engel: write about how you pet your parrot.

when will i be able to pet it?


Rude: what's mirc? hahahha

engel said...

ternie: anytime ternie. just say the word, and i'll let you pet my parrot. =)

engel said...

citybuoy: both your cures, i don't do. smoke and coffee. mine is a trip to the throne. =D

period: ahhh. okay. thanks for clearing that out.

al kapon: yeah. ganun din ako before. =)