Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 15, 2009


The Murtaugh list is a list of things a person is too old to do. I got this from How I Met Your Mother. You see Mr. Murtaugh, from the Lethal Weapon series, played hilariously by Danny Glover is the senior between the two cops (him and Mel Gibson). So anyway they often go after bad guys the extreme way and Murtaugh always end up saying "I'm too old for this shit." Hence the list of things, one's too old to do.

Okay, so here's my list of things I'm too old for.
  • Start smoking.
  • Experiment on illegal substances.
  • Have sex with minors.
  • Be a fan of the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.
  • For pamorningan drinking sessions.
  • To not have voted yet.
  • To climb up and hang out on treetops.
There may be more, I can't think of anything else at the moment. But of course there are things you'll never be too old to do.
  • Laugh at those crazy cartoons,
  • To have awesome time doing crazy stuff with your friends.
  • To start a new hobby.
  • Change your lifestyle.
  • Start saving money.
  • And to fall in love.
What's on your Murtaugh List?


the geek said...

Laugh at those crazy cartoons,
To have awesome time doing crazy stuff with your friends.

so agree with this.

Goodboi said...

Fine, here me out.

engel said...

@goodboi: not sure if i'm sleepy op just slow, but huh?

@geek: i know, right!

thecuriouscat said...

haha may mga sa list mo na gingawa ko pa. guess I'm young at heart at appearance pa rin haha.

Mugen said...

woot! gawa nga ako nito.

citybuoy said...

fall in love? haha save money na lang.

Maxwell Flux said...

ako rin, gawa rin ako, harhar.

theLastJedi said...

_your list makes sense but since I am in a debate mood with you, which you sparked with that Op-Ed written by Winnie Monsod, let me claim though that no one is too old for someone to do or try somethin' new.. of course, limitations of law could probably take precedence but to say you can't do somethin' because you're too old for it is like trying to take your very life..
- am i makin' sense? i hope so. if not, what the heck, i just want to argue with you.. ahahahahahaha!!! let's have coffee some time.. i have much to say about the OP-Ed.. this is to say, that i am beginnin' to enjoy this chit-chat with yah.. I WILL CONVINCE YOU, if not, I'LL ENJOY THE RIDE.. ahahahahahahaha!!!!

Dylan Dimaubusan said...

Too old for Hannah Montana JB & Miley Cyrus? So agree..Di ko kasi sila gusto, lolz

The rest, okay lang.. Wala naman sa edad yan eh.

Personally, siguro gumawa ng bagay ng walang katuturan.. for instance, ang magpa-cute. Had enough of it during my high school and college days..

engel said...

dylan: yup ayoko rin sila. with a passion.

last jedi: game ako sa kape, basta sagot mo. =P

maxwell & knox: sure go ahead, i'm not the one who started this anyway.

cb: pwede rin.

xtian: naks naman. young at heart and body talaga ha. =P

Goodboi said...

Ohh, never did I realize a beginning would sprout from this very small pop up.

Referring at the coffee invite, I smell love in the air. :-)

engel said...

hey, don't scare my readers away!!! =P

goodboi said...

Oops, ganoon ba?

Fine, I take it all back! No love can ever begin from this small comment pop up. Not here, never here.

Haha, I feel crazy. :-)