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Aug 5, 2006


Just some random Q & A's...

Real Name: Gilbert A. Ogario
Nickname: Take your pick, Gilbert, Jun, Gillboard, Gil, Engel, Berto, John John, Jao, Bebe
Dream Name: Samuel Fisher... my mom wanted to name me Jeffrey...
Occupation: Part-time Telephone Sex Operator, but mostly as a Call Center Supervisor
School: San Beda (Marketing Management graduate)
Age: 24 actual age... age by actions 17... physically looks like a handsome 25 yr old guy
Company: ICT Group Ortigas... previously from eTelecare...trained in United Overseas Bank
Hobbies: Watching movies, sleeping, reading comic books, books, music and blogging
Birthday: February 24, 1982

What will you see in my cellphone?
In my Nokia phone... messages mostly consist of excuses why an agent won't be able to come in to work that day... a few jokes, a lot of inspiring and friendship quotes... old pics of myself... and that' it... As for my Sony phone... lots and lots of pictures... slow music on my mp3... green jokes, a few quotes on friendships... a lot of green jokes...

Last movie I saw.
Miami Vice... I love films by Michael Mann... this one is good... the films that he did are all thought-provoking and violent... but this one... not so much... although there were a lot of sex that went on with Gong Li and Colin Farrell... I enjoyed it... too bad for the people who went with me...

Why oh why are you still single?
I don't know. I take a bath everyday. I think I'm smart. I really have no answer for that...

Weirdness factor.
How weird am I? Let's see, I'm the only guy in the office that collects comic books religiously... I get this vibe that people see me as someone who'll eventually become the guy in 'The 40 year old Virgin.' I'm an only child and I live alone... there's also the feeling that I may be viewed as Norman Bates in Psycho... but I tell people not to worry because that only happens whenever there is a full moon... (Psycho soundtrack starts playing)

Are you stupid?
I try my very best to act intelligent and distinguished... but ultimately, I always fail... I always say the dumbest things at the wrong times... So because of that, yes, I am stupid... But a sexy stupid and not the dumb stupid...

Have you been on tv?
Ha yes... I've joined a few game shows before... And when I was still studying in Mendiola, I was a regular spectator during rallies in the area... You would've seen me behind reporters when they're doing their reporting...

Anything interesting you would like to say?
Yep. That's it

I don't know... I think I'm great in bed... I could hit the right tunes if asked to sing... uhm... I've finished Resident Evil 4 twice, is that considered as a talent? and oh yeah... I'm a good writer... I think...

Final words?
Read my blogs... Give comments...

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Earl - bluethehero said...

akalain mong bedista ka pala! napanood mo ko sa deal or no deal di ba? di ka man lang nagsasabing bedista ka.

lets exchange links naman. ano nga pala friendster name mo?