Mga Sumasampalataya

May 15, 2009


Nangyari na ang pinakatatakutang mangyari ng lahat ng nagtatrabaho dito sa gasolinahang pinagsisilbihan ko.

Hindi pa naman kami pinapasok ng mga aktibistang galit sa imperyalistang may-ari ng mga gasolinahan. Wala pa namang ganun. Tinanggal lang naman ang facebook, imeem, meebo at ign sa mga site na pwede naming bisitahin. Nakakabagal daw ng bandwidth yung mga streaming dun. Nakakalungkot lang.

Kaya ngayon, wala na akong ginagawa dito sa opisina kundi magpaputok ng bubblewrap. Ang hirap ng ganitong buhay. Kawawa naman ang restaurant ko. Tuwing weekend na lang mabibisita. Mag lelevel 25 pa naman ako dun. Sigh.

Sabi ng iba, malapit nang tuluyang tanggalin ang internet. Wala akong masabi. Pag nangyari yun, hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko dito sa opisina (maliban sa trabaho of course).

At dahil naumpisahan ko nang magkwento tungkol sa mga website na madalas kong bisitahin, isegue ko na sa dapat na topic ng post na ito. At mag-eenglish na rin ako...

FACEBOOK - When I first opened an account with facebook, I really didn't pay that much attention to it as I thought it was difficult to understand how the whole site works. For the longest time I was a fan of friendster. But then friendster just got irritating with the whole virus thing and the naked lady who pops up in my comments section. So I decided to try this one out. I started with only two friends, my distant cousin and some stranger who I deleted already. Anyway, I liked that it's like twitter or plurk where I can update people what I'm currently doing or feeling, and my friends could comment about it. It's interactive. And if you get tired of stalking your friends or crush, you can always play Restaurant City, Farm something, Mafia Wars, Mob Wars and answer all the stupid quizzes that's being passed around the site. I was only saving friendster because of the birthday alerts, but that's getting irritating now too, so in the next few weeks, I might delete my friendster account.

COMICBOOKRESOURCES - You know I am a geek, right?! So anyway this is the site where I get updated with the latest in the comic book industry. They have updates on the latest comic book events, previews of upcoming titles, reviews of titles that are already out, news on my favorite writers and artists and alot of stuff related to comics. And the site has forums too wherein other geeks and nerds talk about what happened in an issue of Spider-man, arguments about the price of comics these days, discussions about the hottest super heroines and some geeky stuff which sometimes is way too much for me to comprehend.

IGN - This is my source for the latest news on gaming, comics, television and movies. The fact that this website has it all is just awesome for me. They show trailers of upcoming cool films, they have great articles about comicbooks. I like that they review some of the best television shows on air and that they have guides for some of the latest games in the market. The site has all that I need to become updated with the latest gadgets as well. There are times where I'm in front of the site for half of the day because I was so immersed in reading the guide to finishing Grand Theft Auto IV.

PINOYEXCHANGE - Without Pex, I wouldn't have a clue about the world of blogging. I've been a frequent visitor of this site even when I was still a college student. This is how I found out about people putting up sites where they write their private thoughts or their ideas. This is where back in the days I would lambast other schools during the NCAA season. This is where I read some people's desperate plea to have a lovelife. When I was still with my previous company, I read threads about other call centers where I can move if I'm not happy anymore (which was pretty common back then). I also visit the Studio 23 thread as apparently one of the bigwigs there is an active poster. And they have those threads for horny people too. I don't visit that page in any case. There's always the pornsites for that.

MULTIPLY - I don't often update this anymore thanks to Facebook, but I really love this site because it has everything that I like to do. It's like my huge photo album. Pictures from my past lives are posted there. Some of my blogposts here are reposted there because unlike other my real friends don't read my blog. It makes me doubt if those people actually know how to read. Anyway, since we still have access to this in the office, looks like I'll be an active multiplier once again. I don't have alot of friends in my Multiply page, but that's fine. I'd rather have people I know check that than strangers.

ROTTEN TOMATOES - This is the site I visit if I'm having second thoughts whether to watch a particular movie or not. My guide to the best films to see before we see it so that I won't be embarassed if I invite someone for a date or something. People come to me to ask what I think of a particular film before they see it. Because they feel I have good taste in these kinds of things. I don't actually, I just read reviews first before I decide to see a film. And you can actually judge what's a good film just by watching the trailer.

GAMEFAQS - This site is very helpful if you're a gamer. Because this is where you'll find some of the best walkthroughs for some of the best games in the planet. I've been using this to cheat my way through Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Oblivion, Fallout, Fables, or whatever game I'm playing. I'm not a very good gamer. I'm pretty much stupid when it comes to playing video games, so this really is a necessity for me, especially if I'm having a hard time completing a mission or finishing a boss battle.

PLURK - I don't have a twitter, and I think it'll take some time before I get into that craze, but for now I'm pretty much satisfied with what I'm getting with Plurk. It's my mini-blog where I post usually how my day starts or some of the shit I'm going through. They call it micro-blogging. And just like facebook, plurk is interactive and people will immediately post their reactions and replies right away. I don't have a celebrity plurk buddy, and frankly I don't really care. But during times like these where I'm having writer's block, this is a nice pastime.

I have some other sites that I visit. Actually I have alot. Just look at the links on the side of this blog. But I'll get to my favorite blogs another time. I want to make sure that these people won't be going on hiatus first.


The Scud said...

facebook. multiply. pex. rotten tomatoes. we have something in common, gilbert!

tinanggalan na kami ng access sa facebook, multiply, at friendster dito sa opisina. buti na lang resign na ako. hehe.

happy weekend!

Skron said...

Me. Blogger and a lot of books, comics, music (especially music) and gaming sites and blog. I have facebook but never really got into it. The same with other social networking sites.

the donG said...

i have an account in facebook but still exploring it. my multiply and friendster accounts are now dying. but they wont decompose. hehehe..

so you're plurking! add me up buddy. my account name is dongho. see you there!

any plans of attending tomorrow's komikon 2009 in UP?

Jinjiruks said...

idagdag mo ang teehee!

xoxo krisler xoxo said...

gil, farm town yung ibig mong sabihin..hehe..certified farm town addict yata ako..hehe

Kosa said...

hahaha... ok lang yan!

Chyng said...

spell PROXY!

bawal din samen so nakaproxy lahat...

pareho tayo, multiply at PEX! mamatay ako pag walang internet dito! waaah!

juveiga0724 said...

the scud: ganun ba dapat yun... resign before magtanggal ng access? hehehe

skron: music sites aren't allowed in the office as well... sucks, really..

juveiga0724 said...

the dong: we're already friends sa plurk... ako si kurt engel... hehehe

jin: di ko lam yun... pamangkin ko adik dun sobra...

gillboard said...

krisler: di ko pa nagagawa yan.. dami ako invite pero natatamad pa... hehehe

kosa: boring kaya...

chyng: di ko siguro kaya sa office pag tinanggal yun... pano na pag wala ako ginagawa?!

Kosa said...

ahhhhh booring ba?
lols.. sabi nga ng kasabihan,
walang boring sa taong boring..
anu kaya yun?

ako hindi naaadik sa mga yan.. sumasakit lang ang ulo ko.

Badong said...

may nabasa ako somewhere na nakaka-increase daw ng productivity sa trabaho ang pagpapahintulot sa mga employees ng paggamit ng facebok at iba pang sites sa internet. dapat ipabasa mo yun sa management! hehe..

eto nahanap ko yung link

gillboard said...

kosa: boring naman talaga akong tao eh.. hahaha

badong: salamat sa link.. ipapabasa ko yan sa opisina... hahaha

.pOot! said...

i have also a facebook acct. but i'm not giving alot of attention to it'coz I don't know how to run the whole thing.

i'm starting to hate friendster now. baka maglipat-bahay na rin ako. hehe.

alex said...

yikes grabe naman sa company niyo?

hindi ba nila alam na mas inspired magtrabaho ang workers dahil sa site na to? hehe

anyways sana ibalik

ok ah facebook - pex - multiply - plurk

circle of no life!

gillboard said...

poot: user friendly naman ang facebook if you ignore all the applications.

alex: mukha ba akong walang social life sa lahat ng mga account ko kung sansan? hehehe

Dhianz said...

naaliw akoh lately sa plurk. not really into facebook. okz lang ang friendster. and ayos ang blogspot cuz i love readin' blogs... pero lately nde makabasa nang ayos...hirap nang takas sa computer... tsk!... sana maayos na ang mahal kong laptop =) ingatz kuya dumaan lang... Godbless! -di

abe mulong caracas said...

haaay di ako maka react ng maayos kasi wala akong facebook, multiply, di ko rin alam kung anu-ano pang site na sinasabi mo hehehe

tapos ngayon may nauuso pang twitter hehehe

MkSurf8 said...

mag twitter ka na rin!

gillboard said...

dhianz: yep, ayos ang blogspot kasi yun yung tahanan ng blog ko.. hahaha

mulongkis: ayus lang na di ka makiuuso... mas masaya magbasa ng matinong blog.. hehe

mksurf8: i already have plurk.. and aside from my fellow bloggers, i don't really know anyone who twits.