Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 19, 2009


Let's lay down all the cards with this post. Engel will tell you everything he thinks you need to know about him. He knows there's no such thing as a perfect boyfriend, but he thinks he's not really good at being in a relationship. He's not that bad, but he's not all there.

He may not always remember when your anniversary is or occassionally forget that you have a weekend date on a particular Saturday or Sunday. It's not that he purposely forget these things, it's just he's brain damaged. His mind gets easily occupied of trivial stuff that sometimes he forgets the really important things. Be patient with him and oftentimes, he will make up for it with really awesome sexy time (just kidding). But he will make up for it.

If he doesn't talk too much during dates, it's not that he's bored or anything. He's just really quiet. That's why he prefers really talkative people to balance out his being quiet all the time. But he does listen. He will remember everything you said, specially if he thinks it's important. From time to time he will surprise you. He could be spontaneous too, you know. You just need to open yourself up a little. He will really appreciate that.

He doesn't prefer public displays of affection, seeing how he is. You're likely only going to receive gifts during special occassions (birthday, anniversary, Christmas). He's not going to bombard you with I Love You's or I Miss You's nor will he baby talk with you all the time. He was used to the single life, and sometimes cuddling could be uncomfortable for him. He's not saying you have to get used to that, he's still learning. He may be 27, but that doesn't mean he knows everything. He's screwed up all his past relationships, but he is trying to change. It may take a long time, but he'll get there.

Sometimes he just doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut when it comes to his opinions. Oftentimes he delivers inappropriate jokes, and there's a chance that he could be a jerk. He's not spoiled, but he is an only child, so the tendency of him being a brat is kind of high. Sometimes he will be naive, unless you tell him, he wouldn't have a clue that you need/want something. He mostly jokes around, and alot of those times, he doesn't mean it. He just wants to make you smile, but if it doesn't work, or you're offended, he knows how to apologize.

This is not to say that you have to deal and get used to Engel's imperfections. He's just saying be patient with him. He's still learning. He's not that experienced in this kind of relationship. He's lived his life mostly on his own, and is still getting used to the idea of being with someone. But this imperfect boyfriend loves you. And he will love you. Always.


itsMePeriod said...


ay naku, hindi ka tuod, engel.

pinag-aaralan mo lang ang maki-ayon sa mga pagbabago sa iyong buhay ngayon

at oo, 'itay' ang tawag ko sa direktor ng pelikulang 'wanted:border' na si rey defante gibraltar

iyon ay dahil sa simula't sapul, tinawag niya akong alibughang anak

sa lahat kasi ng kaniyang mga tinuruan sa aming teatro, ako raw kasi ang pinaka-takaw away, gang war at matigas ang ulo

(at minsan, ang tawag naman niya sa akin ay bunso...kasi para raw akong bata kapag mainit na ang kaniyang ulo at ako'y naglambing na)

MkSurf8 said...

haynaku angel! praning ka lang. dahil love ka nya, love din nya ang pagiging makalimutin mo, boring/silent date, not being sweet at taklesa mo.

lahat tayo may ifs & buts! but love is written all over your blog! sa lahat ng sulok po! sarap ng feeling no? =)

goodboi said...

You have a long way to go, man. I say, hurry up before it things pile up and eventually, regret enters the scene.

Indeed, you are currently an imperfect and bad boyfriend. Haha

Mugen said...

I used to believe that lovers are molded according to what our ideal is.

I learned eventually that loving includes not only the best parts but also the worse carcasses of a person.

MkSurf was right when he said that love is spontaneous. The more unplanned and unrestricted your moves are, the deeper your feelings to a person.

Anonymous said...

i love you, too.hahahahahahahahahaha

(patay ako nito.bwahahahaha)


domjullian said...

I love the word tactless.

kailangan ko ng refresher course sa relationship 101 pag meron na kasi nakalimutan ko na ata kung big boo!

Niel Camhalla said...

Hmpf! Excuses...excuses...
Hihihi :P

thecuriouscat said...

uyy may LQ-LQhan ba?

hayaan mo pagsabihan natin yun haha

basta enjoy nyo lang moments nyo, nasa getting to know stage pa kase kayo so tama ka dapat patience din ang kailangan.

tim said...

oh that is really natural having a problem it only requires you, palamig.. para okay n after..

Rei Mikazuki said...

Engel, kulang ata?


You'll see why.

m2mtripper said...


Bakit ang swi-sweet ng mga tao ngayon?
Hhhmmm... Ikaw kaya yun tinutukoy sa kabilang blog?

Hahaha... Pasensya na, intrigero lang talaga ako.


Maxwell Flux said...

naks, gumaganon na eh, hahaha. dinadaan sa pa sweet sweet sa blog. lols.

cherish what you have! tama, wag ka masyado mapraning. just put you best foor forward and you'll be set. ;)

dabo said...

sabi nga ni tristan, huwag mong ibigay ang best foot forward mo. be yourself.

you don't need to explain yourself all the time...

Metamorphosis said...

nice one. :-)

Alex Forrest said...

setting the expectations, huh?

it doesn't work sometimes tho. =(

john stanley said...

sabi nga ni corporate closet:

"love perfects."

Manech said...

A choreographer said it best:

"Love is hard work. But it's the best thing that you'll ever work for in your life."

I think you have the dedication to work it through.

Best of luck to the both of you. And much love.

citybuoy said...

aww this is really sweet. :D somehow, b's flaws and all comes to mind. yeas, no one's perfect but sometimes the brokenness in one person is perfection to another.