Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 2, 2008


This month marks my entering the last year of being in my mid-20's. I'm about to exit the quarter life and soon (gasp!) will be facing the dreaded three-o.

Am I looking forward to it? There are things to look forward to, but honestly, I'm not really sure. Age is just a number anyway. But what I'm scared about is not having a lot to show for in terms of accomplishments. While I have done a lot in terms of my career, I really don't see it as enough to consider me really successful.

Three more weeks and I'll be 26. I don't have a clue yet as to what I'll do on my birthday. The last 3 years I've been celebrating it with close friends from work, but I don't work in my previous company anymore. I'd really like to invite over my colleagues from my current job, but I've been really quiet at work, so I don't really know. As of now, I have no plans. Although, I already have budget for it.

I realized that I should be celebrating adding 1 more year to my life as it also means that I'm becoming wiser. Not necessarily more mature, but wiser... I shouldn't be talking about what I have achieved this past 2 months as it might stop my momentum. I've done something good for myself, and I'm happy about it.

26... dang! So much to do... so little money!!!

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