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Jun 7, 2006


I think by now you know that im such a fool for comic books... And i think that this is the second time that im writing about it... From the last time that i wrote about this topic, some of the titles already ended, and then there are a few new ones that started (or in my case, I started to follow)... Here's my updated comic books pull list...

CIVIL WAR: All the hype about this title was right... The Marvel super heroes are divided, so now it's brother against brother, friend versus friend.. Everyone in this universe is affected, and no one will come out of this war the same... Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are delivering the best work in their careers... And us comics fans are winning. I so love it.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Ever since I read Deadly Genesis, I instantly became a fan of Ed Brubaker, so now, every title that he writes, I must read... And this is one of them... It doesn't feel like its padded, the story is already 18 issues long but still you won't feel like its decompressed... Its thrilling, the pacing is SO good, it hurts to turn a page knowing you're almost the end of an issue... Its like you dont want the story to end... Its THAT GOOD.

DAREDEVIL: Following one of the most critically acclaimed run in comics of Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev, Ed Brubaker (again!!!) continues the story of the Man Without Fear... This is one of the best noir stories i've read ever... I love that the story plays like the tv show Oz and Prison Break... its so suspenseful, yet you can't help but feel for the hero... Its a great title...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Im following most of the Civil War related titles, and as the story goes, this could be the title where Spider-man finally reveals to the entire world his true identity... the end of last issue was a total cliffhanger... Will he take off his mask? Is he truly with Ironman? What does Captain America think about this? Do I have enough money to buy all of these comic books?

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