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Sep 1, 2009


There's not alot of things that Engel dislikes. He's generally a nice person. But nice people have pet peeves too. Since he's actually already sleepy now, he'll make it simple. Keep it short and simple.

He's actually already used to that. But the thing is, most of his friends have no concept of punctuality. Engel comes to an engagement often on the agreed time, but alot of times, he's made to wait. He has a long thread of patience, but if it takes a person two hours to arrive, expect him to blow up. He has no anger issues, so he wouldn't fight with you, but he has a tendency to leave the person behind, or not talk to them at all.

For Engel, no matter how attractive you are, if you are arrogant, you're not good on his book. The instance you show Engel even a hint of arrogance (rolling of the eyes, raising an eyebrow), expect him to show everyone how cool he could be and how excluded he can make you feel. He could be such an ass when it comes to arrogant bastards.

Whores in short. Engel does not mind that a girl is kikay, but if she's overly aggressive specially with him, he'd blow up on you. He respects the other sex, in fact for a time he dated these species. But if a woman becomes too aggressive with him or with people he crushes on, he'll hate her. Call it insecurity, but he does not appreciate competition.

Engel may not be the most fluent english speaker (or writer), but he can carry on a straight conversation in that language. He's nitpicky in terms of grammar and can pinpoint english mistakes. He really hates it especially if a person is loud, showing off their ability to talk like an American but when you listen intently, it doesn't make any sense. They throw around idioms just for the heck of it, even if it's not appropriate.

Expect Engel to avoid these kinds of people. Pessimism infects other people. It ruins good moods. It's a virus that Engel does not want to catch. He runs away the moment he sees a person that he knows has nothing else to say but how bad their life is. He can listen to a person vent out their problems every once in awhile, but when that person has a different problem everyday, no. He's got no energy to endure one.

Here's Engel's list, so what's your pet peeve?


engel said...

i have not reread this whole post, so i'm not sure if it makes any sense.

i'm just too sleepy, and for that I apologize.

Cloud Airheart said...

hmmmm hate is a strong word.


what do i hate? hmmm

for those tardy- i am patient
for arrogant people - i think i understand more
grammar - can handle it siguro
psemisst - try to counter them with optimism para balance o ma overpower sila

what do i hate? hmmm
cant think of any for now, balik ako later


The Scud said...

i have blogged about tardiness too. if you're interested hanapin mo. tinatamad ako maghalungkat. hehe.

MkSurf8 said...

nega. overly emo. narcissus. grumps. manipulators. and yeah 2-faced monsters

Anonymous said...

we're the same, i dislike arrogant people. but my pet peeve of all time is lack of consideration. that for me is the worst.

Xall Percé said...

I laughed on "He dated these species."
For me tardiness can be tolerated as long as there is advance notice. What makes me iritated is when you're waiting for someone you are not sure if he'll come or not.

Maxwell Flux said...

i have a friend who usually arrives atleast an hour or 2 after the supposed meet up time. to compensate, i started to read books while waiting. i read 2 coelho novels in the span of 5 meet ups, haha.

i hate arrogance and nagging bitches as well.

Goodboi said...

Engel, we do not 'dislike' people for what they are but for what they do that affect others.

If someone is always late and people make fun out that habit, then there's nothing wrong with that.

What if there's this goodie-goodie person who irritates everyone - can you handle it?

And you should not hate those who are not 'yet' on your level for grammar, instead you should pity them for they are hardly coping with it. For sure they're also frustrated for committing grammatical errors like we do - so let's not add more insult to the injury. :-)

I call this another perspective for you. And hey look, isn't it worth-considering?

thecuriouscat said...

mas kakaasar yung puro yabang lang pala eh wala naman pala maibubuga hehehe.

may kaibigan ako na napaka nega niya. may mga insecurities kase sya. nakikinig lang ako sa kanya and then tell him good things in return. Kalaunan mas nahahandle na niya mga insecurities niya at hindi na siya ganun ka nega.

domjullian said...


stieg said...

para kang ako. i dislike tardiness. i have a pretty good ear in detecting wrong grammar. nagpapating kaagad ang tenga ko. i like arrogance and aggresiveness. some lang naman. excessive is a no-no.

Klaus said...

These are just like the stuff I dislike but not hate cause I don't like hating :D

The first one is pretty much a double standard for me. I don't like it when people make me wait for anything. But I admit when I get late I'd like peopeto cut me some slack :D

Arrogance, uh, I've been told I'm a pretty arrogant guy but don't hate me yet. I'm actually a pretty good person :D

I get pretty bugged when people don't speak English right. I don't get bugged bugged but I just get really turned off.

I really don't like pessimism as well. When people I know get pessimistic I really try to change how they think.