Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 2, 2009


to wake up every morning to your I love you's.

to talk to you everyday before i go to sleep and before I go to work.

for making up after a petty quarrel about forgetting our anniversary.

to go out on dates with you.

for you to meet my family, and me yours.

for our out of town trips.

to make our relationship last longer than the longest ones we had.

to cuddle up with you during cold nights.

to share an umbrella with you when we go out.

to talk to you even if the words coming out of our lines are 'uhmm', 'ha', and 'ano'.

to kiss you, to hug you and to just be with you.


Today marks the day Engel ends his single days. He's finally in a relationship. It may have been a whirlwind relationship, but they both agreed that they'll make things work. He knows Engel. Engel knows him.

He likes it. Engel loves him.

He prays that he's the one, and this time it will work.


Rei Mikazuki said...

Wow. Kuya Engel, wishing you all the best. Much love to the both of you! :)

Maxwell Flux said...

i just went out of town over the holidays and now, engel's in love. haha.

cheers! for new found love! best wishes!

MkSurf8 said...

YEHEYYYYYYYYYYY! so happy for you. wishing you both more loving years =) mas masarap ang double than single. =)

the geek said...

please take good care of each other...:)

Mike said...

Engel is no more single?

Best wishes sa inyong dalawa. =)


Zero said...

I hope everything will work out right.

Mugen said...

I will put all my hopes and dreams in your relationship. May your bond be eternal.

Sonia said...

Ahh love, it's the boon every heart wishes for. :-) Best wishes, engel!

engel said...

For all the well wishers, thank you!!! I appreciate the love and support. My partner's happy to read these comments too. ;)

period said...

i really dont know what to say (wala kasi akong hint kung sino siya eh)...pwede na ba yung God bless, goood luck and take care of each other?!

(baka kasi awkward...kasi isa ito sa mga awkward moments ko..kasi kapag ang isang kaibigan ko ay nagsabi na may dyowa na sila, hindi ko alam ang sasabihin..hehehe)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

ermmm, i guess i'd better behave na.



good for you. walang halong charanitya tea yan a lolz


engel said...

ternie: ayus lang sa kanya yun. pinaintindi ko dun na blogger ako, at parte ng buhay ko yun. basta lam niya siya love ko. ;)

erick: thank you.

<*period*> said...


rudeboy said...


Very tellingly, my W.V. says: plize

kamote_ako said...

Hey nice to know that you finally found someone. Cherish it, indulge in it.. Love it.. It will only happen once in a lifetime.

Trust me!

Niel Camhalla said...

"they both agreed that they'll make things work"

That's a good way to start, me thinks. Best wishes! :)

Blogger ba sya?

dabo said...


i am beki said...


best wishes!

background song cue ....

.. two less lonely people in the world ... and it's gonna be fine ... out of all the people in the world ... blah blah blah.

and from mariah ...

... i wish you well ... i wish you well ... i wish you well ..

hahahaha. this post drove all the bad vibes i've been getting since last night!

john stanley said...

nagbakasyon lang ako sa blogging ng ilang araw and engel is now committed. hmpf!

negastar in me aside, i wish you guys well. at least nabawasan na kami ng competition, right ternie?

hehehe, kidding lang.

thecuriouscat said...

waaahhhh huli na ako sa balita huhu

so happy for you Engel, grabe I can't help but flash my big big smile.

magbabago na ang takbo ng blog ni Engel. kaya pala parang may na sesense na ako sa last entry mo haha.

Congrats ulit and take care of each other ok?


domjullian said...


all the best Engel!

ano tawagan nyo? hehe chismoso.

ps: laugh trip ting word verification : EXESS!

engel said...

dumenec: next post, andun terms of endearment namin. =)

xtian: by magbabago, if you mean magiging keso tong blog na 'to, pwede. kaya lang baka masuka kayo. nakakaumay ang cheese. =D

john stanley: ako competition? hala! kanino naman? =)

beki: patron tequila pa rin ang naririnig kong background music. =D

dave: thanks

neil: ipapakilala ko siya in time. ayaw pa niya. di pa daw siya ready. =)

kamote: yup. i will cherish my boyfriend (feels nice saying that. boyfriend).

rudeboy: galit ka?! =)

citybuoy said...

wow i'm so happy for u! :D engel deserves to be loved. :D

Yj said...

i say love love love....

i say love love love....

kong- gratch-che-ley-shieeeenz!!!!