Mga Sumasampalataya

May 30, 2009


INTERVIEWER: The idea we have for this video is to document how Tim and Sara's relationship are viewed by the people they are close to. I want you to be honest. Tell the camera what you initially thought of them. What you think of them now. Talk to them if you want. Or tell us their story. You can be funny, witty, you can be brutally honest. But please remember, we'll be showing this on their wedding day. Okay?

CASEY: Tim and Sara, at first glance, they really are an odd couple. Tim likes sports while Sarah can't tell the difference between a volleyball and a soccer ball. But when they're together, they jive. You can see how much they love each other. Together, they're inseparable.

TINA: My brother changed alot when Tim and Sara became a couple. Suddenly he became responsible. He stopped partying all the time. He finally focused on somethings that he liked. And he became too cheesy. So Sara, take care of my brother, you changed him for the better. Keep him that way.

EILEEN: If there ever was a fairy tale that came true, this would be Sara's love story. I remember she had this HUGE crush on Tim when he came in the office. He was this athlete who everyone loves, while she's this conservative girl from accounting. I don't know what happened, but just one day, Sara told me, something clicked with Tim, and suddenly they're just always together. And we thought Sara'd grow old single. I'm very happy for you Tim and Sara!

JASON: Yo Tim, my man!!! Can't believe you'll get hitched!!! Thought you'd shun women 'til you're like 40! But you're leavin' us man! Didn't 'spect you tah be the first one in the group to get married. The hood won't be the same without you innit! Yo Sara, take care of mah man right here eh! He's a good guy. Ayt. Peace!

BERNICE: Oh my God! That was what I said when I first heard the news. Sara?! The little accountant is engaged to the cutest guy in the office! I'm so proud of you my friend for hitting the jackpot. I wish I was that lucky. Why didn't you choose me Tim, why?! Hahaha... No seriously guys, I love you both and wish you all the married bliss!

JONAH: Bro, I hope you take into heart, everything I told you the other night, alright? Satisfy her... Remember the technique where-

INTERVIEWER: Okay... that's too much information. Thank you Jonah.

JONAH: But I'm not yet finished. Alright, I'll keep this wholesome. Okay?! Tim, Sarah, good luck, enjoy your marriage and make a LOT of little Tims and little Sara's alright! I love you both.

MARIA: Tell me who's getting married again? My Tim? Little Tim.. Who's he getting married to? Sara. Is she the little girl, who always visit every weekend? I like that girl... That's not her... She's my granddaughter? I'm confused. Who's Tim again? Little Tim... yes yes yes. He's old enough now, he can do what he wants to. Any message? About getting married? Just love your wife, because from now on she'll be the only woman who will stay with you no matter what decisions you make... what path you take... and whatever trials you'll go through. Love your wife.

GEORGE: It's very hard for a father to walk his only daughter on the aisle, knowing that by the end of it, I'll be giving away my beloved to another man. Sniff. At the same time I am happy that my Sara met a man who always looks at her the way I look at my wife. I know Tim that you really love my daughter. I can see it. Take care of her. She's very special to me. As much as it pains me to give her away, I'm confident that you'll make my Sara happy. Sniff.

Sara turned the light off in her room. She wore the plain white nightdress as told by her mother. She lit four pink candles and placed it on every corner of her room.

Sara can still hear every word her mother said the day she asked how she made her dad fall in love with her. "Take a white blanket, sit on the middle of the bed, and say this while you tie the edges of the blanket together..."

"I bind you Timothy Lozada to me... I bind you."


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pusang gala: not with my life.. bored lang ako sa araw na to... feeling ko buong weekend yan!!!

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naks..kaka-inlove at kaka-inspire tol...
best story since THE NOTEBOOK...

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"Take a white blanket, sit on the middle of the bed, and say this while you tie the edges of the blanket together..."

"I bind you Timothy Lozada to me... I bind you."


gillboard said...

acrylique: i doubt if that'll work.. gawa gawa ko lang yan.. hehehe